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  1. Re: Reason why Singapore police force never use horses for patrolling....

    Afterwars keena traffic accident, how?
  2. Re: Doctor Confirms Health Benefits of Working Out Less, But More Intensely

    Must be a bulsheeeet
  3. Re: More PRCs skip town & donít pay losses in SG casinos

    Want to cheat people first. The casinos deserved no sympathy
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    Re: Recession-hit UK Chicken Half-price

    Half price means half good ok
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    Re: ST's feature on Sinkie rojak children

    Yah lah. She's no Ang Moh lah. Stinkapore worships Ang Mohs and Ah Nehs
  6. Re: Pinoy News Site: Sinkapore close shop to foreigners, party is over

    All the foreign employees are shrinking except the Ah Nehs. Their are changing the sights and sounds and smells of the nation
  7. Re: Flight Delayed 50mins becos TigerAir Steward was late

    This is history. Made it to the Guiness Book of Records.
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    Re: The Death of a New Flight Steward

    I discovered his website about SIA Cabin Crew Stories. Looks like the stories are real life experiences.
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