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  1. Poll: Re: PAP Spin: We were right, Roy was wrong.

    Dunny why does this idiotic pap fucker has something to say when the damm apology is not even given to him lor.....its the fucking ymca lah teo cheebye.....wait i forgot u cant understand the da,,...
  2. Re: Court rules that lawyer, pap mp alvin yeo overcharged $1 million in legal fees

    Alvin Yeo's firm is going into a tailspin because of its crippling debt right? Not enough reserves to do shit

    Thats what is been said about his fucked up firm......... Not very financially prudent...
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    Re: Has the govt done anything great for Special Needs Children?

    So if the pap is suddenly this gallant bunch of defenders of the weak and disadvantaged, what about Rebecca?

    Why is she now having to languish for a life sentence for not being able to sustain the...
  4. Poll: Re: Parents refuse to meet Ngerng

    Yeah....somebody should point this out clearly.....

    One cb mouth can speak for every one is it?

    Who died and made her the mibister of special needs? Thats a tussle between keechiu chan and...
  5. Poll: Re: Who thinks that Mr Brown is a fucking sellout to the PAP bastards??

    The pap is very rich and full of fucking corrupted fat cats who are more than happy to bankroll this try to be funny lapdog........
  6. Re: Joseph Schooling's mum live in SG for over 30 years but chose to remain a PR

    Dancing near the fucking door is the smartest thing any sinkie can do......only shithole pap hardcore idiots believe that they wont get fucked thoroughly in the end.........
  7. Poll: Re: Ser Fcuk did fcuk-all to defuse situation - just a disgusting opportunist

    Being an albino does not mean that he is then automatically a special needs child....but being an albino in the Lees family means that ther will be special special needs to keep him undercover...
  8. Re: Hong Kong Occupy movement is damn funny, and Singapore benefits

    Although communism has little relevance and practical use it sure makes a lot of true wisdom come to life....this state of being deluded into the hamster wheel constantly running....constantly...
  9. Poll: Re: Petition: Investigation into YMCA Using Special Needs Children As Human Shield

    Me too....

    Fuck you pap!!
  10. Poll: Re: The ASP did not produce his warrant card to HHH, but a pass without police powers

    Lanjiao la ..... They heckled?

    They laughed and booed at the kids?

    They made fun and mimiced them?
  11. Poll: Re: Petition being sent to YMCA Global HQ on children being used for politics

    Yeah i just signed it....

    The ymca better wake up to wtf is the pap is doing to a once revered orgainsation!!
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    Special needs kids? What about rebecca loh?!

    Who remembered her and her desperate situation?

    Why did she have to suffer the fullest extent of the law?

    The court dared not show any mercy lest it be construed that it was seen to be...
  13. Poll: Re: National Parks v Han Hui Hui

    Fuck you la see kee chiu ccb kiah.......

    If you were so fucking kind and empathetic, then rebecca loh no need to throw her son off the window ledge out of her sheer helplessness at being screwed...
  14. Re: Give me Liberty or Give me Death! Giordano Tycoon joins Occupy Central!

    Your father couldnt be bothered.....

    I wanna take my popcorn and wait to see you suffer slowly under these pap bastards.........

  15. Re: Give me Liberty or Give me Death! Giordano Tycoon joins Occupy Central!

    Aint gonna happen....kiasee kiasoo kiaboe kiachenghoo and kiabor stinaporeans all horngan liao.......
  16. Poll: Re: Clash Of CPF Protesters With MIWs / Crassloots This Sat 27 Sep 2014

    Yeah those useless motherfuckers only clever at running away and hiding inside ambulances.......

  17. Poll: Re: what really happened at hong lim park on saturday

    Teo ser luck,...

    You talentless twat........ You will have you comeuppance.........

  18. Poll: Re: This coming election, the Dragon will be slayed!! LOL!

    Bro you can start some crowdfunding and i will support. I think there are enough fucking fed up, disenfranchised and talented sinkies reading here who might wanna support this.......

    As For the...
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    Re: Yang Yin : "Money, I love you!"

    Nobody is distracted bro.

    In fact the fucking bullshit tub of lies being spread by the pap presstitutes are. Fucking amazing.....and the dumdass sinkies who are lapping it all up are just as...
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    Re: When MP lies what can be done?


    The pap's attitude"..........

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    Re: lowly educated sinkie men marrying viet gals


    Great stuff!

    Stinkaporeans deserve their own fate under this fucked up exploitative bastard pap govt......
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    Re: Yang Yin : "Money, I love you!"

    Tuayapeh thinks that it will be horrific if it was not just Intan who wrote the appeal but she had gotten her heavyweight boss Pinky to weigh in and get ICA to guaiguai reverse their original...
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    Re: Yang Yin : "Money, I love you!"


    lanjiao ler kar and palden can go suck each other off cb.......
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    Re: Yang Yin : "Money, I love you!"

    deleted double post
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    Re: Yang Yin : "Money, I love you!"

    im just waiting and seeing how the pap decides to skin their dog........

    if that ever happens....

    if it does not....
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