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  1. Re: FAP Cannot Accept Hard Truth! Negative Feedback = Opposition Supporter!

    Hear oily the good things..... way too go PAP...

    thats the way to rule.....
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    Re: MHA may honour officers in Dec 8 riot

    this is the PAP's way of showing to the rest of the dumbfuck sinks that under their influence...even the fucking incompetent and useless can become someone special......

    way to go Pinky and the...
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    Re: More BS on the CPF

    blah b;lah blah blah ....and more bullshit from this kelingkiah clown....

    just show me the fucking money and cut out the fucking crap already id say~!!!!
  4. Re: Hri Kumarís May 2014 parliament speech - can't even get the facts right

    what if the exposed and useless is actually Pinky?

    who the fuck dares to weed out the Old Man"s stock had???????

    therein lies the question? and more implicit to that is this other...
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    Re: widodo or prabowo :pap support who?

    not just that ....the PAP thrives on mayhem corruption and chaos in the neighbouring countries....the more fucked up they are ...the more mayhem those head chopping days after Suharto's...
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    Re: angmoh are big liars

    no need to look very far

    just look at how creative got carnages by Apple in the mp3 wars enough liao.....creative had a superior product and apple has a lot of marketing bullshit in their...
  7. Re: Jobless singaporean: My ex-company brings in 120 ft expats, funded by edb!

    who the fuck did this clown vote for?

    or better who are you gonna vote for next?

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    Re: EZ-Link top up surcharge now in effect

    what kind of fucking nonsense is this?

    I want some transparency here?

    who the fuck is doing the surcharge here?

    if it is the banks then they must justify the handling charges which is...
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    Re: Million dollar footballers are here!

    wonder which pro lumpars are gonna be join Jo The Bimbo two at the stands to "cheers the boys on".....hope a few will get struck by lightning ....

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    Re: singapore condemns HAMAS!!

    palestinian murders and deaths are never reported....

    massacres go unheard and mass graves all unmarked...

    many innocent people have died which is why the PLO had to take their cause to...
  11. Re: sinkie Manchester City fan hit with metal pole at coffeeshop during Arsenal match

    funny how the SSB like no picture no sound......stinkapore has no more SS right?

    no evidence of such activities right? so that means no case and no need to investigate liao lor....

    SPF is...
  12. Re: Recent Development in JB and the Future Impact

    why so scared?????

    its just malaysia only what....given pap's long term "exit strategy" it would be sell you back to the malaysian brothel lor....... but not before they are done plundering and...
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    Re: Tin Pei Ling 0 Lee Li Lian 1

    i think she must be scared ok????

    scared that when she does give birth to one .....come out a little puppy .....or one without an arsehole......

    thats what happens to cheebyes who...
  14. Re: Marijuana is not a gateway drug - study shows

    of course we cannot have that./.....

    any drugs that expands your minds and brings new ideas are BAD........
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    Re: singapore condemns HAMAS!!

    hannor.....with that pwabye kiah kjee chiu or that clown Tan Chuan Jin or .....Lui Fuck yew?

    fucking useless bunch of cunts....

    the fucvking hamas will cut off their balls and hang...
  16. Re: David Schlesinger: Sinkapore's courts of law are state-controlled

    anybody wanna bet Tan Siong Thye will be hearing Pinky's case?????
  17. Re: LKY: This is how I want to perpetuate my family business

    dau kar chew mah./....

    friendly loan bo salah what.....

    repay with interest some more......
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    Re: singapore condemns HAMAS!!

    errr....what exactly the fuck does it have to do with this bunch of "we are price taker" cheebye ueseless fucks???

    who the fuck cares whether you approve or condemn cheebye?

    you cant even...
  19. Re: Marijuana is not a gateway drug - study shows

    aiyah....what other sacred cows have not been sacrficed already?....even lee kuan yew had to eat his own fucking shit after swearing that he wont allow now how???

    not one but2 or 3...
  20. Re: Property agents feeling the pinch as market cools

    yeah property crashing right on time and schedule for the pap elections....

    just what they needed...a lot of fear and loathing to butter up the suckers whilst their ibnsiders have clready...
  21. Thread: Chio or not?

    by Tuayapeh

    Re: Chio or not?

    This fat fuck lost his bet to me so guaiguai kena fulfill; his promise lor...... very easy up $10k or do the default lor....

    the other one is for his to go and call 200 people at the...
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    Re: Interesting Bond issues

    dont short oil yet because the ISIS will wipe Iraq off the face of the fucking map and then progress to start taking apart all their enemies in the middle east.....oil might shoot to 200 a barrel and...
  23. Re: Reasons Please -SMRT only allow topup of card in multiples of $10

    this cb posb also said minimum withdrawal is 50 bucks lioa understand?

    who is till trying to KPJKB?

    we are the richest country in the world....not happy you can go and jump off a...
  24. Re: Property agents feeling the pinch as market cools

    yeah i agreee

    i dunno wtf is the shitty times day reporting day reporting bad..... like wtf are you reporting please?

    alll those cunts trying to loon the mkt go...
  25. Re: Singapore could rejoin Malaysia to dilute Malay rule, Utusan columnist claims

    aiyah....the fuciing BN is just creating an excuse to "borrow" the GRC idea from sinkapore and then maintain its grip on power mah.....u see even in their fucking country the opposition can win the...
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