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  1. What would be a good place for migration?
  2. Moving to China for good
  3. migration to australia
  4. EMIGRATION to Thai..... (land of smiles, land of stress-free, party)
  5. Emigration to New Zeland
  6. Moon is not always rounder in other countries
  7. Why one couple is resettling in Sweden
  8. Migration into Singapore
  9. Migrating Males
  10. Getting out of Sg and to Australia by Studying
  11. 1,000 S'poreans give up citizenship each year
  12. Cheap Short Term Stay in Melbourne
  13. This forum is slow!
  14. What to look out for on emigration matters
  15. Migrate - CPF - How ?
  16. Dual Citizenship
  17. Which Country did you prefer to migrate/exile to?
  18. Cheap Air Fare From Tiger airways, Check it up man
  19. How to get UK Citizenship
  20. Aus Jobs!
  21. Staying In Batam
  22. Non traditional Emigration Destinations!
  23. Can I give up sg and migrate??
  24. Emigrating out of the People's Action Party (PAP)-controlled Singapore
  25. Doing biz and Migrate
  26. How to migrate to Vietnam without marrying a Vietnamese
  27. Driving in Australia
  28. What's there to do in Kansas?
  29. Sense of home
  30. COPR in Canada
  31. Immigration to Taiwan
  32. Overseas Apartments
  33. Can i go to Canada from USA with in US visa
  34. Triple citizenship
  35. Sharing my vision of retirement and gem of knowledge
  36. My 5 years plan to thailand
  37. PR in South Africa
  38. China, immigrants unwelcomed
  39. Woodland Waters, Australia
  40. Economists warn 200,000 jobs may go in Australia
  41. Convenience Store for Sale
  42. Xinjiang, China
  43. Immigration to Samoa
  44. foummer built house in chiangmai
  45. Oz govt slashes budget surplus forecasts
  46. is it true that all sinkies
  47. The truth why Leongsam migated to NZ
  48. Obama inspires Aboriginals in Aussieland
  49. Now i know why it is dream emigration destination for sinkies
  50. Don't go to this idiot palm island place
  51. If migrate to melbourne, best to live with Leo
  52. Can SG be matland PR?
  53. Something is horribly wrong with this cuntry...
  54. Is getting a PR from other country enough..to migrate?
  55. My visit to Cairns
  56. how to migrate to China
  57. I got a PRC citizenship for my baby daughter
  58. woohoo Whole week off!!
  59. The Great Oz Rippoff: A$5000 per abalone!
  60. Don't miss the boat this time round....
  61. The pathetic Shockshit.
  62. Why are we HAPPY ? Oz speaks..
  63. Petrol Cartel in Oz: WHAT A RIPOFF!!!!
  64. Ministers should be paid more: tribunal
  65. Where the bloody hell is Shiokshit ?? Retrenched ?
  66. Breaking News: US Rejects SHOCKSHIT'S PR!!
  67. Shockshit says: I'm too retarded to migrate to the US!!!!
  68. Fact: Shockshit caught lying, knows nothing about US migration!!!
  69. Breaking News: Shockshit resorts to backdoor migration to US, WORSE THAN CHINAMEN
  70. Liveable CITY - MELBOURNE !
  71. Emigration thread getting boring
  72. Oz the place for a friendly face
  73. Want to migrate to Australia soon?
  74. Aussie Prick is really Shockshit
  75. Why bash OZ. The good and the bad about Australia.
  76. No need to Defend Oz or any other country
  77. My Gratitude to My SG
  78. Officialy the biggest rip off country is....
  79. CNY 2009 is on Australia Day!
  80. Pros or Cons to be a Sinkie ?
  81. Know the diff..political party is not the Govt
  82. This is why sinkie girls marry Ang Mohs!
  83. Employer Sponsored Visa In OZ
  84. Friend's Kid going to UWA, Perth - Advice on Accommodation
  85. Sam, Any chance to put all OZ hating post in one thread?
  86. Migration: To each, his or her own
  87. Want to move Australia...
  88. Singaporeans lose out to South Africans
  89. Migration: The Singapore Class divide
  90. Register my son as a Singapore citizen
  91. Who wants this dream job in Australia?
  92. Those in the USA, Please donate to this school
  93. Best wishes to the Kiwi battlers
  94. Japan, China: Thank Obama for the stimulus plan
  95. The white man's hatred: White on white racism
  96. ang moh and asian relationships in migration.
