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  1. Deja vu: haze is back, and govt and ministers are hapless

    Same old story every year. Govt and ministers not proactive, react only when haze reaches SG, and then issue the same old statements about "conveyed our grave concerns to Indonesia" and "will work...
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    They got to be kidding!

    Singapore's anti-trust regulator recognised for promoting competition in taxi industry

    PUBLISHED ON JUN 26, 2015 3:43 PM

  3. Now you know why food cost is so high, even for low-price items like curry puffs...

    Expensive transport (BMW) and high entry fees (ICA fines).

    ICA Police chase BMW...
  4. Re: Former NTUC president and MP Phey Yew Kok charged in court after decades on the r

    The amount (a few tens of thousands) Phey stole is peanuts compared with the amount (tens of millions) misappropriated by Kong Hee and City Harvest Church.
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    Re: The standard of 154th's Engrish

    Khoo Teck Puat, the person, got shot!!?? It should be Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

  6. Re: 41 year old auntie signs on to saf, passed bmt and is headed to ocs

    From a career choice point of view, I agree that she is siao char bor.

    From a wife/mother point of view, I am impressed by her willingness to suffer BMT and the rigours of army just so that she...
  7. Court passes sentence just 15 days after crime - a record

    How come the police and court can hear this case and pass sentencing just 15 days after the crime? How come other cases take more than 2 years, 5 years etc?
    Published on...
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    Re: why are sinkies so butt ugly?

    Not enough exercise.
  9. Re: Sinkies got conned in ponzi scam again!!!

    "We want an explanation," said former security officer C. G. Lim, 40, claiming that he gave Mr Ng more than $55,000.

    Security officer also has $55,000 spare cash to invest.
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    Re: Chio bu in SG Women's Rugby 7s
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    Chio bu in SG Women's Rugby 7s

    Second from right is not bad. Of course, dun know if she has got elephant thighs. :D...
  12. Re: Half of women think about someone else during sex

    No wonder the women in my office gave me such longing and kustful looks in the mornings. They must have been thinking of me during sex the night before.
  13. Re: I worry for her hymen - Chio Bu to ride 8,000lm on bike for charity

    Biking alone through third world and ah neh countries? She is sending out an open invitation to be raped.
  14. Thread: Meltdown


    Re: Meltdown

    Errr....because it has advanced more than 100% over one year?
  15. Re: Sinkies Enjoy Curry Puffs Fried At Rubbish Chute! Sinkies Have Poor Taste Buds!

    I have been buying curry puffs from illegal hawkers who sell them outside MRT stations in the morning. Cheap and good. And I did not fall sick from eating the curry puffs.
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    Re: The standard of 154th's Engrish

    154th reported that "he" crashed into the back of a stationary bus...."he" rammed onto the back of an SBS Transit bus....and "he" hit the off-service bus.

    Wah, is the man made of steel? Shouldn't...
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    Re: Amos says he will kill himself in RTC
  18. Never fly in an airplane piloted by an ah neh.

    Pilots Qualified to Fly in India After Just 35 Minutes in Air

    by Anurag Kotoky

    June 2, 2015
    The spotlight on aviation safety...
  19. Re: Divorced Jobless guy commit suicide at Aloha Changi
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    Re: Slut Cecilia Cheung Do it Raw Again!

    If Su Donghai is the one who made Cecilia pregnant, does she really think he would marry her? If I am a wealthy chinaman, I have thousands of young, nubile, beautiful Chinese girls to choose from,...
  21. SG teachers can sue the govt for making them sing the national anthem

    The Straits Times
    Published on May 26, 2015

    Japan teachers win compensation for being penalised for not singing national anthem

    TOKYO (AFP) - A Japanese court...
  22. SG as an entreport and trading hub is fucked

    The canal that will sink Síporeís maritime-trade dominance is one step closer to fruitionMay 18, 2015
    The Kra Canal may become a reality in Thailand with China helping with the construction bill....
  23. Re: How come SG female athletes suddenly so hiong?

    Rachel Yang. From ugly duckling to MILF.
  24. Re: How come SG female athletes suddenly so hiong?

    The Straits Times
    Published on May 16, 2015

    Athletics: New national records in women's 400m hurdles and pole vault
    By Chua Siang Yee
  25. How come SG female athletes suddenly so hiong?

    Long-time national records for female events tumbling like ten pins.

    The Straits Times
    Published on May 14, 2015

    Athletics: New Singapore records set in all four...
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