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    Re: Got to wait 5 years to solve MRT congestion!

    5 freaking years while our wives and daughters get "molested" on crowded buses and MRT daily! Go die, the useless Navy Admiral
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    Re: hypocrisy of pap exposed after punggol BE

    Child care are basic necessity that a decent government should provide just like affordable food, water, transportation, etc... This is called basic human rights.
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    Re: Do we have enough water for 7 million people?

    There's enough water but the white scum will cite market demand and the cost of desalination to increase the price of water we drink
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    Re: The hard truth during the Japanese occupation

    The account is same as what my grandma and grandpa told me. Books, media and govt had been feeding people with trash.
  5. Re: New Bayi COA: Give every soldier an iPad2 and he will become a leader

    Smallest country with 320,000 soldiers and spending 12% of the GDP on defense compared to 1% on healthcare. Came across people which have to sell their property for medical treatment, Cursed country...
  6. Re: BREAKING NEWS: MM Lee will retire and not contest in this election - Straits Time

    LKY is immortal even if he die, we will bring his coffin and photo out to stand as candidate and he will win tanjong pagar ward.
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    Re: Are u proud to be a Singaporean ???

    PAP is so desperate by fielding a 2 year new citizen as candidate? Soon we'll have corrupted China new citizen running for MP and their cronies leeching off the country
  8. Re: OMG! japanese army general standing for s'pore election

    CPT in the army, jia liao bee... No Action Talk Only (NATO) want lah... PAP did not take care of you is it?
  9. Re: Nowadays it is easy to get into fights in Singapore than in Hongkong !

    These and domestic violence are the signs of an economic downturn
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    Re: 我问天 CPF version

    Your hokkien not powderful enuff lah... ask your hokkien friend to pronounce the word 4 u
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    Re: Man & His Detached Hand Cleared SING Customs

    They are paid too little maybe we need to increase GST to 10% to help them and the poor.
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    Re: Connecting Mac to Sony Bravia via 'PC Input'

    Yes, but almost all LCD also comes with a VGA port. Newer types may have DisplayPort built in. Apple is special as usual and refuses to use the generally proposed standardised DisplayPort
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    Re: Connecting Mac to Sony Bravia via 'PC Input'

    Yes get @ SLS or Apple Store
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    Re: Connecting Mac to Sony Bravia via 'PC Input'

    Mac uses Mini-DisplayPort, I think. So getting a mini displayport to HDMI cable will work
  15. Re: MOE - Water not allowed at YOG. Drink Coca Cola ONLY

    Please lah, if it is from consumers own pocket money, they have the right to decide what to drink... sponsors can advertise but cannot insist you understand?

    One scenario may be that the drinks...
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    Re: 2 Sarawakians get death

    so many robber, loan sharks and fights now. Swiss is it like that?
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    Re: Phenonmenon FT Growth in SG for last 2 yrs!

    It all started when some elites quoted that in China golden era, I think it's Tang dynasty there is 1 foreigner found amongst 3 locals. So they import and declare our own golden age.
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    Re: SinkPost sink to new lows by vandalizing

    Even peasants vandalising lose to FT. The MRT graffiti looks nice but these Post Box looks like....
  19. Re: Another Monkey drown in Sentosa : Guess the time ?

    The current is strong there, poor swimmer should not swim at deep level.
  20. Re: Sophia: No NSman Suitable for Me. Waiting for Ang Moh?

    Local losers bashing @ sg women again. They do not want FT to come, yet they justified themselves when they help themselves to foreign wife. What nonsense, all hypocrites.
  21. Re: $600 Per IC to Feed Fat Cat TRAITOR Ministers. Acceptable?

    The quality like that, can last a life time... my goodness
  22. Re: LATEST: S'pore FUCKED Again In China? Tianjin Eco City This Time

    Got another 22 billion modern agriculture farm coming... your news accurate or not?
  23. Re: Breaking News: Pork Mark Joker Mark Lee admits his family line is comes from PIG!

    He play with the Chinese word "主" which means LORD and "煮" which means cooking. Both have the same pronunciation. But by making a long pause, he twisted the word to mean "LORD"
  24. Re: Breaking News: Pork Mark Joker Mark Lee admits his family line is comes from PIG!

    感谢煮.........饭的妈妈 (the tone)
  25. Re: Breaking News: Pork Mark Joker Mark Lee admits his family line is comes from PIG!

    Say what you like but do not make fun of any religion in front of national TV, it is not a witty thing to do in any way.
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