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  • Hi Investor,

    East Ledang, Phase 7:
    FYI, theres a unit under my UEM agent Norhaneesa hp: 017 7666356.
    Type 28x75,facing east and garden.

    Can tell Norhaneesa you are referred by me.
    You might get the RM10k discount.
    Can call/sms me at 96955866 if you need any help/info.
    Thank you.

    Hi Ted(Trojan),
    I don't mind sharing what I know with you, but I'm afraid that I'm not the most knowledgeable person here in this thread, with regards to Johor. The thread starter Wuqi256, dapbest and coolsaint all know more about Johor than myself. Maybe we can organize a meet up with the rest to discuss about Johor's properties. Post more replies(maybe around 10) in the forum and you can use the PM function, and you don't have to wait for many hours to see your post, it'll become immediate.
    Best regards.
    Hi Investor,
    Are you in Singapore? Can I invite you for coffee/tea? Would like to learn from you about properties in JB. Have the intention to get one,but not sure which one.
    My email: [email protected]

    Wishing you & family a joyous festive season.

    Hi Fabian,

    Very very sorry for the late reply as I didn't know that I have a message. Wow so you are the Brave pioneer who bought at phase I =) Congratulations for making more than 50% profit when they launch phase 8 this month or next.

    I purchased a Semi-D of phase 2 and two terraces of phase 7. Both terraces are intermediate, side by side, and it's in the first row facing the garden and club house, 26' x 75' type.

    I just bought the two terraces last month because the initial buyers couldn't get their loan approved. When I heard that there were two available and they are side by side, I immediately confirmed both =D Because if I need more rooms in future, I can choose to stay in the 2 terraces with total 8+2 rooms instead of my Semi-D.

    Yup I guess phase 7 is almost gone after their very recent property show in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands.

    So many people like you who knows of Nusajaya are investing in more than one units, the thing is that many many still don't know. Even Malaysians and Singaporeans who have read about Nusajaya in news paper a few years ago didn't follow up on its progress nor have they even visited Nusajaya. By the time New Castle University, Coaster Highway, Legoland and In-door theme park starts operation and goes on the news in Sg and My, that is when the prices will have a gap up due to awarness =)

    Actually I'm also thinking of getting maybe 2 more units and maximize my potential profit from this Golden opportunity created for us by our dear neighbor Malaysia. Rent out the units in 2012 to the population in Educity.

    Oh do you know that all corner units of phase 8 are already snapped up? I couldn't reserve one myself a few months back =( Hope you'll get your phase 8 unit soon Fabian.

    Best regards.
    Hi Investor,

    I came across your posts on JB property.
    Good to know another fellow supporter of East Ledang!
    It is indeed very pleasant for living there.
    I've purchased at Phase 1, and is considering further purchase there.

    can ask:
    What type you purchase at Phase 7 linked duplex (26', 28' or 30')?
    Intermediate or corner units?
    And you bought another which is bungalow or semiD, phase 2?

    The row thats facing the garden were snapped up fast after launch.
    Heard phase 7 almost sold out, more price upside when phase 8 is released soon.

    best rgds
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