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  1. Re: HK people deserved their freedom and transparent garmen!

    For the Hongkies,it's NOW or NEVER.
    IF they don't succeed this time ,they won't have a second chance.
    Peking already have the PLA on standby.
  2. Re: Difference between HK and SGPlians

    Hongkies believed in democracy while Singkies worshipped materialism.
  3. Poll: Re: Clash Of CPF Protesters With MIWs / Crassloots This Sat 27 Sep 2014

    Why the NParks Officer only show his namecard but DID NOT show HIS Authorised Pass with his name and photo affixed on the Authorised Pass ?
    Why the Police Officer DID NOT show HIS Warrant Card...
  4. Poll: Re: what really happened at hong lim park on saturday

    One small Hong Lim Park also cannot manage properly,mostly cho bo lan NPark officers.
    If u let them handle the wildlife park ,most will be skiving and sleeping.
  5. Re: The Big Error in PAP's population numbers on Sinikie citizens

    U hit the point.
    The issue is we have one mentally deranged dictator doing insane things and no one got the balls to tell the insane bastard the truths
    lest he will be...
  6. Poll: Re: Crassloots heckled n harassed at #return my cpf# camp

    This might be a conspiracy to put the CPFprotestors in bad light.:D
  7. Poll: Re: PAP Propaganda Mouthpiece Shit Times Is Swift In Spinning The HLP Protest

    The SPF and NParks have blundered this time when they issued 2 permit to 2 applicants for the same date and same time and at the same location.
    They DID NOT specifically indicate in the permit that...
  8. Re: Alex Yam Ziming 任梓铭, cant get a real job but not a full time MP?

    Honestly,this type of plain sinkee graduate,plentiful in the streets,many now driving cabs ,selling insurance or jobless.
    He's lucky cos he has the porlumpar skills to get employed in PA,NTUC and...
  9. Re: Nus to start reviewing all of dr shankar’s research papers following fake phd sca

    ALL Foreign Workers are Foreign Talents in Singapore !This is the PAP Govt Policy !
    Check ? Check similanjiao ???
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    Re: PAP MP forget to bring brain to Parliament

    WTF..2 post..200 points to be given out like free hot cakes to newbies ?
  11. Re: Lee Kuan Yew: The Funniest Asian Man To Ever Have Lived On Planet Earth

    U all talking about Emperor Fu Manchu ?
  12. Re: LHL kiasi of being cross-examined in public hearing

    Want money but don't want to work for it.
    This is the type of Kuai lan pamperd kid who always stamp his feet and cry and then has his way cos
    papa and mama is kuai lan rich .
  13. Re: Rich boy & Billionaire Gay Loong & "real solutions" on income inequality! Hahahah

    This Pinky has never worked in the private sector in his whole pampered life.Do he really understand what the ordinary singaporeans are going through everyday.Please lah,don't insult our...
  14. Re: Yale-NUS want to see "To S'pore with love", PAP say OK woh.

    Do the pap authorities mean that we have to wait till the old fart kick the bucket,then only we are permitted to see the documentary"To s'pore with love" ?
  15. Re: When PAP says you don’t need a degree, you’d better get one!

    IF the PAP can be believed,then pigs can fly !!!
    Remember,stop at 2 is good for u by LKY ,now the country suffer drastic decline in true-blue native Singaporeans.
    Remember,swiss standared of living...
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    Re: is SR Nathan a good president?

    Really,can't think of anything he has done to benefit us.
    Even if I bang my head against against the wall ,no idea what good thing he has done for us.
    I only know that he earns $3.00 million +++...
  17. Re: Where are we going to stay when we get old when PAP force us to sell our flats!

    Camp inside the ISTANA,Padang,Oxley Road...
  18. Re: Lee Kuan Yew is the wisest man in the Orient?

    More like a terrorist always threatening the people and his opponents with clenched fists and always hiding behind the veil of ISA and his Ghurka GUards.
    Cannot even walk the streets without his...
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    Re: TWP would be PM if he remained in SGP!

    On hindsight,TWP is right to escape to UK.They might toture and punish him and plan a training mishap in the arty unit.
    Heard PYK run road to Taiwan,maybe open a restaurant and enjoy good time with...
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    Re: lawyer practice in different industry

    These type of evil lawyers study law to imprison and hookwink and bully the people to enrich themselves and to grab power.And they are very worried about the legacy they left behind or whether they...
  21. Re: [China] - Zhou YongKang arranged the murder of ex-wife

    When u are in power,u can do anything u want,u are the law,nobody dare to say anything.
    when everyone know that what u to is corrupt and illegal,u in power can say it is legalised corruption or...
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    Re: lawyer practice in different industry

    The worst type of lawyers are those that graduated with 1st class honours in law from Cambridge who imprisoned their opponents indefinitely without trial as they don't know how to argue or debate .
  23. Re: Even Nicole Seah, Former NSP member speak against Roy Ngerng!

    She is suffering from stockholm syndrome.
    There is tremendous stress being an opposition in sinkeeland....loss of job,career,status,money,power...The pressure is so great and overwhelming that many...
  24. Re: PM Lee Is Selectively Picking Facts To Ssupport His Flawed Policies

    This fake conversation with the citizens by Pinky is a pussy cat talk with 2 very friendly hosts.Fake coversation to just build the ego of the grinning and head overblown Pinky.This type of show only...
  25. Re: Disband th SAF they are useless Waste of $$$$$$$$$$ Start Militancy

    Honestly,In times of crisis,would u obey the orders of the Singapore generals ???
    Most retired Singapore Colonels or generals are posted to GLCs and Stat Boards paid very high salaries for CBL....
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