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    Half Truth From The Kopitiam Grapevine.

    Anyone remember the shooting incident at Turf Club ? Ivan Allen got shot,.... What's the real story ? QUOTE="Talking Donkey, post: 833050, member: 13446"]CUL De Sac at oxley rd. The late EW Barker is one jovial minister who likes to mingle with the local folks. you can see him often at the...
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    Live in Johor for other Benefits, but NOT for making money, because this is where many things can go wrong . Make money in a stronger currency location Spend in Johor Learn to understand the subtle different cultures ...and strive for Peace. Johor, Malaysia can still make money, but in a...
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    1. The Strata Act, Rules are subject to many different interpretations,... forces owners to pay maintenance fees like ransom $$$ 2. No Johor Lawyer dares to sue the Bigger Developers for fear of losing future jobs 3. There are massive use of false documentation, to civer-up for Developer 4...
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    It's Not the price, really, but the Massive Poor Buildings Deliveries that is self-sabotauging the Iskandar Vision. Ujana, Teega, Imperia,... Sky Loft,... Sky Executive,.. .. ALL Have Massive Quality issues that the Developer cleverly hides rectifications,... Developer corrupts Property...
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    TKL bought tongkat ali from penang kena questioned at changi airport... Give me a hi-5!

    ...is this the reason why Kin Lian often squints, blinks one eye ? He talks Bigg, but perhaps is just another DOM. Remember his days as NTUC's CEO ? ..that MILF ooozing out of the tight cheong sam outfit at the Govt feedback session (where retired woman complained of govt accessing her bank...
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    What are the Commissions for Financial Advisors, selling Annuities ?

    Hi, How to select the right distributor of Annuities ? From, Personal Banker Insurance Agents IFA's,.. Finexis ( I hear, worst reputation) IFA PIAS Philips Securities Respective Exclusive Insurance Agents ? How much commission do they make, say if,... Buy an Annuity that pays out sgd 1,500 /...
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    The RETIREMENT thread

    SG is a great place to be retired, provided One adjusts expectations,.. Pros, - Comfortable, Air-Con Buses, Libraries,..a Government ever-keen to play nanny so long as One supports the PAP,.. Cons, -Expensive Medical Care , Increasingly Untasty Hawker Foods (prepared by New Citizens,.)...
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    Ferrari lao chio bu will ghost to jail soon

    ..with nice luncheon meat to eat, but no sea weeds ?
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    All HDB flat owners / lessees must read this article:

    99-yr advance rent, plus loan interest ! How to calculate 2.6% compounded for 25 years ?
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    Estauri Project Houses (by UEM Sunrise) near to Puteri Harbour - is this a Good Buy ?

    Hi, Has anyone bought these houses ? Smallest Super-Link Terrace House at about myr 1.3 million No Gates,...similar concept to East Ledang with lotss of trees, plants,... Are such properties of Good Value ? Thanks
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    The RETIREMENT thread

    ..at At 55, can withdraw part of CPF above minimum sum,.. Then wait until 65, to draw out CPF Life. How to get income from 55 to 65, considering it is almost impossible to find a well-paying job nowsadays ?
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    Living in JB 3 (Johore)

    Yes, but there are already about 2 dozen of Singaporeans who own multiple-properties in Msia (ALL on Bank Loans),...and pretending to be "Gurus" expousing Kiyosaki's Teachings as if Robert is Jeasus C. Teega & Affiniti seems to be the most Air BnB-Friendly Condos,..... considering the work...
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    CPF verses Private Insurance,.. in SG verses MY

    Good Day, to the Financial Experts,. Upon hitting 55 this year,, CPF in-excess of sgd 171k, can e cashed out. This excess-of-171k, if remains in CPF, earns 2.5% pa, cumulative. What other options (with higher returns, guaranteed) can this excess be parked into ? Annuity Returns <-Is this...
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    this CJC VP herself has a cheesepie and trouble maker face

    ..there was a time in History whereby CJC had SG's highest teen abortion rate" <-is this an Urban legend, or True ?
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    Strata-Living in Johor, Massive Building Defects

    It's because of the Tribunal claim, that the previous committee had resigned. Understand that the previous committee members, especially the Chairman is now facing possible Criminal Charges, for disobeying the Tribunal's orders,... The Twists and Turns,..continues,.... Lotss of back-Stabbing...