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    Why PRCs in Singapore expect locals to speak Chinese to them?

    Singaporeans need to realise that the half-fucked Engrish, Singlish or Singrish they speak, complete with atrocious diction and hair-raising staccato accent, can be very unintelligible to native English speakers, including non-native English speakers. Hence, they need to stop acting all uppity...
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    The NK-US Summit Thread

    KCTV's documentary on Fat Boy's trip to Singapore.
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    Serious SIA Jeopardizes CECA Deal By Ill-Treating Good Brahmins!

    Thanks for pointing this out. I used to be a committed multi-racialist. But I have seen how the heads of these Indian-minorities have swelled with arrogance over the past 2-3 decades and how they view and treat us "munjen" (their derisory "yellow skin" term for us), as well as how they treat the...
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    Serious SIA Jeopardizes CECA Deal By Ill-Treating Good Brahmins!

    The older forummers will know that I was a member of the Workers Party and a close associate and personal friend of JBJ until he was kicked out in 2001 by the useless PAP cocksucker, Teochew Low. Except for one occasion when he pointed out, as a matter of fact, that the PAP went around Anson...
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    Chitchat Singapore is Finished, pinky surrounded by shitskins

    If an Indian with a name like "Murali Pillai" can readily shed his "Indian Pride" to embrace a sinicised "Ah Mu" name, someone with a name like "Balakrishnan" is even easier. He just needs to call himself Ah Ba or Ah Nan and all will be well for these Indians. Of course deserting their own...
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    Chitchat Singapore is Finished, pinky surrounded by shitskins

    Thank you. That then makes it 0 Malays,5 Indians, 6 Chinese and 1 empty chair, hardly a reflection of "multi-racialism" and of Singapore's demographics or showing a sliver of respect for the Malays. "Multi-racialism" or limp-wristed concerns about being branded a "racist" by these vocal and...
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    Chitchat Singapore is Finished, pinky surrounded by shitskins

    This is a more complete picture and reveals more Indians. Out of the 9 seated at the table, there is 0 Malay, 4 Chinese and 5 Indians (the third from the left is Ashok Kumar Mirpuiri, S'pore's ambassador to the US). This is "multi-racialism", Singapore style where the 15% indigenous Malays of...
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    Serious [ Business News ] Singapore Beware of Indian : Samsonite INDIAN CEO Fake Degree and Fake Accounting

    What is more worrying is in the health industry where you have all these Indian fakes and frauds being exported around the world as "doctors". With the incoming onslaught of Indian "nurses", it is a guarantee that Singapore's health services will decline and decay. This is one of several...
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    Congrats Singapore: You have earned the right to be destroyed by China!

    This is the problem when that effeminate PM, in his bid to endear shimself(Copyright 2018) to the world's No. 1 troublemaker, goes round shooting his mouth about China. Clearly, it doesn't get into the head of this effeminate fuckwit and his clan of fellow fuckwits that the Americans are...
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    Was Wendy Lim Pregnant with PAP MP David Ong Baby?

    Likely died from a broken heart. It's not so easy to simply break off and let go after you hook up with a PAP moneyed man, especially one as handsome as David Ong.
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    Corruption in Malaysia & Tax Evasion - The Singapore Connection. Thank you Singapore!

    Yes but it's good to recycle such info every 2-3 years to educate the youngsters who come of age that Singapore is not quite the squeaky clean country that they have been brought up to believe through years of being exposed to the shrill PAP propaganda disseminated by its prostitute press like...
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    Corruption in Malaysia & Tax Evasion - The Singapore Connection. Thank you Singapore!

    It's best to watch the whole video to get the context. Singapore's comes in at the 6:45 min mark. "That is why we choose Singapore. The Singapore Government has a China wall...they will not tell the Malaysian government...none. They [Malaysian government] asked and they will be turned down...
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    Male teenager arrested at Bedok Mall

    I hope the Home Affairs Thambi put these four fearless officers up for the Pingkat Kebaranian this National Day. Let's pray they get some well-deserved promotions and pay rise over and above the medal as well.
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    SCDF CPL Kok Yuen Chin (NSF) dies after being found unconscious

    K.Shanmugam is not as "independent" and noble as he seems. Those who think he is will need to listen very carefully to his response (from 4:31 min mark of the Msg 211 video posted by CoffeeAS). He says it will be a "command responsibility to ensure that such conduct is not repeated". Like Eric...