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    Chit Chat Re: Today is Bruce Lee's 43rd Anniversary.

    I don't know who this guy is, some pokemon who evolved/mutated into a goldfish? Maybe he can fight, but I'll still put my money on Bruce Lee!

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    Chit Chat Re: Today is Bruce Lee's 43rd Anniversary.

    Bruce Lee was a chinaman that wasn't obiang! During the 70s, we all adored him, and many took up martial arts because they aped him. In my secondary school, all the toilet chain flushes were swiped...
  3. Serious Re: Pakistani man has his arms cut off when he refuses to convert to Islam

    I wish more muslims would start asking this question and look into it themselves!

  4. Serious Re: Why durians not allowed in MRT? Why smelly Indians allowed?

    I think the reason is because Ah Nehs are classified as humans, and are protected by Human Rights under United Nations, some international law. Durians do not have rights, same thing as dogs. Many...
  5. Chit Chat Re: forget about investing in oil related companies!

    It's good that the major economies are looking away from fossil fuels. Nuclear and renewable energies are the next boom areas. Oil has seen its day (I hope), and the world will see clearer skies,...
  6. Serious Re: Islamic Peacher ZakirNaik‬ called Buddhists "Drug Addicts"

    What's wrong with being a drug addict? Looking at those who avoid mind-altering narcotics, it is obvious who is the eviler of the two!

  7. Chit Chat Re: With a 2 term nigger president, US race relations reaches a 50 year low

    I think Leroy is happy to be in the US of A. If he's an ordinary bloke, he could sell drugs and become rich, if he's talented, he could be on MTV, or playbasketball and become rich and drive a...
  8. Serious Re: Islamic Peacher ZakirNaik‬ called Buddhists "Drug Addicts"

    If Islamic societies are to move forward and progress, they have to start asking questions about their faith, look at achievements of other societies, and learn from them, instead of saying...
  9. Re: Pakistani model killed after offending conservatives

    Is this the reaction of a conservative society? Or a sensitive society? What kind of society is it that obstructs the progress of females in their society who are well-endowed, gifted, and...
  10. Serious Re: SAF Generals will they ever fail like the Turks in lauching a coup?

    I find what you've said highly amusing! Maybe even funny!

  11. Serious Re: 2016 is the worst year that I can think of

    It's been like that since WW2. The USA always had an idiot as its president. Somehow, things still work!

  12. Serious Re: Woman marries woman (by being misled!)

    This case would have been easily solved if they accepted same-sex marriage.

  13. Serious Woman marries woman (by being misled!)

    I guess gender identity is becoming more and more common and is and reported frequently nowadays. And not just celebrities are having such issues, but regular blokes, including married peoples. Here...
  14. Chit Chat Re: eatshitndie, add this to your collection!

    Walan! Pang sai in open I knew ah tiongs do it, but never wipe or wash ass after shitting, just pull up pants and walk off!! Heck even when I had to shit during field camp, at least clean the...
  15. Serious Re: Sinkie TFR Drops To 0.81 In 2015! Even The Muds Can't Help Inflate Sinkie TFR!

    I think the Chinese here fuck as much as everyone else, except that they mostly fuck prostitutes.

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    Chit Chat Re: Let's boycott Ampang yong tau hoo

    What's so great about Yong Tau Fu? Sounds so obiang!

  17. Chit Chat Re: Good summary on South China Sea Hague Ruling

    China is definitely showing her ambitions, but I wouldn't compare her to the two axis powers of pre-WW2. Those two nations then would just invade, and blitzkrieg their way into other's territory...
  18. Chit Chat Re: Good summary on South China Sea Hague Ruling

    Singapore is a Peesai!

  19. Chit Chat Re: Good summary on South China Sea Hague Ruling

    China is doing what she needs to do. With her recent rapid growth and progress, she needs to secure some fuel (oil or gas) deposits and claim them. Right now, she has the ability (economic, and...
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    Serious Re: Foreign talents or foreign trash?

    Its just that the foreigners are more assertive and the locals are submissive, and subservient. I wonder why?

    Law abiding? That depends on which side of the law one sees it from. I'll say it is...
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    Re: china's claim to south china sea

    China is doing what she needs to do, but looks like God doesn't give a shit to the chinks! Others have their claims too! Just happens that China has the big guns in the region, until Uncle Same comes...
  22. Chit Chat Re: Newbie to Golf - advice on shoes and clubs

    Have always wanted to ride a motocross bike across the greens of a golf course! Tear up the pitch!! What's the charge? Tresspassing?

  23. Thread: Bad News

    by Agoraphobic

    Chit Chat Re: Bad News

    One piece of bad news which is really idiotic news is - "Car-Lite Society" and how the authorities are trying to bulldoze this idea into the minds of residents here. As far as I understand, every...
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    Chit Chat Re: Why the devil has to be dark skinned?

    It's the White Man's world. Dark colours are sinister, whilst bright light colour the good side. That's why black men gets stereotyped as criminals. Darth Vader is evil and is associated with the...
  25. Chit Chat Re: so boring day, lai lai discuss what you want to eat for lunch.

    Already packed a pepper-ham sandwich with Swiss Cheese for lunch. Stay in office to eat. Can't be bothered to drive out and spend 20 minutes looking for a spot to park just for lunch!

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