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    COMMENT: The furore over ministerial pay is gaining currency again

    when u pay yourself whenever u want in the name of serving the country, is it any different from a corrupt leader who helps himself to the government coffers?
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    celeries of SAF ocifers exposed!!!!

    omg way below mediocre! pay so low how to prevent corruption?
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    makcik bodyguard dulan when people shouted #notmypresident#

    goes to show how high handed the singapore police force is!
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    faster cum see the infamous peanut woman and the holey Goh

    Certainly can't disagree. A honest and straightforward couple.
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    Does the lack of national flags at HDB estates serve as a litmus test of the PAP government’s performance?

    singapore cannot be considered a nation. hence national day has no meaning. a nation is a community that is stable and unified. This place is more like a city sized hotel run by a bunch of capitalists whose aim is the enrich themselves by population ponzi scheme; uncontrolled inflow of indians...
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    He banged other ppl's wife

    i hate this one sided ST reporting. why the woman is not fully named? why no photo of her?
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    Dr. M: Hariraya is Over for Najib!

    notice how its usually a husband and wife team raiding the country's reserves.
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    Chitchat News: Even India PM Modi had fake degree

    any chance our ah neh dbs ceo got fake degree?
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    dishonourable son really lives up to his name, throw away 20m of taxpayers' money like that

    raising taxes to spend 20m hosting a cold blooded murderer.
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    Rosmah leaves after 5 hours at MACC

    looks like a little witch
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    Ong Ye Kung’s stance on parking in schools reflect everything wrong with 4G leadership

    can oppo ask in parleement if LHL and PMO staff pay parking when drive into Istana?
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    HSR no more.

    the only beneficiaries are the business cronies who will kickback to the polilticians
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    Najib's secret agency

    good to learn how dr m is cleaning out the garbage. lessons to be followed when the time comes.
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    Salaries of Malaysian ministers to be cut by 10%

    many skeletons will come out once there is change of government.