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Thread: Just sharing.

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    Future Home

    A world locked with indecision about Jesus and His claims, One world lacking a vision of glory of the Savior that can redeem this earth from great peril in a split second if they just come to Him.

    A Christian needs a home, Where they can have their hope restored,
    Where they can have their faith renewed, Where they can have their love to be replaced with a new love: JESUS CHRIST!

    A Christian needs spiritual food that is the Word of God that sustains one's hungry soul throughout all their days, A Christian needs a teacher, pastor or lay leader to guide them to the TRUTH that will set them FREE!

    From the bonds of this earth into the glory of heaven, A teacher of the Word that is not swayed away by man's opinion rather only seeks the counsel of the ALMIGHTY GOD for instruction!

    A Christian needs fellowship that ensures they are on the right path in times of trials & temptations,
    A Christian shares their blessings with others & God,
    A Christian shares their concerns with others & God,
    A Christian seeks the power of prayer to help not just himself or herself but those who are in greater need, to place their burdens in the hands of GOD FOREVER!

    A Christian realizing that their own worth in the Kingdom of God is never greater than the price that JESUS has paid for their sins,
    A Christian grows a heart of service first to God, second to others & then themselves.

    Once blinded by Satan's lies,
    Now brought forth to see the light
    That is JESUS CHRIST!

    My heart fears no man,
    My heart shall only fear the LORD.

    Once in chains, Now free to preach the Gospel with out fear of what anyone says or does to this body.
    Once without shelter, I now have found a home that blesses me with the Spirit of the Lord.

    I AM HOME!

    In just a matter of time,


    Joshua 24:15--"But as for me and my house, we shall serve the LORD."

    Whether you know it or not!

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    God's Detours

    Want to hear something interesting?? God has his own agenda. I hadn't even sent you all the email yet and God decided to use the opportunity. As I was proof reading the paper over and over this one enlisted guy whom I usually talk to at nights came in. He works the night shift for our DET.

    7pm-7am. He is night shift supervisor so he is in charge at night. His name is AE1 Yang. Usually, it is kind of understood to give people respect when they are emailing by not reading their email, but he saw that I was writing a novel.

    Him and I usually talk anyways so he said what's up and asked what I was working on. I told him I was working on a project. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but that is when it happened.

    "Can I read it" came out of his mouth. I wasn't anticipating that. It caught me totally off guard. Um um was my response. I said it is kind of personal.

    I just assumed it was Satan sending someone in to distract me. Anyways, he persisted and said, "come on, I know I joke around a lot, but I can be serious when I need to."

    So again he asked, and I said okay so long as he wouldn't say something negative. He said okay. And then he read it. I didn't know what to think. Well, evidently I was incorrect. Cuz instead of Satan sending Yang, it was definitely God.

    When he finished reading the paper, he was quiet for a second. I was quiet cuz i didn't know what to say. He opened up by saying, I feel really convicted right now. I sat there confused. He said he feels convicted, cuz of my resistance to him reading the paper.

    If I wasn't openly willing to allow him to read it, then that means his outward appearance must not be Christ-like. He then goes on to tell me about his life and how he became saved. He told me how he was one of those Christians who has been compromising this whole cruise, which is why no one could tell of his belief system.

    We talked for about a two hours, with distractions walking in and out. He then opened up and told me, now that he knows I am a Christian, it all makes sense. It is like the light turned on about how I am getting treated out here. He said in his 18 year navy career there have been 4 people that he can remember who were classic cases of how a Christian is treated in the military.

    He said I was a classic case. It felt so good for one second knowing that someone actually understood. Since I have been talking to him over the months, we have talked about family and he has come to me for advice.

    He said it all makes sense now where I was coming up with my advice. I told him now he knows where I was getting my information (the Bible). Anyways, so that is my story thus far. I hadn't even sent off the paper to you nor my family and God was already working.

    Now I wake up a couple minutes ago and I have an email from this guy and he is asking me to be is accountability partner.

    He said it will be good now that we are on the same page as to where we stand in beliefs. I wasn't expecting this at all. I am somewhat caught off guard. Here I wrote something for people at home and a curve ball is thrown.

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    Life In The Military

    By: LT John Gomez

    Who ever said the Christian life was easy? If you think it is easy, then I have an experiment for you. Step 1: Memorize the Bible verse "Do not be conformed to this world." Step 2: Go down to your local recruiter, and tell them you want to join the military. Your recruiter will smile, shake your hand, and reward you with a prize: "An all expenses paid trip directly to the Arabian Gulf".

    With all the war talk in the air, this sounds patriotic, right? If you actually take the verse literally, and try your best to abide by God's request, then you are in for a world of opposition. This verse is a classic formula for heartache, loneliness, behind your back ridicule and rejection. Imagine if you will the cliche movie scene where the actor is surrounded by scorpions, snakes, beetles or creatures, etc. in an airtight room where the only way he can fend them off is a single torch. Eventually, the air runs out and the actor is attacked. You now have a mental description of what it is like being a Christian in today's military.

    The second you say goodbye to your family and friends you might as well place a bulls-eye on your back because you will be a target for Satan and his demons. We live in this country founded on the principle of God, and we live on a concept of freedom of religion. Ideally, we are guaranteed this right, but the application of this right in the military is a difficult one.

    Most Christians will go their whole life never realizing how privileged they are living under this concept of freedom of religion. We as Americans have the freedom to go to any church we choose. Don't agree with their teachings? Then we can freely leave and join another church. Most Americans don't even think twice about the fact that we have such a freedom. It is something we just take for granted living in the United States.

