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    MLIF get 43 months free lodging for giving top notched svc to Gringo, guess the race

    Such are common practices in the Ship Husbanding business Anyone know about the Shinwa Ship Supply story ? QUOTE="mixmasternrv, post: 2747408, member: 41025"]For those who want to know about Fat Leonard Loyal son, doting father: The many faces of Leonard Glenn Francis[/ He's a loyal son...
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    Building Management in Johor, Strata-Properties

    I shall try to volunteer,...however because My words are often too harsh (but true),..many Owners Do Not support me, and label me as a "trouble-maker" This MC's resignation is a strategy to sabotauge Ujana, and to put the Blame on some owners,... So How ?
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    Building Management in Johor, Strata-Properties

    Hello All, It seems that attempts to fix fundamental Building Defects have been met with plenty of Deception,.. Delays,..and even more Deception, with many Owners being fooled by Public Relations. Ujana was delivered with Massive Fundamental Defects not fixed. MA was Developer-appointed, so...
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    Which part of Johor, is like the Holland Road / Frankel Estate of Singapore ?

    Good Day, All, Which part of Johor, nowsadays, is the "high class" area ? Are there any "Who's who" enclaves in Johor ? Thanks
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    Strata-Living in Johor, Massive Building Defects

    In SG,..the poor quality issues are neutered by so-called possibilities of en-bloc ? ..and People have lowered expectations,..rush to chase for Tenants,.etc.,.... ? As Johor is trying to secure more immigrants to live in these new properties,...such poor-quality issues really are...
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    Was Wendy Lim Pregnant with PAP MP David Ong Baby?

    Condolences to Wendy's FamiLee, but Does anyone know the whereabouts of David Ong now ? ..Michael Palmer ? Poor Women,..often get media-whacked, whereas the ex-PAP Men get to sneak into the sunset, hoping that Many will "forget",.... What was the name of that Mazda Test-Drive Prick, who...
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    Johor Living Experience, Are You Truly Happy ?

    ..Yes, I use the places for retirement, but there appears to be lots of Singaporean "Gurus",..talking really big,..
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    Strata-Living in Johor, Massive Building Defects

    I believe the Ujana Problems is considered "small", compared to the other Bigger Condos nearby,... The purpose of this Post, is to share REAL Experience, and to try find Solutions,.. "Good Day, All, I live in a Strata-Apartment in West Johor, named Ujana Apartments. And from the beginning...
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    Eco Botanic @ Nusajaya

    Does anyone here remember Sutera Mall , when was this place started ? I was informed that Sutera Mall - when completed was also a ghost-complex',..no business. Landlords gave operator something like 2 years' free rental / or profit-share model,... fast forward present, Sutera Mall is...
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    Teega AGM, this Sunday, April 22nd,...Any Issues ?

    The situation I see now, is that it is actually Lawrence Tan Wee Kiat (LT), who is the servant to Eve,..the MC Chairman, working whilst the MA-Eve Choong Lai Sim, continues to hide inside one Ujana unit as Tenant, whilst managing her many other private businessess - and collecting a at Salary of...
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    Teega AGM, this Sunday, April 22nd,...Any Issues ?

    2018,April 23rd, Ujana Condition I arrived Ujana at 09.45am, this morning. 1. Card Access Spoilt 2. Car Park Barrier Spoilt 3. Bomba Lift Spoilt 4. Centre Passenger Lift Ceiling Light, missing I entered the Office, to seek assistancefrom Staff, Siti. Again, Staff...
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    Teega AGM, this Sunday, April 22nd,...Any Issues ?

    Hi,.. How's the situation in Teega ? Everyone Happy ? I hope Teega doesn't end up like Ujana,... Ujana MC Performance, Appoint MA without Tender, but simply transferred from CBM – to Staff – then to Company with no known background, references Steals contacts from Owner's original WA Chat...
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    Leisure Farm Community

    Good Day, Chewlwb, sir, Thanks for the advice. Is the Title, Individual, or Strata ? maintenance/management fees at myr 4,800 pa for 1/4 acre, roughly translates to myr 400 pm, for land only ? Say, after House is built,..will the management/maintenance fees to LF management go up ? Is...
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    Leisure Farm Community

    Thanks, Sir, Are You an Owner in LF ? May I visit You, to look at the land ? I'm thinking of building some modular dwellings in LF,.. PM Me, please. Thanks
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    Serious Anyone know more about Sham's ex wife and why they divorced?

    Isn't Lawrence Wong, also a Divorcee ? Wonder what's LW's story ?