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    Re: 3x3 Corner Fights

    How simple minded can one get?

    He is doing a service which nobody really likes and that is considered condemnable?

    Just because he is not part of a glamorous profession does not tell you where...
  2. Re: New mother is beri Wang! She win leow lah!

    Send her home to look after her baby......

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    NSP: National Spoiler Party!!

    Please fuck off and die already you bunch of PAP mole-nincompoops.....

    Save your electoral deposit by donating to old folks home!!!
  4. Can GCT withstand the wonderful promise of youth and passion of the WP team?

    HTR and now Nicole Seah coming on board...this is going to be so exciting.

    With the PAP team you are just going to get more of the same and nothing new... plus you have an ageing statesman who...
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    Re: PAP attacks a dead man - Danny Loh

    I chopped and approved his leave past to go and haunt JohnTan and his little daughters liao..........

    Im watching with popcorn,......
  6. Does that mean that we get full access to PAP TCs?

    Full of their contractor cronies waiting to run off to do another pointless and overpriced hawker centre upgrading??

    Time to reveal all these fucking projects already?

    What about AIM?

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    Re: Singapore FHM ceases operations

    Thus ranks very lowly un my who gives a fuck o meter.......

    Fucking rubbish magazine which doesnt even provide for any cheap laughs even......

  8. Re: "Empower your future" slogan meant to surpress internal veterans clique

    Tonight i must come visit you to pull your fucking dog tongue longer than mine and wrap it around your fuckhead,....

    Fucking pap dog, i will then roast you in hell fire and let my demons slowly...
  9. Re: Yang Yin Saga - Timely Reminder on Immigraton Policy Gone Awry Under 1-Party Rule

    Intan NOT internet hiding anymore?
  10. Re: Do You Believe What MND Say: "FMSS has been 'grossly profiteering' off AHPETC"


    Oil prices have HALVED!!! Petrol prices leh?????

    Who da fug is profiteering from all this?.???
  11. Grossly profiteering? What about your petrol companies or telcos or tpt companies?

    Taking public monies and declaring dividends for private shareholders?

    Socialising losses and privatising public funds into profits????
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    Re: This WP Team Will Trash PAP Team at MP

    Nicole seah will be a good second liner for the next which time she would have settled down a lot more and matured under WP close mentorship programme!!!
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    Re: TingRu Fan Club

    In other words just say ......what im going to say to the pap?


    F U C K Y O U!!!!
  14. Re: Breaking News: WP new candidate Daniel Goh Pei Siong did a Yaw Shun Leong! Expose

    Nobody dares to sue them for spreading baseless defamation anymore ma........

    Bo chenghu liao ma......
  15. Goh Chok Tong is a twa pek kong or is he a real MP for marine parade?

    Sounds like the former.....a facade used to help retain votes when he aint gonna be doing anymore MPS ......
  16. Re: Cancer survivor at 74!! Please send him away to have a good rest!

    You should do him and the rest of sinkapore a favour and ask him to take a rest instead being a twapekong for MPGRC.........

    Next elections he still gonna get wheeled in like what happened in...
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    Poll: Re: Lim Swee Say crying....

    Booohoohooo....dunno wtf is he crying about since he's basically announcing that pinky and the pap are just gonna carry on to do more of the same shitting on sinkaporeans
  18. Re: Cancer survivor at 74!! Please send him away to have a good rest!

    Fuck you hoping for him to tiok relapse then you are happy right......

    Shitty bastard.......
  19. Re: Breaking News: WP new candidate Daniel Goh Pei Siong did a Yaw Shun Leong! Expose

    Wheres the fucking proof???

    Ancient shit wanna stir and stir?

    Since the 154th press so clever,....find that girl and spill the beans already....
  20. Re: Cancer survivor at 74!! Please send him away to have a good rest!

    His latest sinkies are stewpig dogs comments made me think of how LKY compared sinkies to dogs previously.....who gas a picture of that quote again?
  21. CSI needed from any forummer! GD vs lim boon heng scandal!!

    Bro GD said he had a mistress who worked jn the govt and he abused power to promote her to superscale!!

    I want to see pictures and name names.,!

    What is the truth?
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    Poll: Lim Swee Say crying....

    How many thinks he is crying crocodile tears? Fucking wayang bastard wants to do more of the same and be part of population white paper 10 million!!?

    Sinkies are soooooofucked.....
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    Re: Ho Jinx and PAP in deep shit

    What to buy dude?
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    Re: Seriously? Singapore Super Hero?

    Captain Shit you mean....thats what the pap stands for..........bullshit ....foreign shit...
  25. Re: Prc new citizens treated like vip while locals are 3rd class citizens

    Then she goes back to her motherland.......and where the fuck can we go?
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