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    Chitchat 2005 Used Kia Picanto - Can Buy?

    Buy a honda fit....
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    Sexily-dressed maids seen behaving intimately with uncles at kopitiam

    Am going to that coffeeshop to drink kopi-peng... recently very hot.. heard that the kopi there especially cold... must go!
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    Looks at their Names : Charged with Rape, Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Girls.

    This shows that 13-15 yo girls are in demand.
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    Serious AMDK Worshipper Wet Dream - PRCs Gone Bankrupt with P2P Banking Collapse!

    This will spill over to those lesser-known digital coins... give it a few months.. those digital coins will feel the squeeze..
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    Serious AMDK Worshipper Wet Dream - PRCs Gone Bankrupt with P2P Banking Collapse!

    Mudland has money game and 1mdb, china has P2P, Peesai had GIC and Temasick.... It's all in good company...
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    Does the lack of national flags at HDB estates serve as a litmus test of the PAP government’s performance?

    U need to drive or take bus go to nearest CC and pay something like $8 or $10, then go back home, take lift go up, open grille, open window tie and hang properly, otherwise ppl will take photo and stomp. Hang a few days liao, if kena rain or very intense sunshine and the flag fade, u run the...
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    Chitchat Lao Hero Sinkie Jailed 9 Months For Killing Annoying Sinkie In One Punch! Guess His Lawyer!

    It is crystal clear that Teo died due to floor's fault.
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    Chiobu SYT thinks 9th Aug is LKY birthday...

    these kinda airheads give the best blowjobs...
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    Chitchat Chinks dethroned by Japan as World's 2nd Biggest stock market!

    China's stock market is artificially plumped and pumped up due to the inability of capital outflow for the ordinary folks and hence substantial money flows to the stock market. Once the exodus starts, it will crumble like a house of cards...