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  1. Why cut something that is already v short?

    Why cut something that is already v short?
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    Caption please

    "whore whore whore, do you wanna sit on Santa's lap?"
  3. Re: girl having sex inside Azzura beach toilet sentosa has video released identity re

    What the fuck is this? I have seen more nudity in a Sesame Street episode.
  4. Re: Xi Jinping Is World's Most Popular Leader: Harvard Survey

    How about Ass Loong? No one bothered with him?
  5. Re: Actress Cynthia Koh Kena Bitten by Bed Bugs at Hotel Jen, Orchard Gateway

    She stayed for free, what she expect?

    Whenever someone tell u that something free can be good, u better give that fucker one tight slap.
  6. Re: Yet Another Teacher charged with indecent acts with two young boys. No End in Sig

    Anyone wanna hire him? His CV is here
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    Re: How much to marry a minah? S$8.40

    The boy is going to quit school at 15. What's he gonna do with his life? Strum guitar at void deck?
  8. If u are useless and only booksmart u should...

    If u are useless and only booksmart u should definitely sign on as regular

    Most of the smart ones don't do such a silly thing
  9. Should shame this bastard

    Should shame this bastard
  10. Re: My husband gambled away all our savings and hides behind me to his debtors

    This kind of fuck face also can have wife?
  11. Re: Better avoid JB for the festive season

    Best to avoid JB on all occasions. Crime doesn't take a festive break hor!
  12. Re: Filipino jailed for punching wife and leaving her with multiple fractures, broken

    Must have been arguing over some singing and dancing issues.
  13. Re: Hong Kong actress shocks fans with post-plastic surgery looks

    Since when do they start bringing people back from hell ?!
  14. Re: Police probing alleged fraud at Keppel Club involving possibly $14m

    U sure u want a blowjob from a woman nearing 70?
  15. Re: half naked singaporeans rush for desigual sale!

    Should jail those people for sexually assaulting my eyes
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    Re: Taxi Drivers Show They Also Got Balls

    Should jail these bastard scumbags.

    Time and again, we have seen how cab drivers are the worst scumbags on earth. Probably in the same rung as a gigolo or pimp.
  17. Re: Single Mom Security guard earns 20% more wages thanks to the NTUC!

    But they should see whether McDonald's worker can earn more per hour in comparison.
  18. Re: Botched nose job in orchard clinic leaves girl blind in right eye

    Wait a min.... The plastic surgery on her own nose is a Xmas present for her bf?

  19. Re: Nicole Seah to make her acting debut in SG50 film 1965

    Damn she's ugly.

    Must be some bad genes.
  20. Meal for 4 at foodcourt costs over $110 (Acceptable?)

    Stomper Concerned Citizen said this meal of a plate of roasted meat, pig's skin and two chicken drumsticks for four people is overpriced as it allegedly cost patrons at Seletar Mall food court over...
  21. Re: Man jailed for cyber attack on PMO website

    Don't malu that fool la. He probably thinks 'bankers' these days are the real deal.
  22. Re: Nicole Seah to make her acting debut in SG50 film 1965

    Think she really needs the money these days.
  23. Re: Director charged with falsely declaring 12 FTs’ salaries

    Same as the 7 Eleven case. Those damn ah nehs need to use their brains. Work in shitty coffeeshop ain't gonna earn u $3-4k!
  24. Re: High School Girls Forced Into Prostitution

    Lol....very funny. And perhaps true.
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    Re: Are you smart enough to retire?

    Aiyo, stock market went up and up the entire year, u still make loss?

    U bought at all time high is it?
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