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    Any Bills/taxes payment service/runner in JB?

    May I know if there are online payment services for jb parking fines and traffic fines?
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    Root Canal and crowning dental professional service Recommendation in Johor

    May I know if Q&M is OK for quality and services? Any reason to avoid Q&M. I saw one U Dental at jalan indah 16 one rainy night, seemed full of patients.
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    Where to get mri?

    Just Googling "mri scan johor bahru" gets you some info. Apparently Glenegles Hospital in JB has the service too.
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    Lost my way while driving around MEDINI just now and ended up at the Citrine Hub and Sunway sales gallery. Yes, there is a big Mr DIY, a Starbucks, old town coffee, jaya mall with quite a good size liquors section. That place seems like an oasis in the wilderness to me. Sunway City development...
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    I think renting might still be viable consideration for some.
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    Singaporeans living JB "Prohibited Immigrants" and barred from entry.

    Indeed from the stated requirement, deposit for approved applicant aged 50 or above is 150,000 rm, with upto 50k withdrawable with conditions after first year. " (B) Aged 50 years and above Can either choose to: Open a fixed deposit account of RM150,000.00 ; OR Show proof of receiving...
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    Singaporeans living JB "Prohibited Immigrants" and barred from entry.

    Based on the stipulated requirements(please see my post on Wednesday above or visit mm2h website), the deposit seems a must though partially withdrawable after first year.
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    Wuqi, glad you are back in full swing, stronger and wiser.
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    Singaporeans living JB "Prohibited Immigrants" and barred from entry.

    There is still hope for some. I suggest check the mm2h requirements in greater details. http://www.mm2h.gov.my/index.php/en/terms-conditions UPON APPROVAL Icon 08 (A) Aged Below 50 years old Open a fixed deposit account of RM300,000.00 After a period of one year, the participant can...
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    What I have read before is that the MM2H deposit could be spent on buying home and probably other things. I didn't verify the information then.
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    I wonder if anyone has the latest update on VEP. I read in one online media that VEP would come into operation this year. Anyone has received any update from the Malaysian authority?
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    It is a win win.
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    Strata-Living in Johor, Massive Building Defects

    Dr M now chairs the new board of khaznah of which Uem is a subsidiary. There is some hope of improvement. Horizon hills seems pretty well managed.