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    Re: Singapore is finished!!!

    White clouds over sinkeeland.A breath of fresh air.
  2. Re: Pap mp baey yam keng: S'poreans must respect the decisions of the govt

    Ask him go and fxrk spider.
  3. Re: It's useless to go for training when foreigners keep getting parachuted in

    Today is the new dawn for Singaporeans.New hope.Fresh hope.Vote for the Opposition for Singaporeans.
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    Re: The Lee Family (全家富)

    The old fart was scared of the chinese-educated at that time...1960s.He could not debate and win against the chinese-educated.
    He did not win any debate with his political opponents.He can only...
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    Re: Old Bastard still haven't up lorry?

    After calculating the wealth on hand,he will go miserably.
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    Re: Singaporeans First unveils CEC

    Support Opposition.Support Singapore First Party.
    Today is the dawn of United opposition and the decline of the PAP.
    Any public holiday declared ?
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    Re: Bootlicking eager to show their adoration for dying Old Dictator

    very tragic and pathetic.Look at the extent of brainwashing for the last 50 years.
    please lah,get over it and move on.don't put the economy at a standstill.
    how much productivity losses cos of a...
  8. Re: CB LKY caused mass @SGH I had to change my dad to other hospital

    why create so much tension and anxiety just cos of one old fart ?
    life goes on,horses still race and people still dance at the nite-clubs.
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    Re: Desmond Choo's back! Unionists Overjoyed!

    Die die want to be MP.
  10. Re: PAP Gahmen Appoints Independent Accountants To Check On Wankers' Party!

    Why Independent Accountants not appointed to audit Temasek,GIC ,AIM ,Bt Panjang TC...?
    General Election is coming this year 2015.
    But first let's have our celebration ,congratulation and...
  11. Re: How come so many admin jobs by FTs? Singaporeans cannot find?

    First the MIW said sinkees don't like hard manual labour jobs in construction and marine indusries.
    Now the MIW said sinkees are not qualified for white collar office jobs.
    Then the MIW asked...
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    Re: Get ready to pop those champagne

    He is de facto dead.It is very cruel to keep the heart pumping by machine.
  13. Re: So many FTs in Spore. If Spore at war with their countries, how??

    Please lah u all,the sinkee generals are groomed only for NDP and appointed CEOs of GLCs such as SMRT and SingTEL.
    Look at Pinky the general,he can lead a war ? Maybe he can fix opposition only.
  14. Re: NMP Chia Yong Yong: CPF Is Not Your Money, You Cannot Call The Shots

    She got wheelchair-bound for so long that she got braindamaged.She can talk about disability benefits but CPF is not her field of expertise so she dont't try to be a Smart Aleck.
  15. Re: Toothpick Minister Lim on how to futurise Sinkieland

    This zorro clown is a joke,he got no skills,send him to e2i to pick up a skill .
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    Re: SMRT East West Line Breakdown at 6pm

    Maybe salary of few millions per year too low to SMRT CEO,so no incentive to do maintenance,to innovate,to be creative,to be on for what...everyday cho-bo-lan also get paid.
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    Re: LKY up lorry already

    There will be hysterical wailing and crying and thumping of the chest a la North Korea.The nation will come to a standstill,7 days public mourning declared,everyone stopped work,productivity dropped...
  18. Thread: Budget 2015

    by batman1

    Re: Budget 2015

    U let the PAP win GE 2016,GST will surely shoot up from 7% to 10 %.
    Emphasis so much on training like real,while at the same time open the doors wide wide for foreigner workers to depress severely...
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    Re: Will we see this in the demise of Lee Kuan Yew?

    bro sam,u mean there is no meaning in life for u without lky ? poor thing.sob...
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    Re: They are waiting for Old Fart at the Cul De Sac......

    They will give the old fart blanket party and harbans Singh will slam down hard mercilessly to break the bones of old fart.
  21. Re: Does singapore really enjoy surpluses every year or are we actually in debt?

    Most of the unwise speculative investments of temasek and GIC are losses so got to define them as long-term investments (50 years or 100 years).
    No returns in the short-term,so got to defer monthly...
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    Re: Dictator of S'pore, Lee Con You in hospital for severe pneumonia, dying soon. Yip

    Dictators don't believe in retribution.They don't believe in karma.
    They cannot bring their gold bars and money to hell.
  23. Re: HELP! Desperate Call for Assistance Regarding National Service [URGENT]

    In the early NS days,Nsmen will step on nails or get bees to sting on legs or get their legs slammed by get mc.
  24. Re: Economy Watch - Tony Tan does not have any say in National Reserves!!

    IF the PAP ministers could not come clean with the truths or give half-truths,they should hara-kiried themselves .
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    Re: Singapore hammered 6-1 by Syria

    The syrians won by tactics of fear .They just whisper ISIS to the sinkee players who will be overwhelmed with fear.
    The overpaid conman minister who promised us 2010 Wold Cup should be burned in a...
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