    What happens, though, if this freedom of choice which we have grown so accustomed to having suddenly is taken away? What if you weren't able to go to the church to fellowship with other Christians? Or for that matter what if there weren't any churches period? What happens if your Christian radio station during your drive to/from work was suddenly taken away?

    No more Christian friends, no more Bible studies during mid-week. Nothing. What would you do then? How long could you hold off Satan without your friends around to use as a crutch? Or your pastor to answer questions? How long could you last before compromising? Now you can begin to understand my world.

    Welcome to a day in the life of a Born Again Christian stationed on any ship currently in the Arabian Gulf. "Do not be conformed to this world" is not an easy task out here. Christians are greatly outnumbered and make easy targets for the supernatural beings involved in this spiritual battle called the Arabian Gulf.

    Readers, let me remind you that as Christians we are engaged in a war greater than the War on Terrorism. Evil principalities are behind the terrorists and the current regime in Iraq. Believe me when I say the Babylonian empire is emerging stronger than ever as was predicted would happen in the End Times. Notice the similarities between front pages of the news today and ancient Babylon in the Old Testament.

    Saddam and Bin Laden have vowed to eliminate all Jews and their protectors. They will stop at nothing until this is accomplished.

    Has anything changed since Old Testament times when Israelites were despised and enslaved in Ancient Babylon with King Nebechanezzar? No! Saddam is in the process of rebuilding a kingdom and coincidently refers to it as a Modern day Babylon?

    Satan is very much involved in re-establishing his kingdom. He is doing everything he can to protect his interests. His battle plan? Demoralize and render all Christians useless. Attack all Christians and make them conform to be like everyone else.

    Attack, attack, attack until they compromise. It is different being on a ship over here in the Gulf. We wake up and are at work. We don't have the liberty of going home to Christian safeguards.

    There aren't any church services, Bible studies, Men's or Women's groups. You have your Bible and that is it. At home, you can surround yourself with Christian friends. Out here things are different.

    For mere companionship you have to become friends with non-Christians here, because that is all you have. Satan knows this very well. He does everything he can to hinder any topics concerning Christianity.

    It is like clockwork. Begin to talk about Jesus or about your beliefs, and within seconds someone else will come in, or the phone will ring, or an alarm will go off. It never fails.

    Pulling into ports is a bitter-sweet thing in itself. You want to go and see the sights, and everyone else wants to go to bars and drink all night long. Tell someone you don't drink and you are setting yourself up for indirect ridicule. At first they think you are kidding, but when you stand firm they are completely shocked. Then they try to get you to drink anyway.

    No one likes hanging out with someone who doesn't use profanity or thinks he/she is too Holy to drink. That is how it begins. Once you are identified, you are marked as an outsider. They think you are too good for everyone else. Everyone feels awkward with you or feels intimidated being around you. Keep in mind these people are the only friends you can have out here and now they just rejected you.

    Satan does everything he can to smash your name into the ground. Loneliness, rejection, ridicule are all the emotional states a Christian experiences when he/she takes a stand out here. So my question to you is how long could you last? Still think the Christian military life is easy?

    In conclusion I will ask for you to pray for us. Pray for the Christians deployed on the front lines in the Gulf. Pray for our walks and our relationship with God. Pray that we never waiver and that we never compromise. It is so difficult to live out here as a Christian.

    It is challenging enough studying and preparing for a war possibly with Iraq, let alone studying and reading the Word ready to handle all of Satan's darts. Pray for us. Let us finish the race clean and untainted never compromising

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    God Hath Not Promise

    God hath not promised
    Skies always blue
    Flower strewn pathways
    All our lives through

    God hath not promised
    Sun without rain
    Joy without sorrow
    But god hath promised light for the way

    Strength for the day
    Rest for the labor
    Grace for the trials
    Unfailing symphaty and undying love

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    Crickets and Scorpions

    I usually spend time in prayer at five a.m. each morning.

    I shall relay a lesson that God taught me very dramatically
    during one of those early morning sessions.

    I pray in a closet that is actually the vocal booth of our
    former home music studio. It is soundproof.

    As I entered clad only in shorts, I heard the sound of a cricket
    chirping. There in the shadow, I saw the cricket.
    It was very close to where I sit on the floor each day.

    "Sit down and don't bother the cricket,"
    I heard a soft voice speak in my spirit.

    I obeyed.

    I turned out the light and sat in total darkness and silence.

    I felt something crawl up on my leg.

    "Don't bother the cricket," I heard the voice say again,
    "I am trying to teach you something."

    "You need to learn to distinguish the difference between
    crickets and scorpions in life. Don't bother the cricket."

    The cricket crawled. It is an eerie feeling to say the least.
    I wasn't afraid of the cricket. I knew it couldn't harm me.
    It wouldn't bite, sting, or even so much as scratch me.

    It was just a highly annoying and extremely icky feeling.
    A cricket crawling all over you.

    I let the cricket crawl for almost a minute until I couldn't
    stand it anymore. I brushed the cricket off, turned on the light,
    picked it up in my hand, and took it outside and let it go.

    I understood what God was trying to show me.
    Life has scorpions and crickets.

    Scorpions are the things that can hurt us; things that are truly
    destructive and dangerous. Crickets are the things that have
    absolutely no power to hurt us, they are just irritating.
    They get on our nerves; they try our patience.

    I saw things differently after emerging from prayer that day.

    I realized that the vast majority of the things that really
    irked me

    ...were crickets.

    The vast majority of the things that irk you

    ...are crickets.

    Don't bother the crickets
    and don't let the crickets bother you.

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    The Happiness Formula

    Happiness equals Satisfaction divided by Desires.

    So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content.
    (1 Tim 6:8 NLT)

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