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Thread: limitation of raw material

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    Default limitation of raw material

    The near future, because the limitation of raw material of each country lumber is exported, bring about our country the enterprise is faced with related a lot Best Pontoon Boat Replacement Deck of annatto " one can't make bricks without straw " corner. Breed of a few annatto was included Washington convention appendix, the wood that always includes an appendix is planted get control,

    wood planted the main aspect tongue and groove pine porch flooring that a few enterprises are used this year to be joined appendix, bring about lumber business to be able to sell without lumber, annatto furniture company can be used without wood, we view the reporter's investigation next. Washington convention (CITES) the appendix is prohibiting wood plastic composite prices adelaide completely at control and rather than the international trade of feral species,

    its classification with species the means with licence, in order to reach feral species market sustainable use a sex. The reporter outside field: These wood beside me recycled composite timber deck it is Hua Limu, it is Laos beautiful pear for the most part, also having one share is Burmese Hua Li, whole the storage capacity of this plant area has 5 probably, 6000 tons, will tell in the whole nation attribute a higher storage level.

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    Default Re: limitation of raw material

    Do you do special?
    Do you like it raw?

    Release the BITCH.G

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