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  1. Kill yourselves for all I care.
  2. Man drowns at Kallang Basin
  3. Best Method To Suicide!~!~
  4. Young Man Shares his Story of Survival at Suicide Prevention Forum
  5. Acident on July 9, 2008 Near Changi Airport
  6. young father killed daughter b4 killing himself
  7. This suicides thing is serious: 700 people attempted suicide last year
  8. Jumper at my block last night
  9. MRT Suicides
  10. 10-Yr-Old Committed Suicide!
  11. ACS boy argued with mum then jumped down
  12. Tan Wen Yi - The CCA Suicide
  13. OCBC Sec remisier suicide
  14. X'mas drowning at Clarke Quay
  15. Woman commited suicide in toilet using thinner & lighter
  16. Best ways to commit suicide
  17. Another killed himself ... why?
  18. Confirming What We Already Know - Suicides On The Rise
  19. Suicidologist: Expect more MRT service disruptions
  20. Apuneneh kill son and self jump
  21. Man Jump Down at Sengkang
  22. Breaking news - Another jumped MRT track?
  23. Father and Son Double Suicide
  24. Heineken - Suicide
  25. Will SMRT latest Platform doors prevent Suicides?
  26. Ang Mo Kio MRT attempted suicide
  27. why do u wanna kill yourself young?
  28. Teens' death fall : suicide
  29. 48 youth suicides in 3 years
  30. One Under Yishun MRT STN
  31. Debt-laden man killed self
  32. Man kills own children
  33. Keling FT commited suicide with son
  34. 2 teens had problems, jumped
  35. Suicide on man's fall from block
  36. Mental patient takes own life at IMH
  37. Maid jump HDB
  38. another suicide...
  39. i feel like suiciding
  40. Widow slashed wrists
  41. Singapore suicide rate is 4Xs that of entire US ARMY at WAR!
  42. Gambling addict hangs himself
  43. Gambler sets herself ablaze
  44. Couple dead in hotel : Suicide
  45. S'porean found dead in toilet
  46. Another NTU female student committed suicide
  47. NTU student Cheryl Tan committed suicide
  48. 69 year old Singapore lady commits suicide due to financial distress
  49. Boy watches as father falls to his death
  50. Another one jumped MRT at Tanah Merah
  51. Body found near Helix Bridge
  52. Another jump MRT incident at Bedok Station
  53. Man attempted suicide at Keat Hong LRT
  54. Another Jump MRT incident at Redhill Station
  55. Man committed suicide at Sembawang MRT
  56. Policeman shot himself in the head
  57. Grassroots leader hanged self
  58. Murderer hangs himself
  59. 2 JC classmates jump
  60. SGP Suicide Rates UP! UP! UP! 9.35% !!!
  61. Viet woman hanged herself
  62. S'porean woman stabs herself in a trance
  63. Another jump MRT incident at Yishun Station
  64. Sinkies attempt suicide by jumping....come in see pictures.
  65. I got arrested the 2nd time for attempting suicide
  66. Jump MRT incident at Queenstown station
  67. Two neighbours' bodies found at Bishan block
  68. Pregnant Indonesian maid leapt to death
  69. Another person cheerfully jumped from flat
  70. What will happen if a foreigner who is on a study permit in Singapore attempts suicid
  71. Where can i find statistics of child suicides in singpaore??
  72. Is the education in Singapore stressful for students?
  73. Mother, daughter found dead at foot of HDB block
  74. Sembawang MRT jumper
  75. Half japanese teenage girl falls to her death at Ang Mo Kio
  76. What You Should Do Before Committing Suicide.............
  77. Frenchman suffocated himself with gas in bag
  78. Constable, who shot himself in the head, owed $40k
  79. Skeletal remains found in Tanah Merah forest
  80. Mystery man jumps to his death
  81. Mother carried girl before jumping
  82. Every day, 4 or 5 people in Singapore attempt suicide
  83. Body found in Clifford Pier waters
  84. Maid fell onto KPE
  85. Another murder cum suicide in sinkieland
  86. Man hangs himself out of guilt over loss of friends' work permits
  87. Maid jumps to death after caught stealing from employers
  88. Body of man found in Bedok Reservoir
  89. Maid killed herself after failing English language test
  90. Young women found dead in chalet
  91. Man stabs self and burns charcoal to commit suicide
  92. Prevention of Suicides - Police Ought To Work With Proffessional Bodies.
  93. Couple found dead in budget hotel room
  94. PRC woman jumps to her death
  95. Decriminal suicide today.
  96. The suicide forest of Japan
  97. SAF 2SG commits suicide
  98. 21yo poly beauty hang herself in her parent's semi-d in Sembawang....
  99. 24years old SAF regular hanged himself at Changi Airbase, what's happening Singaland?
  100. Another suicide attempt at Bedok Reservoir Park
  101. Boy, 10, saves father who attempted suicide
  102. Japanese man stabs himself to death
  103. Video of Tiong Kia flying down from flat at Bedok Block 47.
  104. 1700 Suicides from 2000 - 2004
  105. Two dead in the space of one hour
  106. S'pore couple found dead in murder-suicide
  107. Boy committed suicide after being questioned by police
  108. 2 days 2 death from same blk 355 of flat in clementi
  109. P6 boy jump on day of PSLE?
  110. The Death of a New Flight Steward
  111. Man found dead at foot of Laguna Park block
  112. SAF regular found hanging from rope in training area
  113. Number of suicide death up in 2012 from 2011
  114. Which is a decent health insurance plan in your opinion???
  115. Man found dead outside Swissotel The Stamford hotel
  116. Certis Cisco officer found dead in Changi Airport toilet with a single gun-shot wound
  117. No one commit suicide this cny
  118. mass suicide online.....
  119. Give these Singaporean kids some breathing space lah!
  120. Teen suicides highest in 15 years
  121. Moving Slowly Trauma in a Car Last Year
  122. Lakeside Primary School Haunted
  123. Don't kill yourself, for yourself.