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Thread: many multinational companies

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    Default many multinational companies

    Now the annual sales of Power in Chongqing how much? Our market share in Chongqing is about 15%, we sold more than 60 million square feet. Flooring industry in China has experienced a more chaotic era, because the rapid development of China's real estate industry for the flooring industry to create a huge demand for space and profit margins, driven by huge profits, outdoor deck for sale
    the floor market there have been many family workshops Of small factories, at the same time, many multinational companies have also entered China to seize the market, then the situation in this melee, do you think the trend of the Chinese flooring industry is like? Wood flooring industry is thriving with the prosperity of the real estate industry developed. In the course of development is inevitably all sands, cheap outdoor flooring
    indeed there are some fake and shoddy products in the industry which played some bad role and influence. As a brand enterprise, especially as a leader in the Dekor floor combined with a lot of brands, in the fight against "five inferior plate" has made unremitting efforts. All the flooring market development and improvement, and now tends to be healthy, brand products, mainly to call and guide consumers to use the environmental protection level is relatively high product is environmentally friendly products,2nd floor balcony floor roof type

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    Default Re: many multinational companies

    Do you provide extras?

    Release the BITCH.G

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