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  1. Re: Sex game ends in hospital visit (tips for you)

    Next time put Durian inside her Hum.

    And make Mee Siam.
  2. dumb desperate Ang Moh beggars gave up Jesus n jump ship to Islam

    Muslim American Women Are the New Normal
    Posted: 01/28/2014 2:49 pm
    Islam, Muslim Feminist,...
  3. Re: Spying Fire Storm spreaded to Singapore / KL diplomacy, KL fucked SG High Commisi

    Soon will have many aggressive angry protesters burning Sg flags at many embassy of ours. Throwing crap n eggs on our flag.
  4. Re: V for Vendetta hacker teach PAP suckers to use CB Microsoft to be hacked easily

    Developer`s network documented milions od MS security holes, can read online. Virus security firms also hv databases of all the threat n risks given online.
  5. V for Vendetta hacker teach PAP suckers to use CB Microsoft to be hacked easily

    What is shit is shit. Countless security holes in MS opens PAP's anus to hackers. Ah Gua Loong's government love to be ass penetrated. Enjoying to be vulnerable. Fucktards use MS systems all deserves...
  6. Re: Obama a CROOK and BANDIT not only printing worthless dollars

    Let USA die ASAP. Save ourselves. They die better than we die.
  7. Replies

    war comming get ready for these

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    <dt class="gallery-icon">
  8. Re: pse lon laugh! Taiwan ATM crooks scam peasants to pour 3000cc of COKE into ATM!

    So when is PAP conman going to beat that and had Sinkees pee into the ATMs? :rolleyes::D
  9. Re: Why PAP did not send Kim Jong Il's funeral?

    You mean Ah Loong not a good 孝男? :D

    I think he can cry very well when his papa mati you know? :p
  10. Re: Why 71-Year-Old Aunty Needs 2 Jobs While FAP Ministers Make Billions + Pension?

    Eh Gong Kia do you know that me and my cronies all do more than 100 jobs each?

    We have sooooo many appointments of chairman directors presidents what not! All drawing salaries and fees you know?...
  11. Re: FT crane driver attacks sinkie family car Transformer style!

    HELP! JINX! I Scared.
  12. Re: Catholic Church STOLE 300,000 babies from parents and SOLD them !

    Have they arrested the Pontiff yet?
  13. Re: Dummy South Korean Army fire hundreds of bullets at civilian airliner and ALL MIS

    They are capable of this then you can expect them to launch a big anti-aircraft missile the next time. And the result wouldn't be the same.:oIo:
  14. Re: cabinet announcement Mon afternoon major reshuffle

    You mean Char Rojak?

    Got Hum?

    Why WKS & Cow must survive?
  15. watch it coming, there will be a very clear pre-poll omen to tell

    Ground had shifted on the island by huge energy against PAP & LEEs, there will be clear signs showing it before 7th May. We can all see it.
  16. Re: Okay, time to own up. Did you vote for PAP during last GE ?

    :rolleyes::rolleyes: Are you trying to lure out Yaw Shin Leong?:eek:
  17. Yahoo news proved that Teo Chee Hean KAYPO for Australian Floods
  18. Re: Can we vote for prime minister instead of president

    In Singapore SAF is peasant and peasant is SAF, in a political situation for the use of forces, generals regardless how they are paid or incompetent have nearly zero chance to reverse the men's...
  19. Re: Si liao. 3 giant spaceships coming in 2012 to attack earth.

    if the space telescopes can show something worthwhile of it then launch a a probe ASAP to check it out. Load a few dozen of nuke up rockets on standby mah. :cool:
  20. Re: Can we vote for prime minister instead of president

    Anything also can lah, and not just limited to a single way as well.

    One of them being to take PAP out of the parliament and then re-write whole constitution, then hold referendum to pass it.
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    Ass Loong's Hum Xmas Rap Video

    Where got?

    Pse sing us your HUM SONG!
  22. Re: Swiss Standard Singapore Must LEE-galize INCEST!

    I have completely look down on Ang Moh they are rubbish and animals.

    Slaughter them all! The Muslims are right to eliminate the Ang Moh indeed.
  23. Re: Ming Yi & Red Cross all Nothing, NKF & PAP are the only BIG FRAUDS

    During GCT time although it was good economy but that actually camouflaged the fact that everything had during then began to turn bad for Singapore. Damages done then can not be recovered and only...
  24. Re: War started in Korea send our great BGs there pse

    I am Tua Pao Sian aka 大炮仙 only.
  25. Re: F-22 Raptor is so stealth that it now VANISHED unfound!

    (明報)2010年11月17日 星期三 23:25

    美國 軍方表示,一架F22隱形鬥戰鬥機在訓練期間失蹤,未有返回阿拉斯加的基地,空軍周三正在搜索。
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