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31-10-2010, 06:50 AM
Please bear with us, as expected there will be bugs with initial version and any new enhancement being added. We will provide you with updates and fixes as and when it is reported and fixed.

Bugs Report and Fixed
31-Oct-2010 - Fixed bug when a new project is created and subsequently edited and saved, the modified file however is unable to play.
1-Nov-2010 - Fixed some issue with future schedule
3-Nov-2010 - Some minor fixes and added ability to play from a future start time.
5-Nov-2010 - Fixes to ordering problems, ie. when you save, it will read back correctly.
7-Nov-2010 - Fixed some choice display problem due to obfuscation. Eg, you should see Scroll and Change for Window Type
7-Nov-2010 - Some minor fixes to Splash.
10-Nov-2010 - Fixes some problem with importing AddinMedia Generated graphic
10-Nov-2010 - Added support of AddinMedia Text and Brushes ( Import as Image format )
11-Nov-2010 - A bug was introduced on the 7-Nov that causes the text edit box to disappear, it has been fixed
12-Nov-2010 - Added a identity title to project items.
15-Nov-2010 - Fixed bug using Text as a Decorator in Splash.
15-Nov-2010 - Added the ability to save the last project items position.
15-Nov-2010 - Added Bobbing, Rotating and Flickering Splash.
3-dec-2010 - Fixed a bug on Color Alpha, it is now applied to Text and Shape objects.

01-11-2010, 03:11 AM
Schedule is fundamental and could be quite complex as there are many different ways and variables, as above we have fixed some issues with scheduling a window or task for a future time and date. Please download the latest update if you are struggling with that.

03-11-2010, 01:54 PM
If you encounter a problem or needs help in your setup, please feel free to start a thread.

It's good for us and we get to fix any problems reported or update our "Tips" to inform others, and good for you, otherwise you will be wasting valuable time figuring out what could be wrong.

07-11-2010, 07:52 AM
One week to our initial product release, there has been quite a few bugs which had been fixed. We thank you for your patient.

Followup, we will be updating all our documentation and come up more examples to get you going.

Have a nice day.


10-11-2010, 01:59 PM
Added more support for AddinMedia Graphic

22-11-2010, 08:17 AM
NoticeBoard Version 1.1 had been released. It includes:-

Added Features
22-Nov-2010 - Improve handling of Splash decorators placing if path is not specified.
22-Nov-2010 - Added a random feature to a number of splashes for subsequent repeats with new "option".
22-Nov-2010 - Added 3 more Splashes, Boom, Fireworks and Shoot.
3-Dec-2010 - Fixed bug in Color Alpha, previously it wasn't updated.
3-Dec-2010 - Added support for Bitmap Effect and a initial release of 10 effects
12-Dec-2010 - Fixed a bug in saving your animations when working with multiple splashes or windows.
12-Dec-2010 - Added a new Element Set, which can group text, graphic and Images and perform animation on it.
12-Dec-2010 - Make improvment to AddinMedia import. Brush and Vector Clip are now imported as a Set of Vector Shapes.
14-Dec-2010 - Added support to import AddinMedia Text as a Set of characters shape
18-Dec-2010 - Added Set support to Scroll and Change window
19-Dec-2010 - Added General Transform Effect (for Set only)
23-Dec-2010 - Change menu background to be in sync with main window
24-Dec-2010 - Fixed some bug with Video Timing
27-Dec-2010 - Fixed a bug in some Bitmap Effects with transparent pixel
27-Dec-2010 - Now you can applied Effects to Scroll Window content
27-Dec-2010 - Added 2 more group Effects
30-Dec-2010 - Fixed a Color bug when loading from AddinMedia brush to Set
30-Dec-2010 - Added another 2 Group Effects ( SwapColors and SineWave )
04-Jan-2011 - Improve handling of Group Effects ( Added Offset and Spread EFfects )
04-Jan-2011 - Fixed a bug with Shape Outline being clip, this also fixes imported Text and Brush from AddinMedia
05-Jan-2011 - Fixed a crash in saving, happens when you test in full screen and subsequent save again.
05-Jan-2011 - Fixed a crash when you pull the same AddinMedia Clip or Brush fom Library twice to the main Canvas.
07-Jan-2011 - Fixed a bug to remove gradient tool when selecting a different pointer option
07-Jan-2011 - Added an option to repeat Content Animation for Window and Splash which allows you to replay all it's animation within it's time period.
09-Jan-2011 - Improve handling of Animation placing and timing
15-Jan-2011 - Complete a feature where you can recall Color Gradient History
15-Jan-2011 - Added feature to move a group of timelines ( hole shift key while dragging )
15-Jan-2011 - Improve some text handling
15-Jan-2011 - Added another means to change animation timing in the properties panel
17-Jan-2011 - Added some basic path and shapes ( round-rectangle, roof-rectangle, polygon, star and burst )
18-Jan-2011 - Fixed a bug with entering future date in Schedule
23-Jan-2011 - Fixed a bug that prevent a Schedule from repeating itself ( was introduced on 18-Jan-2011 )
05-Feb-2011 - Fixed a crash when dragging the graphic container bar in the library to another container.

23-12-2010, 12:48 PM
If you are using Window 7, the menu options may appears to be transparent, this has been fixed in the latest release by changing the menu background to be in sync with the main window.

The other problem with Window 7 that you may encounter is failure to save your default setting correctly when exiting. That is because NoticeBoard is trying to update to default.dat in the installation directory. The solution is that you have to grant write access to it, until we have a permanent fix during the installation process.

22-01-2011, 07:01 AM
In the last update, we had introduced a bug which stop the schedule from repeating itself. Unfortunately we did not get to hear any feedback, otherwise it would have been fixed promptly.

Though the software is free, please do not hesitate to sound us out should you need help or notice something not right. You comments and questions are valuable to us!

09-02-2011, 12:29 PM
NoticeBoard Version 1.2 had been released. New features included are:-

09-Feb-2011 - You can now drag a library folder that contains different type of graphics onto your Canvas.
09-Feb-2011 - Ability to clip a Set to it's boundary or using a geometry Path or Shape.

18-Mar-2011 - Replaced manual Easing with standard pre-define Easing, example Quadratic, Cubic, Elastic etc... Please make the necessary changes to any manual easing to your existing projects.
25-Mar-2011 - Improve Change Window with Easing options
08-Apr-2011 - Added Quick and Easy Setup Screen for instance setup of NoticeBoard

Bug and new feature list will be updated directly in the download information page as of 22-Apr-2011. Please refer to that list.