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  1. Mass immigration making 'cohesive society' impossible

    Theresa May: Mass immigration making 'cohesive society' impossible

    The Home Secretary will say that there is ďis no case in the national interest for immigration of the scale we have experienced...
  2. Re: everytime fuck the same man also sian ...

    Is this one of the woman?
  3. Foreign Trash from Ah Nehs - PAP's CECA screwed Sinkies
  4. It happens every GE: netizens get too bullish

    It happens every GE and Presidential election. The netizens (supporting the opposition) gets too bullish. They think that what they read online is accessible to all the voters, including the ah...
  5. Charles Chong wants a "stiff" contest in home-cumming erection wor.

    Charles Chong prepares for stiff contest in 'homecoming'

    Mr Charles Chong, the PAP candidate for Punggol East, is familiar with many residents in the ward as he was formerly an MP for Pasir...
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    Re: Caption Your Pics.

    Diego Costa: "I thank god Mourinho bought Falcao. I can easily keep my place in the first...
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    Re: Caption Your Pics.

    John Terry: "Mourinho does not allow medical staff to go onto the pitch, I have to go to...
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    Re: Caption Your Pics.

    AFC Wimbledon's Adebayo Akinfenwa, a.k.a. "The Beast" (in blue jersey): "Sorri! Sorri! I didn't mean to foul you. Please don't hit...
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    Re: A sign from heaven?

    Heaven say:"Lightning".
  10. Revealed! The real reason why PAP forced Lui Tuck Yew to quit politics!

    Because ballot paper now will have candidates' photos.

    With a face like this, PAP sure lose votes. Especially in Ghosts' month.
  11. Haze is back, vote out Vivian Balakrishan

    Opposition should make PAP's inability to solve the haze problem an election issue, and contest in Holland-Bukit Timah. Give voters a chance to vote out Vivian Balakrishnan.

  12. Melvin Yong parachuted into Tanjong Pagar GRC

    Melvin Yong, Joan Pereira join PAPís Tanjong Pagar GRC teamBy Justin Ong
    POSTED: 19 Aug 2015 09:28
  13. Your nomination for Transport Minister

    Who would you like to nominate for the career-ending post of Transport Minister?

    My nomination: S Iswaran.

    Literally a fat cat who was responsible for the CECA trade agreement between Singapore...
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    Re: What are your 4Cs of an MP?

    The 4Cs to be a PAP MP:

    1. Carry balls. Needs no elaboration.

    2. Con-man. Have the gift of the gab to con the peasants.

    3. Calculating. Must know one's opportunity cost of leaving the...
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    What are your 4Cs of an MP?

    The 4Cs of an MP


    As we face an upcoming general election, we need to thinkthrough how we should vote and ensure that we choose the right candidate to be an MP.

    Let us...
  16. Re: President Shows Sinkies The Correct Way To Take The Pledge! Silly Sinkies!

    Of course at the neh neh because the Men In White have no hearts.
  17. Re: mistress fights with wife while husband watches

    Ah Keong bak chiew tak stamp.
  18. Re: One woman brought down 2 ministers. Hail the mighty Saw!

  19. Re: Man Has 60 Baked Beans Tattooed on His Head

    What the fart!!??
  20. Re: Irene Ng retires because she needs to take care of her Alzheimer Husband

    That Scottish husband very clever man, come to SG to look for a SG woman (with CPF) to take care of him.
  21. Re: Sinkie Manager Smashes FTs' HPs!! Don't Always Say Sinkies No Balls, Okay?

    Well done manager
  22. Re: Breadtalk got PAP immunity, CASE don't dare to touch. Only gets "stern warning"

    Earlier, CASE said BreadTalk is in breach of the law, but CASE don't dare to pursue it!!??

    Case issues warning to BreadTalk over repackaging of soya bean milk

    Bakery chain BreadTalk has been...
  23. Breadtalk got PAP immunity, CASE don't dare to touch. Only gets "stern warning"

    Because got one PAP MP and one former PAP MP on its board of directors. CASE don't dare to touch Breadtalke.

    BreadTalk gets stern warning from Case
  24. Breadtalk Group has two PAP MPs on its board of directors

    One current MP and one former MP.

    Ong Kian Min

    Independent Director
    Kian Min was appointed to the Board on 30 April 2003 and last...
  25. Re: tin tin gave birth to a baby boy, congrats!

    Send the boy for a DNA test to verify who is the father.
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