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  1. bobby

    Sinkie telling worker who can't speak english at food republic to go back China...

    Rightly everyone in Singapore must speak Bahasa Melayu...national language mah.
  2. bobby

    MLIF get 43 months free lodging for giving top notched svc to Gringo, guess the race

    Her boss Leonard has nickname "Fat Leonard" and Sharon's nickname in the naval industry was "Bo Cheng".
  3. bobby

    Serious [ Viral Video News ] Beware of Indian : Airasia Airline Pilot Blast Aircon To Flush Out Smelly Indian Passengers

    If all the Ah Nehs boycott AirAsia and Scoot...then no more budget airlines for them.
  4. bobby

    President Trump the best of the best!!!!!

    I can see it coming....a brand new nuclear powered aircraft carrier named "USS Donald J Trump".
  5. bobby

    Fucking fat auntie caught smoking at bus stop

    This woman take bus must pay for 2 pax ?
  6. bobby

    Chitchat Drunk Singtel Technician Whacks Two Police Officers! Several More Police Needed To Subdue Him! Race?

    I think there should be an all alcohol ban imposed on all Ah Nehs 24/7......
  7. bobby

    Chitchat Most Extinguished Credit Card in Singapore...Lol :D

    Don't forget who is UOB chairman now....
  8. bobby

    Chitchat Most Extinguished Credit Card in Singapore...Lol :D

    Meant for Macik to spend our reserves with.....
  9. bobby

    Serious SAF Warriors To Be Issued With New Hybrid Uniform So That They Can Fight More Comfortably!

    Just make sure when we are invaded by our Muslim neighbours...make sure that day to be cool, cloudy and preferably after sunset.
  10. bobby

    Whore Jinx paid $300,000 a day???!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK#(%*%^@*!(@)$#@

    Like the old Penny Sterling...she is also out-of-date.
  11. bobby

    Chitchat Queenstown SERS HDB Flat Sold for $1.1M! Buyer Wants To Downgrade, Seller Wants To Upgrade!

    Queenstown HDB value shot up after this pretend royal visit....
  12. bobby

    Fucking fat auntie caught smoking at bus stop

    Must ask her what brand toilet paper she uses...and don't buy that brand. Afterwards wipe your backside...will also become big like hers.