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  1. Re: AHPETC win over MND on Appointment of Independent Accounts

    Can ignore the court of law.Decisions of the court of public opinion (citizens) more important.
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    Re: Shh… shoddy government work in progress

    The MIW has overgrown into a awkward and bulky monster...there is simply no efficiency and productivity.
  3. Re: Families Threaten To Mass Vote Against PAP Due To Medisheld Life

    Medishied life ? Compulsory scheme.U have no choice.U cannot opt-out.If u have no medisave,u must top-up by cash.If u have no cash,they will scrutinise and investigate all your finances,your...
  4. Re: high ranking sinkie poodle has affair with girl then abandons her when she's preg

    In sinkeeland,no honey.
  5. Re: Concerns of letting in more accountants from India to SG

    Singapore is just a small farking island,why need to have so many INDIAN workers (accountants and nurses ) come in to jam the whole farking island ?
    As if we now do not have enough Indian workers...
  6. Re: Are SG bosses too cheap to know the FTs they’re hiring?

    Many cheapskate singapore employers only employ cheap foreigners.They only focus on sales and operations and consider accounting (for example) as a cost centre.Yes,in singapore u can find...
  7. Re: Evenmore jiak liao bee Ministers on taxpayerThai holiday. Who is running the coun

    Their schedule include tiger show and ah qua show.
  8. Re: Ex SQ stewardess: sinkie passengers complaint a lot, angmos are the best!

    Sinkee ai pee,ai chee,ai tua liap nee.
  9. Re: Highest Paid PM got so much time he can write Sodoku programming code!!

    He lose out to Mumbai degree recognised by IDA.
  10. Re: Singapore Wants Kids to Skip College: Good Luck With That (Bloomberg)

    MIW open the floodgates for colossal number of foreign workers to come into this small island called Singapore.
    NTUC is irrelevantit ,it did not voice out against the large number of foreign...
  11. Re: So many fucking jiak liao bee ministers now, who is this Sam Tan?

    His NUS degree can't beat University of Mumbai degree.
  12. Re: Pm lee's may day rally was more of a fear-mongering election rally

    He 's a dysfunctional leader.He's PM due to his dad LKL.He assumes everyone is stupid.We are just laughing at his incompetencies.
  13. Re: Pm lee’s may day rally speech confirms pap does not care

    Pinky:IF u sinkee slaves dare to don't vote for me,I will bash up !
  14. Re: Productivity solution – link pap’s salary increase to productivity growth

    Kleptomania is in the the Pinky DNA.
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    Re: Do you think he is an exceptional PM?

    Yes,he is exceptional because he is dysfunctional.
  16. Re: Pm lee: Singaporeans' wages will fall if productivity falls

    Same old irritating deceptive noise from shameless conman.
  17. Re: Disgusted at msm journalists for not doing anything

    The msm journalists only worry about their ricebowls,they have no heart,no shame .In fact,they are just automatons controlled by miw.
  18. Re: not too late for LHL to start hisnew career...

    Pinky should go to e2i for upgrading and re-training.
  19. Re: Ministers, please look into Nisha Padmanabhan issue!

    No way man.If u look into it,it's a can of worms.
  20. Re: Excellent SG Role Model Amos Yee is RESOUTE and willing to pay price to fight

    FAP Supporters haver resorted to violence.The spark of fire has lighted.
  21. Re: [GPGT] - Amos Yee kena assaulted on the way to Court today!

    How many man-years to arrest the assailant ? Don't forget with all the CCTV and surveillance cameras around the court !
  22. Re: Pinky's May Day Message: Hinting On Support For Fake Degree

    Pinky must step down cos he got dementia.
  23. Re: Lim Swee Say: S'pore may fall behind without job, skills boost

    LSS our MOM minister.Good luck to Sinkee workers.
  24. Re: Singapore ranked 24th happiest?? Don't know whether to laugh or to cry!

    How can Singaporeans be more happy than the Thais ?
    100% guarantee generally Thais are more happy than Singaporeans.
  25. Re: How can minister tan chuan-jin claim foreigners don't replace locals?

    He don't understand the situation.Good luck to sinkees.
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