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    HO SAY LIAO! Dotard bite Kim Jong Nuke's big Rocketman bait! HUAT AH!

    Kimmy is way smarter than these Dotard Ang Mohs all added up. The previous idiot who died and country completely fucked for agreeing to no weapons of mass destruction and allowed UN inspections etc crap .... his name was Saddam Hussein. Saddam died because he did not make his nukes =...
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    Ah Loong ah, time u declare weather u run-road or emeritus or MM or what after...

    You meant 揽住一齐死? Meet up w dear daddy together reunion?
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    Ah Loong ah, time u declare weather u run-road or emeritus or MM or what after...

    Loong's final episode of cancer coming just around the corner already. His dear daddy awaiting him for eternal reunion.
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    Thanks to PAP. We have the most POWERFUL passport.

    Thanks to Dotard Ang Moh Trump: http://www.newsweek.com/under-trump-us-passport-falls-sixth-place-global-ranking-692594 Under Trump, U.S. Passport Value for Global Travel Is Plummeting By Carlos Ballesteros On 10/25/17 at 12:38 PM Share U.S. International Relations Travel Donald Trump The...
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    Lao Tee Koh 老猪哥 G W Bush owed up for Sexual Assaults

    http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/26/560148936/george-h-w-bush-acknowledges-groping-multiple-women George H.W. Bush Acknowledges Groping Multiple Women Facebook Twitter Email October 26, 20173:43 AM ET James Doubek Twitter Former President George H.W. Bush arrives for the...
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    Serious Disposable chopsticks story: PRC Japan 1st 3 Rd world role exchanged!

    It had been for long time that 3rd World PRC cut trees to make disposable chopsticks to export to 1st world Japanese consumers. Now reverted that 1st World PRC massively imports 3rd World Japanese wood products and disposable chopsticks! When will SG53 Export Pee Sai...
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    Serious Ah Neh Army completely REJECTED home made rifles, to buy expensive imports

    Since 911 until now nobody in this world is more fucked up than the Ang Mohs.
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    Serious Xijinping sent MSG of WAR to USA 恭喜恭喜恭喜你!呀恭喜恭喜恭喜你!

    https://youtu.be/rJWSzj8kmhA https://youtu.be/hAfua72t0Yc
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    Chitchat Ang Moh Trump's USA, Airport SHOOTING 5 Dead! no need ISIS, Americans' DIY!

    America's troops began to defect to ISIS and starts shooting American Citizens. HUAT AH!
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    Chitchat Best survival escape video ever, Dozen Ah Neh snakes attacked me @ Beach

    Changed to Bollywood pse! Ah Neh Movie this one!
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    Serious Bet LHL staying up tonight to find out weather he suck Trump Duck or Hillery CB

    Who is LHL's new boss in Oval Office, he can not sleep and is worried sick. May Pengsan again upon the results of poll tonight, more frightened than SGP GE! KNN CCB Clown lap dog 2nd Generation !
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    Serious 15 yrs after 911, still more 911 deserved

    Too mighty United States 10 years to get one Bin Laden, and meanwhile, they created few hundreds more new Bin Ladens. Fly Kite !
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    Chitchat Good News for lovers of Dogs and Ah Neh, 饿狗吃“阿孽”!

    Yah the eat shit SPCA and their dogs can cannibalize each other and all fucking die together, and vanish for good.
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    male pax blown out of Airbus A321 mid air explosion over Somalia

    Only one window seat blasted open, possible just the fagot's Gay Phone exploded as he played with it.