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  1. Re: SCDF chief: There is minimal co-ordination with SPF

    Even before the riots occurred the SPF and SCDF chiefs knew that it was going to happen. They are so highly paid because they know when riots will occur what will happen and even how it will end....
  2. Re: SCDF chief: There is minimal co-ordination with SPF

    Our high rank police and SCDF are the highest paid in the world! Donch pray pray with them. This is a deliberate exercise for their men to learn how to cope in a live situation. SCDF and SPF are the...
  3. Re: Army can't even handle simple matter of stray dogs?

    LHL son AWOL from his guard duty but was never charged or even reprimanded.
  4. Re: NS do OT no extra pay, late book-in because MRT breakdown, CHARGED AWOL!

    LHL son AWOL from his guard duty but was never charged or even reprimanded.
  5. Re: SingTel draws flak for proposal to charge WhatsApp, Skype for network usage

    Machiam extortion that they are asking to be paid for calls made using phone apps. If this goes through then their next target will be online movies and online shopping. They will ask for a...
  6. Re: HK hairy abalone is still up for grabs!!

    Michelle CHong is lesbian and also Irene Ang. Guys better get Cecilla before she become lesbian.
  7. Re: Medal recommended for hero cop who hid in ambulance during Little India Riot

    This useless dickhead ran away and failed to protect the bus lady who was continually being assaulted and yet people asking for him to get a medal. Not only did he chabot but he also failed to use...
  8. Re: Singapore aims to be Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley

    There is zero success story. Viki was founded by Koreans who were encouraged to move here only to receive government grants. It alot like how PAPzis pay for China atheletes to represent Singapore....
  9. Re: S'pore terror expert must pay $60,000 for defamation

    Gunaratna’s credentials in biographical information published in books, magazines, newspapers and on the internet, are at first...
  10. Re: Sylvia Lim says govt should check their accounts, MND says OK

    Sylvia should whacked $8 Khaw jialat jialat for thinking that off the shelf software can do the work when PAP themselve spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money to pay NCS for the software. She...
  11. Re: SMRT: We’re ranked 10th in the world - REALLY?

    Rankings especially made-up ones or meaningless ones are used by the propaganda machine of the PAPzis. SMRT runs the shortest MRT and bus routes when measured by distance and yet these twits pay...
  12. Re: Aljunied Resident Challenges MND To Sue AHPETC

    Now is actually a good time to revisit the AIM saga. When it was first touched on, there was still a positive balance for the people. Now, the accounts will show that Singaporeans are paying a lot of...
  13. Re: Half billion taxpayer dollars go to People’s Association each year - Alex Au

    The PAPzis like to propose that the PA is a government instrument and not politically inclined. If so, members of parliament from alternative parties should be given the same PA privileges as PAPzi...
  14. Re: Auditors unable to provide audit opinion on AHPETC's financial statements

    A major issue is the handing over of accounts from the PAP to WP. Without a proper and complete handing over of accounts there will always be issues. The PAPzi machinery will have issues going to...
  15. Re: Clueless Desmond Kwek does more spin

    Desmond Quek has ZERO experience in transport. Desmond QUek was on holiday during the first weeks that he was hired for a new job that he had no experience at all. YOu still want to listen to Talk...
  16. Re: PAP MP Chia Shi Lu's 2nd statement on bed shortage confirms his stupidity

    PAP CPF (retirement Fund) - Fail! Cannot withdraw all and can only withdraw so little that cannot afford to live decent life

    PAP Housing: Let PRs and foreigners buy HDB and many private housing
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    Re: 'My husband of four years is gay'

    COuld be Pinky Loong's first wife sharing her story man years later.
  18. Re: Ah Neh lady can never step into USA again

    These ah nehs are the worst that come into Singapore. They have a caste system that kills their own kind slowly. What do you expect from them when they deal with Singaporeans.
  19. Re: PAP government should be fined for every major administrative lapse

    You pathetic 60% scum of shit expect the ministries to pay a fine. So what if the ministries pay a fine. The idiot ministers and scholars (18 year old A Level high flyers) still get their million...
  20. Re: EDMW forum thread reaches 63 pages - "Project 2016: Vote out Lee Hsien Loong"

    A 15% to 25% vote turnover is not impossible because many eyes and pockets are hurt this days. Important is to give people courage to vote against PAP and to educate old timers and useless...
  21. Re: Another long time business closes it's doors

    ah nehs now run a large chunk of Sim Lim.
  22. Re: Another long time business closes it's doors

    Small and medium business that hire local will not be able to survive. The ah nehs and chinese immigrant bosses will hire their own and pay their workers enough to want to work and live in Singapore...
  23. Re: PM encouraged Police "NOT TO HEED" online criticism about their actions

    This pm is a farking disgrace. He is probably the only fool in the entire world that celebrates and congratulates incompetence. KNNPCCB to this piece of useless shit pm. He is a real disgrace not...
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    Re: Pinky wears pink because......

    Ah Loong is as gay as gay is gay. He is a shame to Singaporeans. How this ah qua gelek queen of Geylang Serai can pass his physical duties as a soldier and become a general is an even greater mystery...
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    Re: Ho Ching copying Rosmah Najib?

    A fcuking engineer without any prior finance experience can become the head of TemasICK Holdings is a fucking stab in the back of the PAPzis cry about meritocracy! KNNPCCB to the PAPzis! May each of...
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