the consumer first depends on whether the brand has a national quality mark, such as the national exemption, the Chinese brand or the Chinese environmental label. The second aspect to see through the observation of distinction, the first to see the appearance of the product, if the quality of the problem, you will see his edge, chamfer will appear uneven, which is not enough precision manufacturing products, resulting. outdoor deck for sale
The second can be heard, poor product high formaldehyde content, as long as you smell a smell will have a pungent. There are to see after-sales service, to ask the brand management for a few years time, whether there is a complete after-sales service and so on. I added some, as President Chen said, to see when the imitation of wood on the surface of the visual pattern, if the pattern is very fuzzy texture, then, obviously there is a problem.examples of outside flooring
The second, the slot if there is some flash, and paint off the process, or the paint has some stripping marks, and the color varies, including the edge is not a straight line, then no. We see are the physical indicators, but there are wear-resistant ah, formaldehyde release ah, these are more difficult to identify, and we must check the test report, the other in the choice of imitation wood flooring, we must choose the brand floor,anchoring handrails to floor