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    Re: Why nobody fears Russia?

    Nobody fears Russia, because they mind their own business. If you don't poke them, they won't poke you. Russia is a big and enormous country, we do not know what goes on behind their borders, and I...
  2. Re: Ugly behaviour - it's in the genes!!!!

    Looking back, that incident was quite exciting. It raised a lot of questions too. Otherwise things in Singapore cane be quite routine and boring. Good thing about it - no one was hurt! Should have...
  3. Re: Ugly behaviour - it's in the genes!!!!

    How they behave after getting drunk, as long as they do not harm anyone else, that is fine. I think getting violent when drunk is really idiotic. Unable to be agile and sharp, and still want to...
  4. Ugly behaviour - it's in the genes!!!!

    It is nice to partake in drinking and revelry with a bunch of friends, bullshitting, talking cock, or karaokeing, downing jug after jug of beers. And then somebody in the group starts staring at...
  5. Re: Why I hate Ang Mohs taking advantage of SPGs here

    Can't remember, that was quite some time ago. Likely I already overdrank and wasn't looking forward to another mouthful of booze. Perhaps was about to blow chunks (ie. throw up, chunk here does not...
  6. Re: Why men in Singapore wear sandals everywhere they go?

    Digressing? The topic is about sandals, a subset of apparel, I was giving my views of why views of why people in Singapore dress "casually" to support why you see locals here donning slippers. How...
  7. Re: Why men in Singapore wear sandals everywhere they go?

    The subject discussed here does not include laws, but laws do affect the way people dress. Try wearing slippers into a construction yard/shipyard. If we are talking about a common public place, and...
  8. Re: Why men in Singapore wear sandals everywhere they go?

    That's personal. There are no laws governing dress codes. In Singapore, except for certain places, people are very casual (or not concerned?) about how they look. You can see some people in their...
  9. Re: Why men in Singapore wear sandals everywhere they go?

    Common footwear here used to be cha-kiak. Now hardly can find, so the next step up would be flip-flops.

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    I give thanks that I live in a peaceful area on the planet, I have a job, am in ok (I think) health, have a car with valid COE, and Christmas is round the corner.

    Happy Thanksgivings!

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    Re: The entire India I am in charge!

    Wear tie cannot makan in sarabat stall. Must show some class!

  12. Re: 1.5L coke now sell only 85cts in SG. Thank you PAP!

    The only role the gahmen should have in soft drinks and soda is to BAN them!

  13. Re: My niece just got her PSLE result today, it's in our gene..

    Can't remember my PSLE scores. In primary 5, the year before PSLE, kena reported for smoking cigarettes by bloody class monitor. Together with my "gang" we threatened him. Primary 6, he left me...
  14. Re: Fucktard Jusuf Kalla's land - Indonesian district to ban condoms in convenience s

    I can see one more subject to be added to the list of "Social Problems" like Teenage Pregnancy, we can call it Islamic Thought.


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    Re: Making a will in Spore

    Thanks for the advice johnny, I think so too that we shouldn't wait until we're old. Mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere, we should do these things as soon as we can. I also wonder whether we can...
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    Commercial cloning has begun

    Not long ago, cloning was only a topic in science-fiction, then it happened in reality, a sheep named Dolly was cloned, this was soon followed by cloning stories from different parts of the world,...
  17. Re: A dream job for Sinkies, dun say I neber share

    Thanks! Will submit my application right away, wish me luck.

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    Re: Discussion about FAT people

    You have the right to like or dislike anyone/people you wish, it is your choice. Being fat, besides looking ungainly, also brings with it health issues, clumsiness, and handicap in many areas of...
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    China joins war against ISIS

    Good decision by China to exercise and lubricate her war machinery. No use just modernising the hardware, got to get used to military moves as well.


  20. Re: ATGM compilation in syria and allahu akbahs

    Stark Industries.

  21. Re: What purpose does a photo like this serve???

    It identifies the subject as a ninja.

  22. Re: ChootChiew Type of Question: Why CHC Members have no Christian Name

    Are they circumcised?

  23. Re: ChootChiew Type of Question: Why CHC Members have no Christian Name

    Have come across some pet dogs and cats with Christian names.

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    Re: Best Inventions of 2015

    Thanks for this info. Would like to try this out, sounds interesting.

  25. Re: 100 Year Cover-Up Revealed: We Lived With Dinosaurs!

    So far, speculation of existing prehistoric animals still alive like dinosaurs are imagined. It fuels and feeds our curiosities and "want" to believe. The same can be said for other cryptids like...
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