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    Re: hokkien huat ah

    Because kaninabuchowcheebye just doesn't sound dirty in Teochew

    If Teochew gangsters meet Hokkien gangsters there will no gang fight

    Teochew gangsters will hai oh hai yah opera until the...
  2. Re: Tan chuan-jin: Tightening foreign labour laws is not “pro-singaporean”

    But he jumped off a building, don't play play
  3. Re: Offcial: SG is the Most Open Leg Country in the World

    So stereotyped view - world has change so much and they are still peddling this
  4. Re: Gic loses millions in london mining investment, mainstream media remains silent

    TS very one sided

    Lose $50 million jump up and down, make $5 billion in Alibaba, why don't say?

    Govt quite cock sometimes, other times damn solid ah!
  5. Re: $8 Cow to Make SGs Life Like Underground Rats to Achieve Ass Loon 6.9M Fantasy

    Six feet underground?
  6. Re: Wta sports commentator apologises for mistaking singapore with china

    Angmoh power!
  7. Re: Myopic and discriminative view from straits times journalist

    Korean still the best, followed by Taiwanese, PRC, Vietnamese and Thai.

    Singapore women cannot hold a candle to their foreign counterparts, so it's only natural they feel bitter and write this...
  8. Peter Lim gets solid welcome in Valencia, looks surprised by the reception
  9. Re: FAP Persecuted SGs on False Allegations Now in Bed with PRC Commies. WTF!

    Collaborate with Korea, can?
  10. Re: FAP Traitors Pricing New Nationla Stadium Out of Reach of Ordinary SGs. Just Like

    I wanna pay $180 to watch grass grow!

    Grow! Gambatte! Grow! Gambatte!
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    Re: SAF veteran Col John Morrice Dies.

    Heard in the earlier in the 1983 OCS batch, one lobo attached to cookhouse was charged for urinating into the green bean soup
  12. Re: Because of LKY, Young people do not know how to relax, even Malays....... sigh...

    Hard work is a virtue.

    Don't be weak and useless like our NSmen who cannot pass IPPT and now MINDEF have to lower standards.

    What kind of MAN cannot do 4 chin-ups?

    Hopeless weaklings and...
  13. Re: 33 year old master degree holder unfairly dismissed and feeling desperate

    What a shit place to work in and he wants to continue?

    He should be grateful to be gone from this hell hole!

  14. Re: SG Begs Pinoy FTrash to Treat SGs Nicer in SG. WTF!

    Even the schoolboy knows the Pinoy letter is written by a Singaporean.

    Fake also no standard!
  15. Re: Foreigners who find a s'porean partner will not be counted in foreigner quota?

    Leong Sze Hian, eat full nothing else better to do, is it?!!

    I going for foreign spouse - Korean chiobu, don't sabo, can?
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    Re: Catherine Lim's latest broadside....

    Catherine Lim is so full of herself.

    She is not obsessed at all with Bukit Brown, she is obsessed about herself.
  17. Hong Kong's Anthony Wong 1996 Ebola movie - diu lei li mo, hup kau ngor!

    Mature audiences only. Those young ones go Occupy somewhere lah, cannot watch, understand?
  18. IMF says S'pore economy will die without foreign workers

    IMF says Singapore's foreign worker curbs could hurt competitiveness,...
  19. Re: Woman Destroys Taoist Prayer Items At HDB Void Deck


    No activity at all should be allowed, whether religious, non-religious, karaoke, football, cycling, siokan, parkchiucheng, etc etc
  20. Re: Confirmed degree holders having hard time finding job

    I supported a Korean 26-year-old for her post grad for six months

    Damn shiok everyday orgasm, don't wanna go out

    Just sex, football and beer

    Then she found a richer man, I lan lan,

  21. Re: Dow Jones drop 400 points, Sinkie open Thursday down how much? Sell, sell , sell!

    Can average down over a long period, good luck!
  22. Re: Dow Jones drop 400 points, Sinkie open Thursday down how much? Sell, sell , sell!

    No more Korean pussy for now, must keep reserves healthy to weather this storm.

    Make sure you have at least six months equivalent of your monthly income for emergency.

    For me it's about 18...
  23. Re: Dow Jones drop 400 points, Sinkie open Thursday down how much? Sell, sell , sell!

    The United States could soon become a large-scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial...
  24. Re: Dow Jones drop 400 points, Sinkie open Thursday down how much? Sell, sell , sell!

    The world's three economic superpowers - the U.S., China and Europe - are heading for a major collapse in asset values because their economic models favor...
  25. Re: Dow Jones drop 400 points, Sinkie open Thursday down how much? Sell, sell , sell!

    Slumping property prices are among the biggest risks for Singapore's economy, analysts say, as a dip in...
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