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    travel pics quiz thread

    Nice place. Will make it as a 'Must Visit' place this lifetime.
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    Tales of the Istana thread

    Let me try climbing over the Istana fence tonite and see if the 2 pricks are still at it. Hopefully something more interesting pops.
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    Cruise Ships Punters Eg Leisure World , Long Jie , Virgo FALLs In Here ...

    Just very sweet looking face with silky long hair.
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    Chitchat Bride Ran Away! Sinkie Loser Groom Puts Up Wedding Dinner On Carousell

    Lucky did not pull the plug close to the day.
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    I does not mind to inform you to garner your support.
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    NEW casino n slots games discussion.

    Never touch slots at all in MBS, the most, take a break from roulette table, slots in $50 to de stress only, but can see machines still as tight.
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    Cantonese Movies to Watch...

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    Let's share house music

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    US Dollar Collapse 2017

    I hope US policy maker could have a good plan to avoid this prophecy.
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    Naked photos of Datin Fadilah wife of Melaka Chief Minister leaked out

    Only those offensive pornography ones. Or stolen pics.
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    Chitchat Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Good enough to be ganged bang like "The General's Daughter."
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    what song you are listening now? feel free to share

    my discarded men....eartha kitt.
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    Serious PAP Kay Loong Court more than 50% discont God's Con Man Kong Hee Sentence, CB!

    Re: Singapore Kangaroo Courts give discount to Foreigners and Rich people. CB law Means Judge is a Catholic Chao High
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    Saving Jah_rastafar_I thread!

    I must be doing something right to get this sort of emotive reaction from the likes of the PAP.