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13-02-2010, 03:39 PM
The new age pastors certainly took Anthony Robin or derivatives courses.

Mr Robin is certainly a very clever man who by his eloquence convinced peasants that immediate success could come of they

i) Act now.
ii) Set goals
iii)Work hard
iv)Do not give up.
v) but most important, buy his tapes and books because some examples will swear by them.

Mr Robin's eloquence and charm certainly is a class act by itself.

The problem is knowledge start creating problems when inferior peasants begin applying them.

For example, MLM adherents, in an effort to get rich, encourage stupid peasants to part with their cash to become membership hawkers. The more fools they enrolled into their program to sell certain overpriced products, the more commissions they get. Feel good is subtly played out in many gatherings where good acceptable behavior is rewarded with near spontaneous claps and forced to watch testimonials of lowly peasants who somehow become Steve Jobs by recharging their lives thanks to MLM.

The same strategy is replayed in religions. Ronny is a good example, he trade his blue collar for suits and sell/market paradise memberships to stupid peasants who are addicted to his feel good sermons. Lately he takes a tumble and was reminded in Peasantpore, the Imperial Family are the real deities. Ronny realised he better stick to his old game of hawking paradise membership without disturbing the peace that the Family required to invite more MNCs investment dollars. If Ronny has a brain, he probably realised that his deity is sleeping but what e fark, he still has his fat pay cheque and as long he stop showing off his lack of knowledge about other competing religions, he will do well, its better to market paradise than do the hard work of comparative analysis of religions.

Yang and Hong learnt 3/4 of Anthony's lessons. Why 3/4? Hong and Yang are not idiots but rather smart baboons who by sheer intelligence and charm, secured their pastor/leadership position within their anglican community who believed that wealth is a licence to prove their deity is real, (strange, then Bill Gates deity ought to be the most powerful huh?). Yang and Hong were formerly poor peasants but certainly has some of Anthony's eloquence to convince their flock to vote for them as leaders and 10% of their income. This is precisely 3/4, for their folly, they decided to declare war on bapoks. Mr Robin's main idea is to be effective and work smart to gain wealth, not declare war on bapoks. Perhaps Thio was a bad ally but certainly after a good beating from the regime, they are encouraged to re-read Mr Anthony's books before declaring war on bapoks. To effectively declare war on bapoks, its pointless to study the art of war, Hilter, Mao and Pol Pot are better examples, simply round up the bapoks into camps and perform experiments on them and resell the data to corporate firms, that is the main reason for America's lead in biotechnology after WWII. If you read the fine prints carefully, some of the biggest drug companies are from former axis nations.....

13-02-2010, 04:04 PM
given the high medical costs here, I'm really bullish on faith healing.

13-02-2010, 04:05 PM
Smart peddlers dun hawk cures, they hawk paradise. It is easier because they know the cure is beyond them .............

03-04-2010, 06:39 AM
Regulation of large NON-IPC charities, is regulation lax?

I note that under the category 'other information' (a must for IPCs though I must add- CHC is NOT yet an IPC, but a ginormous 'charity'), disclosure I feel is lacking in the 'other information' category of the CHC financial report- this should be changed.

Using as example of accounts of an 'Institution of Public Character (IPC)' charity: 'Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore (http://www.rdasingapore.org/files/financial.pdf) (financial statement)' as an example of the proper application of 'Annual Online IPC Disclosure Template.doc (http://www.charities.gov.sg/charity/charity/charityCMSFileDownload.do?id=32)'- pls see comment 8 on last page of guideline: "Related Party Transactions" under the category of 'other information'.

"Related Party Transactions refer to transactions between the IPC and another person where either person could have influence over the other. For example, if a board member of an IPC is related to a certain supplier of services for the IPC, the value of the transactions should be disclosed. Refer to the Financial Reporting Standards for the full definition of Related Party Transactions."

True City Harvest Church is just an 'ordinary charity', not yet an IPC , but then again, shouldn't these 'Related Party Transactions' be listed too given the fact that ALL charities are income-tax-exempt and also given the fact that assets of CHC: > TWICE that of RenCi Hosp. History has forewarned that larger charities/ societies such as the in the example of PKMS, a currently defunct political party, society assets are ought to be a cause of discord and public disturbance. see: 'Is this $10m site the reason behind the PKMS fracas?' (http://lushhomemedia.com/2009/09/12/is-this-10m-site-the-reason-behind-the-pkms-fracas/)

Balance Sheet: 'Total Funds and Liabilities'- 2009 unless otherwise stated
- Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, (http://www.amkh.com.sg/about_financial_info.php)- Financial Information (http://www.amkh.com.sg/about_financial_info.php) : $10,269,000
RenCi FINANCIAL STATEMENT (http://www.renci.org.sg/Financial/FinancialStatement.aspx): $51,134,000
- CHC FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (http://www.chc.org.sg/eng/church/financial_stt.php): $111,099,000
- NKF, Financial Information (2008) (http://www.nkfs.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7&Itemid=7#Financial_Information):$ 287,890,000

This is not an accusation of any wrong doing, just an example of what I think is lax disclosure requirements on part of CHC despite its not being an IPC, it is just a 'charity' after all (not a country club/ entertainment ctr whose various receipts go towards property tax, stamp duties, GST, not to mention income taxes on any profits made)- albeit a very large one at that.

Comments to article of the same on my blog (http://just-my-observation.blogspot.com/2010/04/regulation-of-large-non-ipc-charities.html)are welcomed.


03-02-2012, 08:22 AM
conmen-pastors falling for another conman's tricks...................LOL