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  1. Re: Guess which distinguished senior couple got snapped taking the MRT?

    Don't wayang lah during cny.Tell pinky to take mrt at city hall on working weekdays.Hope he got shoulder sprained by Ah Nehs.
  2. Re: IDA say not enough sinkie for IT jobs, justified to hire 95% FTs. Fucking PAP bul

    They have no strategic HR plan.They have no proper training plans to train sinkees to take up jobs in the industries.
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    Re: Pinky says recession is here but no worries.

    What he meant is he is not worried as he is still paid his multi-million for you sinkess...u die is your business.
    Now don't complain ,that is what sinkees voted for Pinky .
  4. Re: SR Nathan: I Don't Sing Mari Kita! I Am Symbol Of All Sinkies! Sinkies Sing To Me

    What actually has he done to actually benefit sinkees ? Cannot think of any.Why can't he just take his money as a puppet and fade away ?
    Anyway, u don't have to be too smart to be in govt,just only...
  5. Re: EIU: Singapore ranked 74th for Democracy Index, fail election process

    Singapore is a authoritarian dictatorial state .
  6. Re: Silly Singaporeans should stop believing in CPF half-truths

    Fatuous sinkees have chosen the fatuous pinkee.What for now complain and grumble ? Nothing can be done now.
    Fatuous sinkees have given a blank cheque to the fatuous pinkee.So now even if sinkee...
  7. Re: Why PAP say No Minimum wage for sinkies, but they give ownselves Minimum Wage?

    MOST Sinkees are fatuous and they have chosen a fatuous pinkie leader.
    What for now complain and grumble ?
  8. Re: What a start to 2016, just received call.......

    Depression is a silent killer.It can be triggered by divorce,sickness,retrenchment,unemployment,business failure,relationship failure,etc.
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    Re: kh and gang today checkin ?

    They will be spending their CNY in Hotel Changi.
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    Re: The problem with democracy in Singapore

    most sinkees are greedy, selfish and materialstic and they have chosen a fatuous leader.
  11. Re: if the entire dept is FT...will you take up the job?

    This country is sick.
  12. Re: Roy Ngerng ordered to pay S$150,000 in damages for defaming PM Lee

    This country is sick.$$$$$
  13. Re: if the entire dept is FT...will you take up the job?

    70% of sinkees voted for more lan lan ...
  14. Re: 'Special services' offered in Bukit Batok massage parlour

    What's the complaint? If we don't want special services,we can decline the offer.We have a choice.Why must complain to WanPao and let the whole world know.Come on lah,life is already very tough in...
  15. Re: Explicit photos of S'pore model leaked after she was 'coerced' into stripping for

    Please lah,I go BKK can see more pretty gals on the streets than this so-called model.
  16. Re: SGH Apologizes To Sinkies!! Humbly Begs Sinkies For Another Chance!!!

    LUcky in Singapore.Lan lan u can do nothing .IF this happened in USA,they will be sued millions and billions of dollars.
  17. Thread: SIA to be Sold

    by batman1

    Re: SIA to be Sold

    Nothing surprising.IF sinkees are sold out by MIW,all national assets can also be sold.Anyway, 70 % approve the MIW!Nothing to complain !
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    Re: What happen to CSJ?

    MOST Sinkees are just too materialistic.
    He had done enough,he should retire quietly and take care of his family.
    Not worth to sacrifice for self-centred sinkees.
    Forget about opposition parties....
  19. Re: all opposition parties should dissolve, people have voted for absolute dictatorsh

    Forget about elections anymore,the people enjoyed being ruled by a dictator.
    Since the people want to be slaves,why opposition parties waste time fighting for their rights ?
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    Re: all opposition parties should disband

    Since the people want to be ruled by dictator,forget about elections.
    Why stand for elections for coward and ungrateful people ?
    The people want to be farked and tortured by dictator.
    Forget about...
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    Re: Cant switch Off Tv and Pcc liaozzz

    God bless the opposition.
  22. Re: GCT warn Aljunied voters not to gamble with future. What Future for SGs Under FAP

    This long-nosed wooden pinnochio has lied to us for decades about the grand swiss standard of living and still got the gall to lie to us again and again and again !Shameless liar !Don't somemore...
  23. Re: Lim Swee Say warn SGs not to change the CPF. Where is Our Money Then?

    I ask Heaven,I ask Heaven,Why the singapore citizens have eyes that cannot see clearly !
    I ask Heaven ,I ask Heaven ,please help them to see clearly !
  24. Re: PAP Low Yen Ling announce election carrots, promise new MRT station and covered w

    U mean IF she is not elected she will not build a new MRT station and covered walkway ? Childish !
  25. Re: PAP Tharman threaten middle class: I need to raise taxes if you want welfare

    No lah,the botak need to raise taxes to increase the ministers' salaries again....
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