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  1. shctaw

    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    Most of the posts I read are from people whom do not own JB property, no money in JB bank and asking for long stay in JB. Seriously which country want burden from foreigners.
  2. shctaw

    Living in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

    Why bother about rental? The price already up by 50%.
  3. shctaw

    What Happened to the Iskandar Gurus now ?

    Just buy JBCC lah. Why go so far to Medini and Forest City. Remember not to go to showflat when buying a home; sure kana brainwash with "fantasy" pictures and "elegant" features that do not exist.
  4. shctaw

    Forest City

    http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/07/08/johor-should-stop-new-housing-projects-for-now-says-expert/ Alan Ho, a former sales agent at Forest City developer Country Garden’s Malaysian operations, reportedly said then that about :*:90%:*: of Forest City buyers were from China...
  5. shctaw

    Chitchat Amazon has started operations in Spore

    Still do not ship Kindle to Singapore. WTF.
  6. shctaw

    Setia Sky 88 community

    View from my unit.
  7. shctaw

    Astaka community

    http://www.thesundaily.my/news/2017/07/26/astakas-bukit-senyum-granted-node-status Astaka's Bukit Senyum granted node status JOHOR BARU/SINGAPORE: One Bukit Senyum, Johor's upcoming RM5.4 billion administrative and commercial hub, has been granted node status – an area where the developer and...
  8. shctaw

    Astaka community

  9. shctaw

    Astaka community

    25% Malaysian owners 40% Singapore owners:cool:
  10. shctaw

    Astaka community

  11. shctaw

    Setia Sky 88 community

    Wrong place to look for tenants; everyone here are mostly owner of Sky88. Why should they rent when already own Sky 88?
  12. shctaw

    Astaka community

    One Bukit Senyum development; The new heartbeat of Johor Baru THE iconic One Bukit Senyum development will transform the skyline of Johor Baru, and will be the new central business district and administrative centre when it is completed in 2023. Developer Astaka Holdings Ltd came up with the...
  13. shctaw

    Forest City

  14. shctaw

    Senibong Cove

    Congratulation. Fantastic catch.
  15. shctaw

    Chitchat How much you earn per year

    The option not in USD?