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  1. Re: Lee Bee Wah: WP Cocksuckers Use Underhand Tactics To Trick Senile Voters!

    Tiagong oso dare to post so big? :D:D
  2. Re: PAP using seventh month getai to campaign for votes

    Who ish tat? Moi neber see such a white toilet bowl in moi life...ish tat de legendary Harpic Lee? :D:D
  3. Re: PM Lee working from morning to night giving out fliers

    Moi clean toilet 1 mth still get less den pinky 1 owl pay...elite tio xi elite...
  4. Re: PM Lee working from morning to night giving out fliers

    let see...2,200,000 / 2288 =...

    Wah!! Tee Oi!! It cost tax payer $961.54 an owl of flyers distributing...
  5. Re: PAP builds a shopping centre in North Korea for fuck
  6. Re: PAP's Pasir Ris-Punggol Candidate Sun Xue Ling Should Be Disqualified..??

    de name sherene...scare de shit out of samsters...:D:D
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    Re: True Story of a PAP Dog

    drug lord do charity if chiu work for 1 on charity...does tat make chiu a charity worker? yes and no many yes and how many no? :D:D
  8. Re: To show your right and power, tear off Lee Hsien Loong poster

    moi suggest using wicked laser s3 kypton to do de 900mw...can burn all de poster frm distance...safely...:D:D
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    Re: Kee poor don't nid moni...

    tbh... $300 a mth fir child under 16... $500 a mth for peasant above 65 wasn't all tat feasible...with a rapid aging populations...tat will be a huge burden to bear...where r we gonna get all those...
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    Re: Kee poor don't nid moni...

    some say kee chiu might be nxt pm...can chiu imagine a pm who think chiu dun nid moni...chiu nid care and concern...he gonna send us a pa mango everyday izit?
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    Kee poor don't nid moni...

    quite in line with...raise tax to help poor moi think...:D:D

    Chan Chun Sing: The...
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    Re: Which politician's wife is most chio?

    loong huan fall under...which politician's husband is most yen dao...:D
  13. Re: PM Lee Asked Why PAP Did A "Good" Job, But SGs Still Vote WP. Discuss.

    Good job in...playing dirty politics...building crony armies...screwing sinkies...legalise corruption...shifting goal pole...n de list goes on...:D:D
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    Re: Big turnout to listen to PAP!!!

    800k turn up at pappies rally...400k had to be turn away...:D:D
  15. Re: Live Streaming on YouTube for WP Rally in Hougang Now !

    After de rally..:D:D
  16. Re: LHL: Our formula has been to work together, build trust.

    Tat fucktard above the "us" look like Teddy Robin...:D:D
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    Re: Hope Lao Goh be the next Georgie Boy

    He shd hav trade place with ong teng cheong...motherfucker shd be dead 15 yrs ago...:oIo:
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    Re: Stupid Lee Hsien Loong posters everywhere.

    Buy water gun...put ink...shoot...:D:D
  19. Re: Father fined $5k after lying about address to get kid into branded sch

    Dis happen to moi...staying less then 50m frm a prestigious school...didn't manage to secure a place after ballotting...more then half of those who turn up for ballotting actually uses grandparent or...
  20. Re: 2 first-timer PAP Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC candidates were fighting over a mic in pub

    Knn majiam a scene frm Steven chow movies...:D:D
  21. Re: No Matter How Much You Dislike a Party, Please be Gentlemanly...

    moi suggest sumting stronger...n evil...youngster suka...:D:D
  22. Re: Forget politics watch the Philly Bike Ride instead

    Chiu wanna see hair get atb to participate...armpit hair...nose hair....asshole hair...chiu name it...:D:D
  23. Re: Urgent need for volunteers to help the opposition!!!

    moi cum in to plus 1...those who speak well can help in visit...tok rubbish king like mouth nothing goot ever cum out can help out in hanging banners n other chores...:D
  24. Re: NSP, please pass Tampines GRC to others to contest

    yah man...lidat 3 party war ish better then walk over war...
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    Re: Is Ling How Doong still alive?

    moi really bery curious wat did Chaim say to him...:D cheesepie moi itchy every where 2nite cnot sleep leow...:D:D
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