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  1. Re: Singaporean pmet with phd in physics lost her job and had a mental breakdown

    In sinkeeland ,u dont' have to be too smart BUT u must have good connections and network,u see clowns and jokers like Mah Bow tan,Lim Swee say and Wong kan seng and Lui tuck yew can become ministers...
  2. Re: Did GIC just lost another S$50million earlier this month?

    Most Sinkees don't care.Even if sinkeeland is sold off,they also don't care.They care only whether they have money in pocket.
  3. Re: Another money making scheme cooked up by HLP protesters?

    No lah,let's start with Temasek Holdings and GIC whose accounts were dubiously kept for many many many years...even Auditor-General also clueless about the mess....unless and until the PAP lost...
  4. Re: Louis Ng of ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) just joined PA

    Once the old dog kick the bucket,good men will come out,for a better tomorrow.
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    Re: SAF invites FTs to join

    Simi SAF lanjiao corps ? IF really want to serve,go Join the NS full-time and serve 2 or 2 1/2 years ....PUI bluff kids only !!!
  6. Re: TJS's Visit to Norway Exposes How Badly Shortchanged SGs are by FAP Traitors

    The PAP has created corruption,collusion and nepotism in this soulless small island whose only ideology is materialism.
    May the Divine forces crush the pap cockroaches...
  7. Re: I am convinced that the PAP is misusing CPF monies

    The people of singapore 60 % allowed the PAP to misuse and misappropriate the people's money.
    Want to blame ? Fark the 60% Gong Chee Bye.KNNCCB to the 60 % !!!!!!!!!
  8. Re: Louis Ng of ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) just joined PA

    The perks of a pappy dog are just too irresistible.
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    Re: Tony Tan's holiday in the UK

    This Tancho man really know how to maximise benefits for himself...yeah it's all about him and his family..nothing about the citizens...
  10. Re: Let's be fair, some people do want to work after retirement.

    U mean a 90 yo scarecrow to scare children ?
  11. Re: Ebola spreads to Spain,Minister askto resign!In SG, TCH still around after lil in

    TCH :What do u think ?
  12. Re: Finalised: Actor playing Old Man in local movie '1965'... But who?

    Enough is enough.Let us have some peace.
  13. Poll: Re: Teo Ser Luck: The children were my utmost concern. Max Hypocrisy?

    Some say in coffeeshop this is a conspiracy to put the ReturnOurCPF protesters in bad light.
    We all know HLP is Speaker's Corner for speaking and protesting with loudspeakers and chanting
    Are YMCA...
  14. Re: GayLoong reads story about his mother, Gecko, to children at library..serious

    A bumbling PM of a country trys to interact with children.
    Please lah, be a man and don't go crying onthe shoulders
    of papa after you lose the debate with the children.
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    Re: Re Employment at 67

    What the fark are they talking about ? When u are 40 year old in Sinkeeland,u are considered old already,u are considered too expensive already,most employers will not employ u.
    Employers will only...
  16. Re: HK people deserved their freedom and transparent garmen!

    For the Hongkies,it's NOW or NEVER.
    IF they don't succeed this time ,they won't have a second chance.
    Peking already have the PLA on standby.
  17. Re: Difference between HK and SGPlians

    Hongkies believed in democracy while Singkies worshipped materialism.
  18. Poll: Re: Clash Of CPF Protesters With MIWs / Crassloots This Sat 27 Sep 2014

    Why the NParks Officer only show his namecard but DID NOT show HIS Authorised Pass with his name and photo affixed on the Authorised Pass ?
    Why the Police Officer DID NOT show HIS Warrant Card...
  19. Poll: Re: what really happened at hong lim park on saturday

    One small Hong Lim Park also cannot manage properly,mostly cho bo lan NPark officers.
    If u let them handle the wildlife park ,most will be skiving and sleeping.
  20. Re: The Big Error in PAP's population numbers on Sinikie citizens

    U hit the point.
    The issue is we have one mentally deranged dictator doing insane things and no one got the balls to tell the insane bastard the truths
    lest he will be...
  21. Poll: Re: Crassloots heckled n harassed at #return my cpf# camp

    This might be a conspiracy to put the CPFprotestors in bad light.:D
  22. Poll: Re: PAP Propaganda Mouthpiece Shit Times Is Swift In Spinning The HLP Protest

    The SPF and NParks have blundered this time when they issued 2 permit to 2 applicants for the same date and same time and at the same location.
    They DID NOT specifically indicate in the permit that...
  23. Re: Alex Yam Ziming 任梓铭, cant get a real job but not a full time MP?

    Honestly,this type of plain sinkee graduate,plentiful in the streets,many now driving cabs ,selling insurance or jobless.
    He's lucky cos he has the porlumpar skills to get employed in PA,NTUC and...
  24. Re: Nus to start reviewing all of dr shankar’s research papers following fake phd sca

    ALL Foreign Workers are Foreign Talents in Singapore !This is the PAP Govt Policy !
    Check ? Check similanjiao ???
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    Re: PAP MP forget to bring brain to Parliament

    WTF..2 post..200 points to be given out like free hot cakes to newbies ?
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