Private Picture Forum Membership Requirements

Samples of Pictures submitted by current members of the private forum

1. Membership to the PRIVATE pix forum is gained by submitting THREE (3) ORIGINAL digital camera pictures of you in an erotic situation with your wife, girlfriend, whore, bargirl, KTV lounge hostess or whatever. The person or persons appearing in the pictures must be above the age of consent.(18 years of age in most jurisdictions - Check with your local law enforcement agency for details) If you send me underaged stuff, the pix will be forwarded to interpol along with your email address.

2." Original Pictures" is defined as pictures that you took yourself, or were taken by someone who was present during your erotica session. If your original pictures have already been displayed on the net in the past or have been shared privately, please do not submit them to me either. Pictures that have been shared before are not wanted in the private picture forum.

3. Pictures must contain girls in a state of undress. DON'T send me pictures of giggly girls sitting around in public flashing "V" signs unless they are brave enough to do it nude in public. No bikini or underware shots either please. As a general guideline, pictures that are suitable for the family photo album or as passport photos are NOT wanted in Sam's Private Pix Forum.

4. No extreme close ups such as those found in medical textbooks. They simply aren't erotic.

5. The images emailed to me should have minimum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels taken with digital cameras with the original file names retained and the EXIF data intact. This makes it very easy for me to verify the authenticity of the file submitted and your access to the private picture forum will be configured immediately. Scanned photos or polaroids will be considered on a case to case basis but will not be accepted if I have difficulty verifying that the pictures are genuine.

6. If you don't have a high resolution digital camera and you wish to submit pictures taken with your phone cam or video captures from your PC cam,you can validate the pictures by including the latest newspaper in the foreground or background of the images that you are submitting. See Example here..

7. Images must not be more than 6 MONTHS OLD.

8. If you try to pull a fast one by submitting recycled pictures downloaded from some other site, you will either be caught out straight away or when other senior samsters see your pictures when I submit them to the forum. We have members who are real sex perverts and have been viewing porn on the net for the last 8 YEARS! They have probably seen almost every single x rated picture on the net! Once you are caught, you will be thrown out of the WHOLE SEX FORUM (not just the private picture forum) and your IP could be banned permanently. Legal action may also commence as the copyrightę holder of the picture will be contacted and informed that his pictures are being plagiarised by dishonest Singaporeans.

9. If you are ready to send me samples of your original work, please email me the picture files, with the original digital camera file names and format (as far as possible), by sending them as email attachments. Send the pictures to this email address.

If you do not have any worthwhile pictures to contribute, you can still view all the pictures by going here and verifying that you are of legal age to view erotica.