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  1. Serious Re: Legal to cycle on pedestrian walkways in 2017?

    Some retard who posted just before you claims no need to stop even after it becomes law. Something like if you dont obey the law then it doesnt exist sort of mentality.
  2. Re: Tonychat feeling Ecstatic - BN & Najib wins Sarawak state "Erection" 2016

    Tonychat is only ecstatic with a rotten cucumber up his ass.
  3. Re: Amos Yee Tells BB Voters To Vote For PAP Murali! Calls Chee A Liar!

    I wonder what that shit Tonychat has to say about this.
  4. Re: 3 Women spots Indian man doing UNNATURAL act.....

    I bet he didnt pay the cow after screwing it.
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    Re: some people have animals face

    Tonychat got big cucumber in arse face.
  6. Re: Jah Rastafar_I has a pub. Inviting submissions to guess the name.

    8. Kekling Kia Klan.
  7. Re: 112-year-old Nepalese woman beats science by smoking 30 cigarettes a day the past

    No need to consider, the fucktard is already eating that stuff.
  8. Re: Terrorist is terrified of returning to Singapore! Only PAP can do it!

    Take a look at his fucked up face and you can see that whichever country he goes to, he should be locked up and the key thrown away.
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    Re: Amos Yee call Dr Chee a retard

    It looks like Amos Yee is also calling Tonychat a retard since Dr Chee is his idol.
  10. Re: Singapore is not really that big you know!

    Yes not so big but your mother pua chee buy sure bigger.
  11. Re: Where got people so stoopid one? Anyhow vote for oppositions?

    Common sense your mother pua chee buy la. :oIo:
  12. Re: It is Mr and Mrs Yee who never bail their child out

    There is only 1 retarded person who posts regularly so I know who you are talking about.
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    Re: Our Internet Hero - Tonychat

    Everyone can see that he is a useless cowardly zero and not a hero.
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    Re: A New Beginning

    His logic is warped and his reasoning unsound and he is the sort that would channel his venom via a misguided mouthpiece ala Roy and Amos. He knows exactly what he is doing but dares not do it...
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    Re: A New Beginning

    You have little or no understanding of the dynamics in the running of a place like Singapore, no perception of the internal and external threats and yet you mouth off your hate here as though you...
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    Re: Police arrest Anus Yee (well done!)

    Many cowards will anonymously support this ill-advised teenager. They are happy for him to be in the frontline so that they can vent their anger and frustrations through him, but when the shit hits...
  17. Re: Comments on The Great Amos Yee Video - Lee kuan yew is dead

    I cannot agree with what Amos said and the obscene and rude way in which he said it but at least he had the guts to put himself on the line to express his views. Also whatever mistakes he did , you...
  18. Re: I wish more Singaporeans are like this guy.. I honour this guy

    Nothing to do with me at all. You will be hauled in by others and then you can see how brave you are.
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    Re: RWS Casino closed on 29 Mar 15 from 2 to 6 pm

    Token respect is good enough but there is a dumbfuck in this forum going in the opposite direction and just begging to be invited for coffee.
  20. Re: I wish more Singaporeans are like this guy.. I honour this guy

    You should be called in for coffee pretty soon because you are too big mouthed and stupid.
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    Re: 27 Feb 2015 $12 million Toto draw result

    His asshole so big and loose no need for KY or anything else.
  22. Re: Racist local malay bad mouths Sg to mudland Malays wants reunification with mudla

    The muds and tony can go screw themselves.
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    Re: thousands of Japs Gays mass Orgy pic

    Tonychat's type of social gathering and for sure he is somewhere in there being one of the sperm banks.
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    Re: Joke of the day LOL

    No wonder,this explains all including as some have pointed out , the poor English.
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    Re: Joke of the day LOL

    Just like that loser tonychat wherever he is or goes.
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