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    Re: Death of an Ex RI Boy with no next of kin

    For the past four decades,the PAP Govt had over-focussed on the professions such as lawyers,doctors,accountants and engineers as symbols of success in our materialistic society.They have neglected...
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    Re: Do you think he will get an Oscar??

    The 2 hypocritical jokers are only expert in collecting payoffs/bribes/commissions.
  3. Re: PM suddenly talk about kindness but where is our CPF money at 55?

    Pinky is good in talking cock only.He detains our CPF money from 55 to 65.He also opens 2 casinos to suck our money.Farking evil bastard !
  4. Re: how in the world did guniang pinky land on manly jinx??

    Pinky and HJ were match-made by Phillip Yeo.A good catch by HJ and Pinky became a sissy with no balls.
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    Re: 'Lao Tiko' Jackie Chan live up to his name

    Just cos he's filthy rich and famous,he thought he can fark around in broad daylight and go scot-free.He has farked a HK actress and fathered a daugher but until today he has refused to acknowledge...
  6. Re: Decades of multi-racial cohesion about to be destroyed by this Philippines demand

    If the MIW so loved the pinoys,the MIW can housed them in condos and paid by the MIW.
  7. Re: Malaysian: Investigators conclude flight hijacked

    They have been hiding alot of information from the world and they thought they could cover up and go scot-free and no one will be punished or criminally prosecuted like the C4 murder of the...
  8. Re: Ask yourself- is life better now than say 10-15 years ago?

    Life is definitely better and richer for the MIW at the expense of the ordinary stupid sinkees.
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    Re: im looking for a wife

    U want him to marry a man? Wait he see already cannot stand how ?
  10. Re: Ah Neh FT Security Guard invited to be citizen.

    Pink I/C a downgrade ? ROFL...................
  11. Re: 3 Mar 14: MRT Line Down - Emergency button is activated at Kallang Station

    KPI of SMRT =More breakdowns mean better service.
    Desmond Kwek will be getting more performance bonuses!
    Uniquely Singapore !
  12. Re: is singapore going to send troops to ukraine rfor war?

    For real hands-on experience and to beef up their cv,all the Chor-Bo-LAN
    Paper generals n admirals should be sent to Ukraine,Afghanistan n
    Syria for their tour of duty to maintain peace.
  13. Re: S'pore terror expert must pay $60,000 for defamation

    Ha ha NTU believed this Indian snake oil peddler than cherish George.
  14. Re: Singapore aims to be Southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley

    Singapore is an authoritarian state that prevents n curbs innovation
    and creativity.Singapore will never be a Silicon Valley hub.
    These dumbfuck retarded MIW really lost touch with realities.
  15. Re: 28 Feb 2014 - Disruption On The EW Line Caused By Train Breakdown (again)

    Why clown lui tuck you smile or laugh like pinky ? Like a katoey.
  16. Re: NS do OT no extra pay, late book-in because MRT breakdown, CHARGED AWOL!

    Land Of Slaves.Uniquely Singapore!
  17. Re: Gerrard Ee says he is worried people not saving for future!

    This fat pigis a disgrace to his father
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    Re: LKY to his son...LHL..

    Farking pinky.if u cannot take the heat.don't pretend n be
    A hypocrite.
    Just fark off from the kitchen!
  19. Re: Guess the race: Man posed as caucasian to have sex with women

    Don't know what so great about Ang mo ?when I was in BKK see so many dirty n unkempt Ang mo
    Begging for donations to go back home.
    The myth about Ang mo tuakee should be exposed.
    The facts are Ang...
  20. Re: Gerrard Ee says he is worried people not saving for future!

    All these pap lackeys pretend to worry this n that.
    Worry similanjiao ? Farking fat hypocrite !
  21. Re: SAF soldier who leaked video of army camp ‘dog abuse’ got punished instead

    What is the Full Name of the LTC ?
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    Re: MINDEF sabo angmo

    Ha ha the Ang mo trust SAF ???now they know the realities of covering the arse holes of army officers.
    If u trust the army,then pigs can fly !!!
  23. Re: Train services on Circle Line delayed due to signal fault

    Good news for Desmond....more bonus coming for him.
    KPI =more breakdowns means better service.
    The world is watching.Uniquely Singapore !
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    Re: Retired doctor charged with underage Sex

    Nothing wrong with being a 60 yo or 80 yo ah pek,as long as u
    Can get it up and also hard n stiff.
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    Re: Taiwan show talk about JACK NEO

    This Jack Neo is a farking womanizer farker who preaches family values
    In his short,he is a farking hypocrite .
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