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  1. Re: PAP FT Set Up Many Sex Spa Shops along Lavender Street

    Sinkee journalist dare not investigate and report on the scandals and corruption of the PAP,so they can only report and blow-up news
    on spas in Lavendar street infested with tyre shops and...
  2. Re: Fucking Shit Making University (SMU) turn former MPH building into their "lab"

    The pap are real good in destroying buildings ,ricebowls,careers,families,opponents...and anyone who gets in their way of enriching themselves.
  3. Re: Reluctance to open official records discredits governmentís rebuttal on ISA detai

    Burhan Gafor ? More like ambassador from a war-torn African State.
  4. Re: Pinky tells Koreans next Sinkeland General Elections will be abolished!

    Yeap, Pinky will most probably unscrupulously and ruthlessly use the dead Lau Cheebye to get the sympathy votes.
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    Re: Ice Cream Party spotted at Pasir Ris drinking Kopi.....

    Bro Sam,are u implying u are one of the losers or quitters who left the country for greener pastures.
    At least,they stay to fight for the betterment of life for All Singaporeans in a very adverse...
  6. Re: Pinky tells Koreans next Sinkeland General Elections will be abolished!

    The Taiwanese have voted overwhelmingly and devastatingly against the KMT in the 29-11-2014 local elections.
    They have rejected corruption in KMT and collusion between the KMT Govt and Businesses....
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    Re: PAP and the Crying Game...

    All these pap pussies cry cos thay are distressed that they may lose their million $ salaries.
    Actually ,they are a disgrace to all Singapore men.
    IF they cannot stand the heat ,get the fark out of...
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    Re: The only way for PAP to win back Aljunied.......

    Can try to ask Pinky to shed some crocodile tears on TV on polling day.This is called to win the sympathy votes ...from the cardboard collectors and tissue sellers show that he is more pitiful...
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    Re: Desperate Lee still barking at the wrong horse

    This farker thinks he is very great cos his father is ex-PAP Minister Lee Yock Suan.
    Actually don't need to do anything.
    Just let the farking mad dog bark and bark and bark untli he tired,NO Need...
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    Re: Are our "leaders" really leaders?

    They are kleptomaniacs.
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    Re: Chairman of AHPETC Sylvia Lim Responds To Minister Lawrence Wong

    What's the hurry for an answer ??? GE is coming very soon ???
    Why PAP did not return our CPF money at 55 ???
    Why CPF pay to us CPF members a very low rate of return ???
    Why Temasek and GIC...
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    Re: Stupid Cheeb Bye Sinkies who

    majoriy of sinkees are ballsless greedy stupid fools.
  13. Re: Latest HDB launches show Khaw hasnít kept his promise

    The 60% still overlook n condone the immoral n corrupt MIW!
    The Taiwan voters punished devastatingly the kmt in local elections for kmt'S
    Incompetency n collusion between govt n businesses.
  14. Re: Singaporean studying in Monash University: Our education system is a failure

    The moment u are critical u are charged or detained....
  15. Re: KNN. Shit flowing out of Zorro's mouth on PMET unions

    To appease the PMETs,we must hang this Zorro by
    his balls !
    We must also get back all the ill-gotten money stolen by the MIW!
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    Re: Gurmit Singh quits showbiz

    Everytime see this bayi on tv on phua Chee bye I
    Changed tv channel.
    Nothing funny or talented only he always laughed on his own jokes
    Or stupid mumbling comments.
    Have mercy on us scrap him...
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    Re: Casinos and Shopping Malls are Not The Answer

    The issue is high annual GDP rates = high salaries & bonuses for
    MIW ministers.
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    Re: Bad News For Ah Bengs!!

    He and seng han tong are full-time pap porlumpars their main job is to por the lumpar of pinky so where got time for complaints ? wayang wayang only every day wayang.
  19. Re: More to be done to explain CPF to low-wage earners

    No need to explain lah.don't waste time lah,just return all our CPF money at 55 NOW !!!
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    Re: The Disquiet of WP AHPeTC's Incompetency?

    What about the cans of worms in Temasek and GIC and the PAP $2 company and the toxic lehman Brother bonds at BT Panjang SMC ?
    AUditor-General doing nothing ? cover-up ? sweep under the carpet,case...
  21. Re: Pinky spends taxpayers money to prance around at the G20

    That pinky bumbler cannot even explain clearly G50 package he want to fool around with G20.He is a total disgrace.PUI!
    Come GE 2016 he will start to shed crocodile tears again.PUI !Farking CAQ !
  22. Thread: Anna

    by batman1

    Re: Anna

    Singapore Incoporated is a soulless industrial complex whose sole ideology is materialism.
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    Re: Aljunied Resident's Open Letter to Sylvia Lim

    The PAP porlumpar accountant should write to the President Tancho Tan why Temasek and GIC are cans of worms.:*:
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    Re: Aljunied Resident's Open Letter to Sylvia Lim

    The PAP MUST return ALL our CPF money at 55 NOW!!!
  25. Re: Sinkie supermarket manager threatened by 7 Pinoy workers

    This is really a joke.Foreigner workers come to sinkeeland to threaten Sinkee manager ?! By courtesy of PAP ?!
    That's why they say that sinkees are 3rd class !
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