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  1. borom

    Serious KS Sinkie Pays $1.068M For High Floor HDB Flat At Clementi Towers! Good Deal Even If Lease Is 50 Years!

    I.T professionals are CUNTS- agree 101%. The same cunts responsible for the biggest con of all time -the millennium (year 2000 ) bug .They " created" the so called problem and held companies to ransom for "fixing" it when actually it was never a problem to begin with. I remember the IT arse...
  2. borom

    Serious More Women And PRs Are Volunteering To Serve In The SAF While Oppie Males Whine Non-stop About NS!

    If they are so good, make them guard the istana /ministers and we shall see. Start by employing them to guard LHL's house!
  3. borom

    Serious Pregnant Mother Ran Over By Two Cars In Mandai! Mother And Baby Uplorried!

    Can spend $20mm for Trump /Kim to meet for 45 minutes but cannot spend a couple of thousands to build a fence to prevent wildlife from causing serious accidents! That's the PAP for you. Imagine if a PAP minister or MP was involved or injured in this incident-will they be so quiet? Many have...
  4. borom

    Tokkong SingHELL Polyclinic reported Pinoy Wife of Sinkie HIV Possitive caused Divorce Etc

    Doctor from Pinoy or India?-anyone knows? Why he is not named and disciplined?
  5. borom

    Chitchat PAP Victor Lye Forced By Oppie Populists To Apologize Over Minor Affair! Why Oppies So Petty?

    Normally Shanmugam will have a lot to say on such things -why is he keeping quiet. Did it occur to Victor Lye which party passed the law on the NCMP scheme in the first place? This Lye fella does not even understand what is meant by community work in the constituency -if you are paid its a...
  6. borom

    Music Teacher Asks If He Could Unhook Student's Bra! Student Scared Until Hid Under Table! Guess Race!

    Did the victims parents vote for PAP-the party that allow millions of foriegners to come and bully locals?-case closed
  7. borom

    Serious Sinkie Couple With 7 Kids Need $3000 A Month! Guess Race And Religion!

    The family is following the PAP policy to have more kids and should be given the friend of the PAP award-so why are they living like a church mouse. Simple-PAP tells you to have more children so they need not import foreigners-but who is going to support all these kids -the PAP? The PAP can...
  8. borom

    Serious Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

    If you listen to all the medical advice-you will have a miserable and meaningless life -as you cannot eat all the tasty food, cannot drink tea /coffee/liquor, cannot eat fried food, ect2. What's the point of living with all the restrictions? The quickest way to reduce hypertension is to kick out...
  9. borom

    Serious [ Singapore News ] Beware of Indian : e-Government To Train More CECA Indians To Replace Singaporean

    What a dishonourable son-using local taxpayers monies to train foreigners BUT the bigger mystery is why locals still vote for him. The siiliporean dream of making money from HDB flats kept many quiet but with recent news that their aging flats are falling (not increasing) in value has still...
  10. borom

    CECA Shitskin black snakes troublemakers!

    Got malay president with supposedly indian father-so what do you expect. 70% voted for this govt that allows these foreigners to run shod over locals -so all local companies should give foreigners special treatment .Which govt in the world spend $20m for two foreigners to meet for 20 minutes and...
  11. borom

    Chitchat Opium and China Military threads

    The A K (Avtomát Kaláshnikova ) 47 is not even Chinese-developed in Russia in 1946
  12. borom

    Serious Beauty Queen cum Grassroots Leader Disfigured By e-Scooter! Bastard! Quick Own Up!

    These e scooters, bicycles and PMD's ect2 is the PAP way of saying thanks to the 70% who voted for them-no different from importing millions of foreigners to steal our jobs. Ever wonder why no ministers or MP's or members of their families got knock down by an e scooter/bicycles or PMD's? Any...
  13. borom

    Netizens upset that Singapore agrees to bear costs of stay for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

    Can spend millions on foreigners but cannot pay for free world cup telecast for locals-thanks to the 70%
  14. borom

    Serious John Tan and PA Brings World Cup Matches To Sinkies For Free! PAP!

    Why must humiliate people and remove their dignity before giving "free" things-by going to the CC to watch, you are announcing to the whole world you are poor and cannot afford the S$94.16 to watch the world cup. Do the telecast fee paid by PA comes from the ministers pocket or taxpayers monies?
  15. borom


    If free who is going to pay the ministers the highest salaries in the world? The things that are free in Singapore are mainly for foreigners eg free not to do NS, free education (look at the thousands of foreigners on govt scholarships!), free to withdraw CPF when abandoning the country, ect2