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    From 603 points to 538

    Zapping me, that is all you people are good for
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    Re: CCS - CSJ may have garnered only 20% of votes. How many VOTES have YOU garnered?

    Seet Ai Mee?

    Why you people love to decrease my points
  3. Re: Confirm......General Elections Near This Year End.............

    sully they lose seats it will be the "most wonderful time of the year" for the oppo.
  4. Re: Student: Ass Loon a true caring leader to make our life better

    PAP candidate or young Kee Chiu in the making?
  5. Re: NSF sent to detention barracks for compiling a list of NSF deaths over the years

    CO not the one in charge. Kee Chiu is.
  6. Re: Super talented Kwa famiLee - Kwa Chong Guan, from Historian to Nuclear specialist

    nuclear fellow for fuck? Singapore can't even manage Indian workers, let alone radioactive material.
  7. Re: Don't mock my Chan Chun Sing, okay?

    theydont they just sit, sign reports and say any more kopi?
  8. Re: Kee Chiu if you think he can be PM of Singapore

    Why they never make him Field Marshal?
  9. Re: SAF Commandoes now used to clean HDB rental flats

    don't worry government ministers are rich enough to pay ransom
  10. Re: Arrogant dickhead chan chun sing fuckin kiasu, first one to collect nomination pa

    Must give him a new rank--early bird general!
  11. Re: Confirm......General Elections Near This Year End.............

    During or after Christmas?
  12. Re: Mindef rejects claims it stole idea for mobile first-aid vehicle

    The designer should sell this design to ISIL or the Russians or the North Koreans.
  13. Re: SAF Commandoes now used to clean HDB rental flats

    Shows how useless our commandos are compared to British SAS!
  14. Re: Obama cb won't go Paris for terror victims killed but go Saudi King funeral

    1) Americans love Saudi cum...I mean oil

    2) Obama still has Muslim roots.
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    Re: Banzai! ISIS cut Japs head Sashimi

    The Japanese Empire will Strike Back!
  16. Re: Clown Princess: I Single? Daddy's and Mummy's Fault!

    I mean she write about funny stuff. Even George Bush's daughter's dont write such shit.
  17. Re: Extraordinary details of how CCS becomes NTUC chief within a day

    This is PAP's definition of "success".
  18. Re: Clown Princess: I Single? Daddy's and Mummy's Fault!

    LWL has a funny mind. Write about daddy washing underwear now this.
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    Re: Indo Ship damages itself

    Why kotex? Cause ship is female?
  20. Re: Obama sends Fuck U message to PAP, gives Freedom Award to Indon

    Wagner is a useless Ambassador. At least his predecessor David Adelman criticised the PAP.
  21. Re: Idiot Sinkie Thinks Lowly Paid Third-World Politicians Are Really Lowly Paid!

    CPIB dont listen to everyone. They only investigate when they feel like it
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    Re: Indian American hates Islam

    is that from Star Wars
  23. Re: Lee Hsien Loong sadden by King Abdullah Dead & Asked When Will Lee Kuan Yew Dies

    Think you mean fugu fish
  24. Re: Roy's Interview With British Academic Joel Lazarus

    Must translate in dialect! Not all Sinkies speak powerful English!
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    Indo Ship damages itself

    Would the RSN have done the same? JohnTan? BossSa?
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