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11-11-2010, 01:46 PM
Here we are going to show some easy steps to create a Fly Splash, you can use it over a display window or video.


1. Create a project by adding a cluster and splash, set the duration to 5 seconds.
2. In the schedule box, we set it to repeat this splash 2 times at 1 second interval.
3. In the Splash box, we align the timeout to 5 seconds with a frame rate of 0.1 and tapering out of 1 second.

Note: The main Duration takes control of how many seconds your splash is shown, so the timeout should be less or equal. In most cases setting the taper will ensure your splash exit smoothly.


Next, set a quantity and other options. Quantity in this case defines the number of decorators to duplicate at each point on your fly path. This has no correlation to the number of decorators you included. Splash will automatically recycled through each decorator, if you have only one decorator, then it make copies of it.


1. Click on the main tab and decorator tab.
2. Draw a path using the path tool and set the path points quantity to 20.
3. Drag your graphics into the canvas. The placing is immaterial.

Here, I use AddinMedia graphic to generate a sets of stars components and drop into the canvas.

4. Click on the objects tab.
5. Here I added some text ( no animation ).

Note: Splash can carries other animation or static text, graphic or images.

That's it. Here is the sample and AddinMedia generated graphic.

fly.rar (http://www.sammyboy.com/chio/fly.rar)