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Sam's Forum FAQ - Updated 25 Mar 2006

Sam's Asian Values Forum

Sam Leong's vBulletin FAQ

What is the forum for?

The primary purpose of the forum is for exchange of Commercial Sex Information. All messages and discussions which contain this sort of information are actively encouraged and quality information is archived at my website. However, discussions which are of a mature sexual nature are welcome in the "Adult Discusssions about Sex" section.

Please put your message in the right section of the forum. For example, if you want to ask newbie questions, there is section specifically for that purpose. Other sections are dedicated to discussing commercial sex issues in the category defined by the title.

Juvenile crap will be deleted. The forum is not for pimple faced teenagers to discuss their first wet dream or to ask where a girl's pussy is located. If you want to learn about the basics of sex. Ask your teacher or your father. Sam's forums are designed for experienced fornicators.

Password trading is NOT allowed. I run a number of paysites myself and the thought of my site being used to undermine the incomes of my fellow webmasters is repugnant to say the least.It could also get ME in trouble with the law if the webmasters of the sites that had been hacked traced the password hacks to my forum.

Non sexual topics are NOT to be discussed at Sam's sex forum. However, such topics are most welcome at my Coffee Shop Forum.

How did the title "Asian Values Forum" come about?

The forum started off being called "The Commercial Sex Scene in Singapore". However, I got a lot of feedback telling me that this heading prevented them from participating in the forum at the office as anyone who looked over their shoulders could see the word "SEX" in the title. I therefore changed the name to something that looked a bit more academic. I have maintained this tradition and given my new forum the same name. Tradition does have a place in our modern world.

How can I participate in the forum?

Just a few quick registration steps and you are on your way. If you don't want to be identified by your ISPs email address, you can supply a hotmail or any other free web based free email account during the registration process. Refer to the vBulletin FAQ which is one the small grey buttons at the top of the page for information about the vBulletin platform.

Do I moderate the forum ?

Newbies are moderated for the first couple of days after they register. Once this period of probation is over, members are can post freely and without delay.

I see many acronyms in the forum. What do they mean?


HC = Health Centre which is what they call massage parlours in Singapore. Sex at health centres is illegal and you fuck at your own risk there. I do not endorse having commercial sex in the health centres. However, there is little point in my trying to keep health centre fucking under wraps as it is so rampant. I therefore allow its inclusion in my forum with the usual caveat emptor.

GL = This stands for Geylang which is an area in Singapore designated as a red light district where prostitution is legal. This is the upmarket red light district. (prices Sing$40 ~ Sing$200) (current [July 99] exchange rate is approx 1.6~1.7Sing$ to 1 US$.)

KS = Keong Saik Road area. This is the poorer man's red light district. It is also a legal zone. (prices Sing$30 to Sing$100 are typical)

PT = Pertain Road is also mentioned in the forum quite often. It is another legal area but is very down market.

KTV = Karaoke TV lounges. These lounges provide what are officially called Guest Relations Officers (GROs) and are supposed to help you with your singing. Unofficially, they are willing to help you in many ways if you know what I mean.

JB = Johore Bahru. This is a town in Malaysia which is just across the Johore Straits which separates Singapore and Malaysia. Commercial Sex in Malaysia is illegal but it carries on anyway. Many people go to JB to get their thrills as the exchange rate is such that Singaporeans get a fuck for half the cost of what they would have to pay back home.