  97. Cowardly Sinkies, be careful, ang mohs all on the dole now
  98. Why if we migrate to melbourne, we must learn to drive properly.
  99. Evidence that busy123, redbull313, shockshiok are the same person
  100. still want to migrate and find job???
  101. happy lunar new year to all quitters
  102. that's why LKY is right to treat ang mohs better than sinkies.
  103. Australia - The Lucky Country
  104. The lucky country
  105. USA: Why Americans Need To Work Through Your Retirement
  106. Why the Australian Dollar is Worthless
  107. The best place to migrate to ...
  108. Update: Singaporeans quit
  109. Singaporeans can forget about retiring.
  110. Managing Complexity
  111. this section of the forum should be renamed
  112. First class and Second class citizens
  113. Good time to emigrate to NZ
  114. Confirmed Redbull313 is just another suffering PAP-licker Singaporean
  115. want to migrate but no money? use this method
  116. Gems from the old SBF Emigration Threads
  117. A comparison of US and Australia. USA might be better for Migration
  118. Buying a Car Down Under. Beware the Hidden Taxes
  119. Emigration: The cure to Racism: Science
  120. Australians will rebel under the Singapore model
  121. Is Australia a ‘high taxing’ nation? What is the responsible answer?
  122. Best places to live in the world!
  123. Get your green card in 6 months - Guaranteed, Sign on with the US Army!!!
  124. Fed up with SG? Want your CPF in Six Months? Speak Chinese? Indian?
  125. China: How to apply
  126. Important Migration Issue: Affirmative Action in the West. Only USA score Well.
  127. Shocking! 3 million citizens leave this Cuntry every year.
  128. For Migrants who Wish to pay Lowest Taxes Should Choose USA....
  129. Australia set to cut migrant intake !!!
  130. I Am Australian - Two New Verses...
  131. Huge tax increases imminent in USA. Avoid.
  132. Migrants:America's Amazing Tax Deductions/Credits!So Cheap!
  133. Why Rich People Around the World Heading to USA for the Lowest Taxes
  134. World's friendliest countries!
  135. OMG:U wont beleive USA:Obama pays 65% of Health Cost for Uninsured!
  136. Friendliest Nations in the World:According to Forbes USA is most Friendly
  137. Buying Property in Australia, Think again.
  138. Oz to be NZ's west island soon????
  139. Cheap Properties Everywhere !!
  140. When you renounce Sg citizenship.....
  141. Watch any good aussie movies lately?
  142. Hey Sam, Can Pls Put All Anti-USA Post in One Thread
  143. NAACP on Race Relations in America: Its never Been Better to be Asian in America
  144. USA says:Anti-asian racism more acceptable than all other forms of discrimination
  145. A Dubious Promotion - World's Most Expensive Cities
  146. Imperialarms Racially Discriminated Against In UK! Very Bad Place for Asians!
  147. Guns outnumber people in Australian suburbs
  148. How credible are the posters?
  149. education in Australia
  150. U Arse tax payers will have to pay through their noses.
  151. 10 reasons people emigrate to Canada
  152. Top 10 reasons people emigrate to New Zealand
  153. Get Austrian Citizenship In 12 - 18 Months Without Residing There!
  154. Penalty for acquiring another passport
  155. You can qualify for Austrian PR If You Have 80,000 Euros!
  156. IELTS Test
  157. CANADA - Country of choice or screwed
  158. Japan pay $$$ for immigrants returning home
  159. Scenic homes in NZ. Sporns, Emigrate!
  160. Shockshit where are you ?
  161. Dual Citizenship / NS Obligations / HDB Flats and Migration
  162. NSMan Exit permit & deferment
  163. How to migrate to PRC
  164. FR on Auckland NZ
  165. Canadian PR
  166. Any comments on this PT source?
  167. Renouncing Singapore Citizenship
  168. NS
  169. Trip to Singapore from overseas
  170. Trolls no longer fed so lets have some serious discussions on Emigration
  171. why no one thought of moving to big red dot ?
