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  1. Serious Re: This is honest reason why i think Sinkies will never have a political awakening a

    Sinkees are just too timid.There won't be any changes.
  2. Serious Re: PAP Swiss standard of living now downgraded to Swiss model of training, so pathet

    All these training ,retraining and skilling and reskilling no use one.The reality is that there is very little or no more jobs available for sinkees in this island invaded by foreigners.
  3. Serious Re: Rebuttal to Tan CJ's pathetic defence of his Q jumping crasslooters at Tuas ICA

    The problem with PAP is that it has inherited the parasite or backdoor mentality since the GRC system.So a strong PAP candidate will lead his backdoor or weaker PAP candidates to contest in a...
  4. Chit Chat Re: SGX - Yet another case of conflict of interest leading to regulatory failure

    So much money $$$,one billion transfer here,one billion transfer there,like monopoly playing and manipulating Singaporean taxpayers money.
    Twist here,turn there,in the end got entangled...
  5. Serious Re: SAF Generals will they ever fail like the Turks in lauching a coup?

    Honestly,these generals can only play war games in Ops Room.
    If want real experience,send them to Afghanistan or Iraq.
    Currently,they are assigned to GLCs as fake CEO or CHO-BO-LAN.
  6. Serious Re: Thais want to shut hookers down, better cheong now. Narong organize SBF expeditio

    The Tourism Minister issued the statement for propaganda purpose to declare that LOS is a clean and family-type tourist destination.
    If they ban brothels,hundreds of thousands of WL will be jobless...
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    Chit Chat Re: things the Singapore govt will not tell you

    They will not tell u:
    CPF is insolvent
    Losses of billions in Temasick and GIC
    Retrain and reskill but Very little or No jobs available for sinkees
    Foreigners are allowed to work with fake...
  8. Serious Re: An Open Letter to Singapore’s Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan

    Let's see whether Khaw walk the talk.Just do it,do the hari-kiri act.NOW! The people are watching.
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    Serious Re: HC no need to work and go Mongolia?

    Actually,She did no real work.The tedious real work are done by the managers.So whether she is in office or not make no difference.
    With her knack for buy-high sell-low,she is a talent sought...
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    Serious Nothing routine about MRT cracks.

    The Transport Ministry and LTA have assured the public that there are no safety issues,and no need for a review of processes,after reports surfaced that cracks were found on MRT trains.But should...
  11. Serious Re: SINGAPORE Going public on train cracks could have caused undue panic: Khaw

    It's time for Khaw to take the farking responsibility as a man,talk so much excuses for what,do the hara-kiri to show repentance,just do it !
    Don't be a farking coward !
  12. Chit Chat Re: Where is the best place to hide after you have robbed a bank?

    ChiangMai or ChiangRai or Pattaya.
  13. Serious Re: Good Man Tricked Into Wearing G-String And Molested By Unethical Spa!! CaseTrust

    Ha ha,John u kenna con.Good for u to learn a lesson.
  14. Chit Chat Re: In future public postings on court cases will be considered criminal!

    Who is influencing who ?
    More so like the govt influencing the public .
    Talk cock again .KNNCCB.
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    Serious Re: Chao Ang Mo kenna caught liao!

    David is having a good time in BKK.He may even hang around in Soi Cowboy and Nana. Sabai !!!
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    Serious Re: Chao Ang Mo kenna caught liao!

    If Ang Mo not get caught,he can be king in LOS.
    BKK so big how come he can get caught ?
    He should escape and hide in Pattaya or Chiang Mai.
    Remember the Singapore lawyer who absconded with his...
  17. Chit Chat Re: Sinkies' Skillset only at Third World Cuntry level

    The MIW declared our ITE certificate is the best of the best and is exporting our ITE programmes to other countries.
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    Chit Chat Re: S'poreans lack critical thinking

    Basically,sinkees are ballsless, brainless,without morals and without conscience.They are easily manipulated by money $$$$$.
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    Chit Chat Re: Hypocritical MHA

    In Singapore,the SPF dare not close down the high-class establishments serving the needs of the wealthy and elite.
    For the ordinary people,u go fark yourself.
  20. Chit Chat Re: PRC: Singaporeans are Stupid, Simple Easily-Cheated and it’s Lee Kuan Yew’’s Faul

    The fact is sinkees are stupid.Li Ao already commented long time ago that sinkees are stupid.Sinkees are easily controlled and manipulated by money.
  21. Re: Re-Introduce Competition And Do Away With Transport Monopoly.

    Nothing can be changed until the MIW is voted out.
    Meantime,generals and admirals are being appointed to LTA as fat cats.
    The ballsless and brainless sinkees have voted,they deserved it.
  22. Chit Chat Re: PAP MPs too important to meet Chief Justice, ignores AG's papers.

    People know Ang Mo Tua Kee.
    BUT ,they must also know PAP Tua Kee.
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    Chit Chat Re: From the inside - LTA to be restructured

    Get rid of ALL the general and admiral fat cats appointed to LTA whose job is to idle and skive in the canteen.
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    Chit Chat Re: Shameful PAP and Shameful SPF

    Normally,the SPF will choose soft targets for their KPIs such as spotchecking HCs for unlicensed masseuses and raiding of redlight spots.Please remember SPF are practical and work-smart people just...
  25. Chit Chat Re: LOL LHL No $$$ to post Bounty Rewards for bank robber Ang Moh bandit pic

    Why no reward $$$ for information leading to arrest of Ang Mo robber ?
    Like the posters in the wild wild west WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE US$10,000.00.
    If there is a reward,this will also create a job...
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