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    Re: LHL Is A Spent Force - Nothing New At NDR

    Pinky is a lazy bum regurgitating about our CPF retirement money without fulfilling the demands of the citizens.And all he can vomit out the whole night of NDR is about the detention without trial of...
  2. Re: LHL says: Old people ask me not to return their CPF.Laughter and applause for pea

    The NDR looks like a fool talking to an audience of stupid robots.One start to clap and all will follow to clap and the fool thought he is very clever and doing a fantastic job.
    The fool will only...
  3. Re: Huat Ah ... MInimum sum increased next year 2014 to $ 161,000

    Talk so much for what ???
    Still cannot withdraw ALL YOUR CPF money at age 55 or monthly payout until you die from age 55 onwards .
    PAP want to pay u monthly payout from age 65 onwards,I say KNNCCB...
  4. Re: Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other's Butts? It's More Complicated Than You Might Imagin

    Chasing the dragon when high...
  5. Re: GMS: WP will be NOTHING if it didn't have the contribution from people like me

    Warning!Better don't insult Lily Neo his favorite MP.
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    Re: Piece of Shit Say Telling Story Once Again

    One of the most useless minister in PMO.
    He definitely will be voted out in GE 2016 and if he try to be a standup comedian,we will throw shit at him.
  7. Re: Roy Ngerng: Why FAP Charges Highest Cost to Manage "Low-Risk" CPF? Fair?!

    Everyday draw lots select one at Pulau Mati and chase by 120 starved for 3 days dogs. :mad:
  8. Re: Roy Ngerng: FAP Purposely UP Minimum Sum Till Almost All SGs Cannot Withdraw from

    Sinkees are taken for a ride by the corrupt MIW bastards for too long.
    If u want your CPF money back NOW,vote out the MIW.
    If u want the CPF money in your pocket NOW,vote out the MIW.
    If u want to...
  9. Re: Drunk, Half-Naked Ang Moh FTrash Allowed to Run Amok in MRT! And Teasing Girls!

    In Sinkeeland remember,
    Foreigners -1st class
    MIW-2nd class
    Sinkees-3rd class.
  10. Re: Roy Ngerng: Why FAP Charges Highest Cost to Manage "Low-Risk" CPF? Fair?!

    Sinkees are taken for a ride by the corrupt MIW bastards.
  11. Re: Traitor Augustine Tan: We need more foreigners to depress Singaporeans' wages.

    Talk so much for what.These people in ivory tower DO NOT understand the realities and difficulties of the majority of ordinary singapore citizens.
    Always eat full,nothing better to do,so talk...
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    Re: Laurence Lien on CPF - No transparency!

    All these people born with a silver or golden spoon on the mouth DO NOT understand the needs,desires and aspirations of the majority of ordinary Singapore Citizens.Talk so much for what ? Eat full...
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    Re: i am sad...very very sad.... :( :(

    Good story.Good try.OK buy more tissue paper.
  14. Re: Open letter from a singaporean political refugee, ho juan thai

    This is a farce.The MIW has been dishing out PRs and Sinkee citizenships to foreigners like toilet paper and here our true blue native Singaporean was deprived of his Singapore Citizen and Passport...
  15. Re: Why gahment like to destroy things? If it ain't broke, don't meddle!

    BUT they want to open the leg big big for foreign workers to come in to make sinkeeland into a sardine-packed island.
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    Re: SAf sinks to a new low: More cocked up rank

    Mechanical Engineer Grade 4 (Aeronautics).
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    Re: do you think lao goh is a good person?

    This Wooden Pinnochio is a congenital liar.
  18. Re: Some interesting facts about the National Jobs Bank

    The Singapore Companies with more than 25 employees can place their job advertisment for 2 weeks,then complain no sinkees want to do the job or no sinkee is qualified for the job,so they can ya ya...
  19. Re: PM Lee fifles court application for summary judgement against Roy

    Want money but don't want to stand trial.
  20. Re: "No Man is an Island" - A banned book on Lee Kuan Yew

    hi bro sam,
    don't be so mean lah,give others a chance lah.
    life is tough in sinkeeland.
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    Re: More BS on the CPF

    WE would love to crack open the botak head with a vice.
  22. Re: Tan chuan-jin: I am 'optimistic' that young s'poreans can reach cpf minimum sum

    Who is the mutherfarker wooden blockhead who promised us SWISS standard of living ???
    PUI !!! to his lanjeow horse face.
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    Re: More BS on the CPF

    Alot of hot air and BS.
    Guarantee my foot! This botak conman guarantee you ?
    If u want your CPF money back,VOTE OUT the blood-sucker PAP.
  24. Re: why are we serving ns to protect singapore and fts and the elite????

    Why should we sinkees serve NS to protect the Foreigners who took away our jobs ???
  25. Re: 75% OF FAP MPees MIA from Parleement, Voting on Bills Forced to Be Abandoned! WTF

    Most PAP MPs sleeping on the job.Only can wayang here and there like stupid fools.
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