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Recent content by A Singaporean

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    leemember to vote wisely at next GE

    PAP can go to hell.
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    Japs JSDF no Pinoy Maid to carry SAF full pack but full pack very cute girly toys like Poke Mon during LIVE FIRE WAR GAME with Allies GPGT! BAPOK CAQ!

    Sinkieland should use The Maid with full pack for recruitment. NS is a big fruking joke.
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    Mahathir said HSR not necessary

    Dr M is great. A hero to Sinkies too. May God bless him with many more years to checkmate Sinkieland.
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    Well done: IBM shutting its Tampines plant, laying off more workers

    Sinkies will br retrenched. FTs will br kept.
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    KMT massacred thousands of Hokkiens

    And rightfully so. The number should have much higher if they got it right
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    Notmypresident talks about the Navy

    Go sell nasi lemak.
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    Chitchat Rock Tried To Cheat NTUC And CPF By Declaring That His Mother Died In Porkistan!! Guess Race And Religion!

    FTs create good jobs for Sinkiies according to the garmen. Withdraw her fcuking citizenship.
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    What if PAP spreads falsehoods? are they above the law?

    You are loyal to my Mistress ?
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    Jet Airways suspends all flights to and from Singapore until further notice

    Great news. Please don’t come. We are full.
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    Lhl vs Dr Ma

    Dr M is best. Hero to Sinkies too.
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    Serious F-35B - A New Chapter In The RSAF's Aerial Mastery Over ASEAN Skies!

    A total waste of money when you have no lumpar to do them.