AIRCON = BBBJ + Hacks (the mints sweet). Scenario: When the maseuse ask,"want aircon?" n if yes, she pop one hacks sweet into her mouth and start blowing.
Ang Mo : Hokkien word. Means caucasian
Ang Pai : Hokkien word. Famous, acclaim, well known.
ASAP : "As-Soon-As-Possible". Not a sex wording.
AR : Ass Rim (NEW)
Bf : Boy friend not Big Fuck
BGR : Boy-Girl-Relationship
BJ : Blow job
BBBJ : Bare back (barrel) blow job (i.e. no condom)
BBBBBJ : Body bath bare back (barrel) blow job
BS : Body Scrub (NEW)
BL : Body Lick (NEW)
BTW : "By-The-Way". Not a sex wording.
Chio Bu : Hokkien word. "Chio" pretty/beautiful. "Bu" female.
Cheong (Cheong): Hokkien word. Originally means Charge. Used as going out for some happening stuff.
CFM : "Come Fuck Me". Usually refer to the look of a person.
CIM : Come-In-Mouth for blow job
CBJ - Condom Blow Job
COB - Cum on Breast
COF - Cum on Face
: Short form for "Come". Also means ejaculation of body fluid (e.g. sperm)
DS : "Dog Style"
EMA : Extra-Marital-Affairs. Affairs after marriage. (NEW)
FJ : Fuck job
FL : Freelance whore
Gf : Girl friend
GND : "Girl-Next-Door". Common / Normal but decent look of a girl.
GFE - Girlfriend Experience
GT - Gong Tao (Hokkien - black magic)
HJ : Hand job (i.e. masturbation)
IMHO : "In-My-Humble-Opinion". Not a sex wording.
Lao Jiao : Hokkien word. "Lao" Old, "Jiao" Bird
LOS - Land Of Smiles (Thailand)
LSB - Lap Sup Bar (low class bar)
OKT : "Or-Kui-Tao". Pimp
OMFIAMP: "One-Man's-Food-Is-Another-Man's-Posion". New forum word, pronouns as "Ohm-Fam"
ONS : "One-Night-Stand"
OVN - Overnight
Papaya Farm
- Mook Kua Yuen (Cantonese) means whore house/ayam farm
: Pak Chiu Cheng - directly translated it means "Fire hand gun" - a hokkien term for Masturbation
PCN : Pui Chao Nua (which means "lousy service!")
PRC - People's Republic Of China
PDMM : Pei Du Ma Ma = PRC study mama - Mothers from Commie China that are in Singapore to supposedly look after their Children who are studying in the country. However, many of them provide sexual services to earn some money on the side.
RAW : "Doing it without a condom".
RTF - Return to Fuck
SOP : "Standard-Operating-Procedure". The "O" can also refer to "Orgasm". The word "SOP" is usually used in HC field rpt.
SYT : Sweet Young Thing
Tarma : Threesome!
TCSS - Talk Cock Sing Song (which we all do, once a while)
Tirak: Regular Girl
Tua Ki : Hokkien word. "Tua" Big. "Ki" Stick. Means Big Dick. Sometimes refer to big fuck also.
Tua Pai : Hokkien word. Same as "Ang Pai" but more with an attitude (i.e. arrogant)
TN Shop : Tui Na
: a form of Chinese manipulative therapy that is often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbalism and qigong. TN Shops are SUPPOSED to provide these services. However, being the crooks that they are, these PRC operated joints in Singapore are nothing more than Fuck Shops! That's "Asian Values" for you.
WIR - Would I Recommend
WOA - Word Of Advice. e.g: WOA - Don't ask ppl 2 share when u offer nothin in return.
WTF - What the Fuck
: Working Lady
Za Bor : Hokkien word. Female. Also written as "Char Bor"
Zao Kng : Hokkien word. Unaware exposure of undies/undergarment.


There seem to be a whole lot of number codes in the Field Reports of various broads. For example..."Lucy of 1627 has a very tight cunt!".... What does "1627" mean?

1627 refers to the Lorong (Malay word for Street) number 16 and Whorehouse number 27.

In the $40 fish tank variety, one will often see the numbers L8H20G8. This is because the fish tank cat houses assign numbers to the girls so L8H20G8 refers to Lorong 8, House number 20, girl number 8!

WH10 refers to House number 10 along Westerhout Road which runs between Lorong16 and Lorong 20. What could be simpler???

What about example "H5R3" in the Petain Road Section of the forum?

H5R3 refers to House number 5 Room number 3.

What does Cat40/80/150 refer to in the Geylang Sex Forum?

This refers to the prices for the various categories of prostitutes. Cat40 refers to the $40 per session Thai girl fish tank variety. Cat80/Cat150 refer to the $80 and $150 per session categories. No fish tank viewing for these categories. The girls are available upon request. Just walk into a non fish tank whorehouse and tell the brothel keeper who you want. More info in the SEX FAQ. Click on the tab above.

I am logging on from outside Singapore and I there are many words which I don't understand even though my English is excellent. What gives?

Many Singaporeans don't speak Queen's English. They speak a bastardised version of the English Language called Singlish. Some Singaporeans are actually proud of this hybrid Language which is mixture of Chinese grammar, (or lack of grammar) Malay, Chinese Dialects and meaningless exclamations like "leh", 'lah" "wah" etc thrown in for good measure. It is obvious that many in the forum feel that they can express themselves better in Singlish and they are most welcome to do so. The only problem with this is that it limits their audience to Singaporeans and Malaysians* while the rest of the English speaking world watches from the sidelines with rather condescending amusement..

There are also some messages which are actually posted in a romanised version of Hokkien, a Chinese dialect that most Singaporeans of Chinese descent can speak. In fact, I have met some Singaporeans of Malay or Indian descent who can speak Hokkien better than I can.

*Many Chinese Malaysians also understand Singlish even though they have their own brand of Malaysian English called "Manglish" which can be just as tough for the uninitiated to grasp.

I registered to participate in your forum and took the plunge by asking a simple question. To my dismay and anguish, 10,001 people flamed me in response. Now I feel really pissed and I don't feel like participating anymore. I thought one of the main reasons for having forums was for the uninitiated to find out about commercial sex and related subjects. Could you please get rid of all these rude and uncouth people.

