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  1. Re: Fucked up Sinkie driver no better than those damned Tiongs

    You people dont get it - its the shit vehicle. Drivers dont get into such accidents in SG bcos the vehicles are roadworthy. In a backward country where people buy junks "off the rack" for $3999 the...
  2. Re: Brit FTrash Unhappy With Super Light Sentence After Whacking SG Couples

    So is the ang mo a big fuck in this case? You are over reacting. Im just talking about this case because i know Valerie will win and ang mo will fail in a appeal.
  3. Re: Brit FTrash Unhappy With Super Light Sentence After Whacking SG Couples

    Haha the woman is a petite chili padi lawyer. Nothing wrong at her screaming as she is physically defenceless. The boyfriend gave chase but did nothing to harm Palin. That is the exact reaction that...
  4. Re: Court rules that lawyer, pap mp alvin yeo overcharged $1 million in legal fees

    More skeleton out of the closet. I have always said prostitutes are saints compared to lawyers and doctors.
  5. Re: WONDERFUL! UK is breaking up to collapse!! Next to be USA!

    Good. UK can have a taste of what it planted across the continents. No question there will be civil war. Next will be Northern Ireland. Disunited Kingdom. Not so great Britain.
  6. Re: Myanmar Military Junta does PAP's job by banning FTs from working in sinkieland

    Myanmese maids are stupid, slow, and have no sense of their position. They fail to understand "workers rights" and Myanmese maids do not come together. C'mon, Sinkies workers dont even have much...
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    Sticky: Re: The RETIREMENT thread

    A person who earns 600k a year will not ask a question like this. Next!
  8. Re: Memories Of 9/11...Where Were You On Tat Fateful Day.

    You mean up till this day people still believe the attack was carried out by Al Qaida, and the BS about weapons of mass destruction hidden by Saddam, even though nothing was found???
  9. Re: Pattaya Pattaya..Poo Ying love you mak mak!!!

    How come i see mostly men in skirst in the pictures? I recall near the big boat hotel there were quite a fair number of chio kways.
  10. Re: PRC Chiobu(s) Arrested in Drug Raid Connected to Jaycee Chan

    "she said she will get her urine tested to prove her innocence. “The results should be out in two weeks.”

    Which means at press time her urine was not tested yet.
    Does she know her urine needs to...
  11. Re: Nicole Seah quits National Solidarity Party

    I think she quit because of SBF forum. Looking at the amount of thrash spewed by gullible retards in the forum (eg. those who pretend to support opposition) she probably gave up. Why would anyone...
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    Re: Puteri Cove by RF

    Thanks Serenity and Ah Long... i have a friend who is extremely concerned on this... not myself.
    I suppose the property needs to be fully paid up. If not the new owner needs to be able to qualify...
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    Re: How to spot a FAKE

    Hmmm.... i sort of agree with you... probably those new nicks who seems gullible are the agents talking to themselves.
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    Re: Property News

    I wonder if anyone realise who is the main culprit that screw up the JB property market. All developments need state approval no? Why is the state not controlling the pace and volume of mega...
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    Re: Good place to migrate

    Forgot to take your medicine again?
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    Re: Looking for this motherfucker.

    Yan Dao Jiu Hoo Kia. A bit like xie ting feng. Good job son! Keep it up
  17. Re: Nicole Seah quits National Solidarity Party

    Good decision. Gambatte girl. I'm all behind you.
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    Re: How to spot a FAKE

    I would like to change the thread title to "AGENTS PLEASE DECLARE YOURSELVES"... can anyone advise if this can be done?
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    Re: How to spot a FAKE

    There has been some fracas in the forum. Do you guys think it is fair to request agents to declare themselves as agents?
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    Re: Puteri Cove by RF

    Hello Mr Serenity,
    You are well versed in these.
    Do you know what happens if a Malaysian owner acquires Sinkie citizenship? Does he have to pay some levies?
  21. Re: Condo Supply: Total no. of units in the pipeline.

    Wah.. Mr CsLong.. welcome to the forum.
    How come after you emerged everybody started quarrelling ah. Here very pissful one you know.
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    Re: Country garden @ Danga Bay is Launching Soon

    Breaking news! Haha maybe i am just slow.
    I heard construction on one block of this property has been stopped after Singapore complained about the JB land reclaimation. I admit i have no details and...
  23. Re: 11 reasons for snap elections before end 2014

    Siao. If election this year i chop.
  24. Re: Police probe into Couple’s semi-naked walk in Ipoh

    The women's figure looks nice. Ipoh here i come!
  25. Re: This is why you don't do business with Ah Nehs

    Very strange leh. I think the Sinkie Law has a serious problem here.
    The onus should be on the insurer to do his own due diligence mah. KNS.
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