  172. Applying for a Singapore passport overseas
  173. Applying for a Singapore passport overseas
  174. New rules spell easy entry into NZ
  175. Get Rid of the Fear of Emigration / Tackle those myths
  176. Vancouver A Good Place to Emigrate To!
  177. More Evidence That Emigration is Final Solution for Sporns & Children
  178. To all Potential Migrants, What do you think of this?
  179. World's Best School / Schools
  180. Why I Emigrated to Oz!
  181. Tanjung Balai - Best Place to migrate
  182. Chinese said, Australia no good
  183. Perceptions of Asians in America/West
  184. Migration to Australia is very Dangerous, Big Terrorist Target
  185. Its now August - Have you picked up the migration Pack ?
  186. Timeline for Canadian PR under skilled worker
  187. When to renounce citizenship?
  188. Taxation in Advanced Countries
  189. The bizarre behaviours of Singaporeans
  190. Austrialia got screw by China
  191. Best wishes to the Toronto residents
  192. Take care! Aus eastern states bunker down (wild weather)
  193. Singaporeans form 1% of Western Australia population
  194. UBS Study:Spore = Russian life
  195. Wonder why most Japanese never thought of migrating ?
  196. Seems like there are some losers in Canada too.
  197. How Sg Govt can help quitters to maintain their ties with Sg
  198. A study of western public healthcare
  199. Toyama Koichi
  200. More Jobs Coming to Perth
  201. Canada's best and worst run cities
  202. East Ledang - Ujana - Any Buyers ??
  203. What they didn't tell you about Vancouver and don't want you to know!!
  204. emigrating: consider the World capitals of the future
  205. Migrating? Married? Oz raising Tax on all Dual Income Family
  206. Why People migrating ... CPF and Singapore Reserves belong to PAP.
  207. The spies who love us
  208. Neddy - Where are you ?
  209. About renouncing SG citizenship, withdrawing CPF and repayment of study loan
  210. sydney weather worse than spore haze!
  211. How about living in the united kingdom
  212. First-class wealth, second-hand vehicles
  213. can a poor person migrate?
  214. Visa to India
  215. Migrating to US: Seeking advice from the successful winners
  216. Migration to USA: 47% of all Household Will Pay 0 Income Tax
  217. Australia at No 2: Second best country to live in the world
  218. Cities of dreams as value of homes begins to soar - Melbourne
  219. Attitudes to adopt prior to migration
  220. Various Types of Migrants
  221. New Yorkers: GIC is hiring
  222. USA: IDA and URA is hiring
  223. List of Emmigration Subject Matter Experts
  224. Australian property prices set to rise by 20%.
  225. In Australia or Canada, where do you do your banking?
  226. Good hospitalization plans in Australia or Canada
  227. RBA sees higher $A than past decades
  228. Queensland - Next Boom !!
  229. USA is Migration Paradise: Home Prices to drop further 10%
  230. Shame Shame Australia, you are a Racist Country
  231. WARNING: New Immigrant Horrified By Crime In NZ
  232. Immigrant Couple Want To Leave NZ And Return To UK
  233. Boom.. Boom... BOOM !!! Australia
  234. Bigger Boom....Boom......BOOm America
  235. AUDUSD chart
  236. Aussie interest rate up because of inefficiency n low productivity
  237. Devastating earthquake magnitude 9.0 coming to Canada!!
  238. Help neeeded for Perth migration.
  239. USA is Migration Paradise II: Free Mobile Phone & Line. Where else got?
  240. Kiwis live well and prosper.
  241. Job Hunting Tips for OZ
  242. Singapore a top choice for migrants
  243. Singapore a top choice for migrants by Gallup latest survey
  244. some successful migrants' stories
  245. Tips for settling down in OZ
  246. Do migrants really care what the PAP govt think?
  247. Tips for doing business in OZ
  248. Studying in Oz? Better Avoid!
  249. The USA (#1) and Canada (#2) Knock Australia off Top Country List
  250. What do you make of press and politics in your adopted country