Singaporeans are world famous for being rude and generally lacking in basic social etiquette so the response you got was hardly surprising. In general, Human beings are funny creatures. A pecking order prevails in all social situations including those which exist in cyberspace. The "seniors" of the forum can't be bothered to answer what they think are questions which have been answered numerous times before. (Exactly the same situation exists in the usenet newsgroups so this is nothing unique) They expect newbies to have done some thorough research and waded through all the old messages before asking anything. At the time of writing this FAQ, there are close to 300,000 old messages so it really is a daunting task trying to find anything. Nonetheless, some regulars get sadistic pleasure out of giving newbies a verbal shagging if it appears that they have not bothered to do a bit of homework.

The best advice I can give to newcomers is to be thick skinned. I can personally assure you that you are most welcome. Just ignore the flames. After all, names and words can't hurt you in cyberspace especially if you are using a pseudonym and not the name that your parents gave you. Sooner or later, somewhere down the thread, someone will be kind enough to answer the question. More often than not, it will be me. All I ask is that you give something back to the forum in the form of invaluable information that will benefit all of us.

Anyway, I hope this FAQ will help towards answering most of the common queries and if you have any further questions which you dare not ask in public, you can always email me and I will do my best to help.

You claim that you started this forum to discuss commercial sex but it seems that all sorts of sex related topics are being discussed. In fact, some topics have nothing to do with sex whatsoever. Why aren't you doing something to keep the forum on track?

We Singaporeans live in a highly regulated system. We are told by our govt that we are a very conservative society and that discussing anything sexual is considered to be very naughty and may cause many of us to become rapists, perverts etc. Even walking around naked in your own living room is an offence in Singapore. An even more ludicrous law is one that states that your own wife or girlfriend is not allowed to give you a blow job in your own bedroom unless you proceed to fuck her after the blow job. Oral sex alone is considered to be unnatural sex in Singapore. It is only acceptable if it is part of foreplay that eventually leads to penetrative sex. If I am not mistaken , anal sex is against the law too so be careful when you write about your arsehole escapades. Clinton could have been jailed in Singapore because he failed to fuck Monica with his dick after she swallowed his juices. ( Cigars are not an acceptable alternative )

I do not happen to agree with this official stand. However, I am lucky to live in a democracy which allows me to openly express my objections on the net without fear of persecution.. I believe that any issue that is suppressed or kept under wraps will end up becoming even more of a problem. Bringing things out into the open is the best way of dealing with issues. Since so many Singaporeans have found my forum to be an excellent avenue for them to discuss their sexual needs, their sexual fears and their sexual fantasies, I decided to allow all forms of sexual discussion in the forum as long as it does not impinge upon the rights of others who just want to mind their own business. When phone numbers and illegal vice rings are publicised in the forum, innocent parties who may not even know of the existence of Sam's Delphi forum may end up getting harrassed or hurt. I have to draw a line somewhere and this is it.

I really appreciate all the effort you have put into your site and would like to repay you in some way. How can I do it?

Simple. Just go to this page and subscribe to the AVS even if you don't want to view dirty pictures. I make no profit out of these adult verification systems. I set them up in order to meet US laws where my server is situated. However, any subscriptions originating from this site help to defray the cost of monthly traffic charges of my sites which now exceeds USD500 a month because of the amount of traffic my site generates. I could move the site to a free server or one that does not impose additional traffic charges but from experience, I have found that such servers are invariably slow and not as reliable as the one that I am currently using which is run by foxxnet

What rules apply to my other forum: Sam's Coffee Shop Forum?

The coffee shop is not an adult forum and is therefore allowed by Delphi. This forum has been going strong for more than 7years on the Delphi servers and has displaced the newsgroup soc.culture.singapore as THE place to discuss politics and issues in general in the singapore context.

All non sex related subject subjects are welcome (sexual stuff should be posted in the sex forum). However, please do not pollute the forum with graffiti and racist taunts which cause nothing but flame wars. By graffiti I mean nonsensical postings, obnoxious and vulgar posts, spam, huge graphics and repeated postings and commercial ads etc. Such posts will be deleted once they are discovered or reported.Porn is not allowed by Delphi so please do not post pornographic material and links to adult sites in the coffee shop. Start your thread in the correct folder please. Polls in the polls folder, religious crap in the religious zealots' folder and so on.

I created this forum so that people who were active contributors and visitors to my sex forum had an avenue to discuss non-sexual issues. Since it is creation, it has served its purpose extremely well. Many interesting discussions have been started and some threads have lasted for months with regular inputs. In fact, some of the threads are so intellectual that I have difficulty understanding the profound philosophies discussed therein.

I wish all of you a productive and enjoyable time in both the forums. In closing, some good advice.... "Don't be Silly, put a Condom on your Willy" and that includes blowjobs too. For a summary of the all the possible STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) that your can catch, go here.

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