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  1. Chit Chat Re: 1h queue at Tai Hwa bakchormee after getting AMDK Michelin tyre

    This bastard is like Lim Chee Guan in the past. Used to have only one outlet and die die insist ppl queue long long for the bak kwas. Now also sell out and open branch at Orchard!
  2. Serious Re: Sinkie Paid $5k For The Privilege of Doing NS Reservist!

    What kind of idiot is that? Are Singaporeans really that stupid?!
  3. Serious Re: MGTOW: Loser men who pay money for sex

    Wow how gay is that statement?! :rolleyes:
  4. Serious Re: AGO: MOM Gong Cheebye! Buy $400k IT System That Cannot Be Used!

    Govt sector employees are mostly scumbags. In the private sector, they have ZERO chance of survival.
  5. Serious Re: Can anyone tell me what female can offer to a man in a relationship beside her va

    Your dad should have castrated himself, then won't have such a useless offspring like u!
  6. Serious Re: Cheebye kia SMRT cab driver play punk on Grab app

    Same like u la. U envy Singaporeans.
  7. Serious Re: $410k Consultancy Fees Paid To Construct $400k Bin Centre!! Any Wrongdoing?

    Netizens Claim KL's New Tourism Logo Looks Like It Was Designed Using PowerPoint

    Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau general...
  8. Serious Cheebye kia SMRT cab driver play punk on Grab app

    SINGAPORE - He would make...
  9. Chit Chat Re: Twice-Divorced Glenn Ong To Marry Again! Women's Charter Very Kind To Him!

    December wedding for radio deejay Jean Danker
  10. Chit Chat Beside the haze, look at what our neighbours are bringing over

    Indonesian beggars spotted at Joo Chiat Complex during Ramadhan
  11. Serious Re: Singtel staff to get 2 extra days of annual leave to attend SkillsFuture courses

    If you can learn a skill in 2 days, it's probably a very elaborate con job.
  12. Chit Chat Re: Elite problem child makes good in the end [Guess who's son?]

    Aiyo his lao peh so rich, of course can dress nicely la. If his dad is a cleaner, u think he can achieve anything on his own?
  13. Chit Chat Re: Guess the race: ex army officer charged for being a pimp

    How about this El Cheapo? Go to jail over iPad! :rolleyes:

  14. Serious Re: Fengshui master made his first million at age 26

    Haha.... all these people who get rich 'teaching' ppl how to be rich or get lucky are the biggest con jobs. Right after the religous bullshit.
  15. Chit Chat High-ranking lieutenant-colonel in SAF by day, pimp by night
  16. Chit Chat Re: Did SMRT mail you 4 fridge magnets ?

    U should tell him to stick those magnets up where they rightfully should be - up his ass!
  17. Chit Chat Re: Celerbrity blames herself for husband's alleged affair (Guess which country)

    At 34 years old, Fiona Xie is like expired milk liao hor. Drink at your own risk!
  18. Replies

    Serious Re: why you buy a xiaomi or a huawei?

    U should use this theory in choosing a wife too.
  19. Chit Chat Celerbrity blames herself for husband's alleged affair (Guess which country)

    16 Jun -...
  20. Serious Lol joke of the day

    Lol joke of the day
  21. Chit Chat Re: Fiona Xie age 34, failed to Hook Rich Man or Ang Moh LL Comes back to Media COCK

    Sounds like u are damn jealous u didn't get to bang her. Sour grapes si bo?
  22. Serious Re: Spams on your mobiles through Whatsapps.

    Too much time

    Too little things to do

    Oppo supporters.
  23. Chit Chat Re: Japanese Football Coach Shame Singapore Pro Football Player, guess the race

    Not even one single positive aspect...

    But he did put up a good performance against the Japs
  24. Chit Chat Breaking News: Fiona Xie "I'm never doing this again"

    Tan Kee Yun
    The New Paper
    Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    Local actress Fiona Xie is back in show business after a seven-year hiatus, but don't bet on the 34-year-old ever recreating her most iconic...
  25. Serious Re: Retail sales surge in April thanks to very strong car sales

    Car sales increased because of relaxed borrowing regulations. These people are going to get banged real hard once the real cost of owning a car sets in.
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